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U.S. Mobile Review: 7 Things to Know Before You Sign Up

Kyle Reyes
May 9, 2023

U.S. Mobile is a MVNO that operates on Verizon’s network that provides fast data, an impressive data allocation, and hotspot  for its customers. On top of that, U.S. Mobile has a lot of plans at different price points with different data allowances. There is something for everyone! U.S. Mobile utilizes both Verizon’s and T-Mobile’s network, and they have crafted their plans to utilize the fastest network in the area, and switch between them when necessary. 

Let’s dive into U.S. Mobile’s phone plans, how it stacks up to the competition, and what customers have to say about it. Our U.S. Mobile review will help you decide whether this carrier is for you. 

Table of Contents:

  • Plans and Pricing
  • Services and Features
  • U.S. Mobile Versus Competition
  • Phone Options
  • Customer Service
  • Customer Reviews
  • U.S. Mobile Review Summary 

U.S. Mobile Review: An Affordable and Flexible MVNO Running on Verizon’s Network

U.S. Mobile is best known for its high quantity of flexible plans. They truly have something for everyone. Alongside the high quantity are a great number of plans that are all affordable. What we like is that their highest-data plan provides a gigantic allocation of high-speed data. One of our biggest complaints about some MVNOs is that their highest-allocation data plan provides less than 50 GB of data. U.S. Mobile’s Unlimited Plus provides 100 GB of high-speed data. That is perfect for many high-data users. U.S. Mobile has a lot to offer. Deciding on an MVNO is always a challenge, but let’s look at some basic information about U.S. Mobile.

  • What sets U.S. Mobile apart? With so many MVNOs, it is important to know what sets U.S. Mobile apart when considering switching wireless providers. Their tremendous volume of plans sets them apart, giving you options to switch between plans within the same provider if you are uncertain which one is the best for you. 
  • What’s the price of U.S. Mobile plans? U.S. Mobile has loads of plans, from a no-data plan for $8 a month to a 100 GB plan for $45 a month. They have multi-line savings, data sharing, and low, medium, and high-data plans. 
  • What kinds of plans does U.S. Mobile offer? U.S. Mobile has a lot of cell phone plans. We will analyze them in further detail in just a moment, but they have three main kinds of cell phone plans. They have low-data plans at affordable prices, like a 25 GB high-speed data plan for $25 a month, high-data plans like their 100 GB high-speed data plan at $45 a month, and by-the-gig family plans at a great price of $2 per GB. 
  • What network does U.S. Mobile use? U.S. Mobile runs on Verizon’s and T-Mobile’s networks. Verizon’s and T-Mobile’s 4G LTE and 5G networks, and, by extension, U.S. Mobile’s network, cover almost all of the continental United States, meaning you’ll get great coverage no matter where you are. 
  • Can you bring your own cell phone? Yes! If you have a phone that works for you, you can bring your own device to U.S. Mobile. To bring your device onto U.S. Mobile’s network, you have to check your device’s compatibility, make sure your device is “unlocked,” and order a U.S. Mobile SIM card. 
  • Does U.S. Mobile have any stores? U.S. Mobile has no retail locations. Customers with questions can contact 24/7 live customer support on the phone or through a live chat. 

1. U.S. Mobile Plans and Pricing

Let’s break down all the cell phone plans from U.S. Mobile from cheapest to most expensive. When you sign up for U.S. Mobile, it is rather easy to move from one plan to another within the company. Switching carriers, on the other hand, is much more tedious. Having this many options is great as you figure out which plan is right for you. Let’s look at U.S. Mobile’s cell phone plans. 

  • 500 MB Data, 2,500 talk/text — $5 a month
  • (all following plans have unlimited talk and text)
  • 2 GB — $12 a month
  • 5 GB — $15 a month
  • 15 GB — $20 a month
  • 25 GB — $25 a month
  • 40 GB — $35 a month
  • 100 GB — $45 a month
  • Shared data — $9 a line + $2 per GB

Okay, they have eight cell phone plans to choose from. We love this variety, as it lets you choose which one is best for you. We want to highlight a few of our favorites among the lot. Our favorite low-data plan is the 15 GB plan. Fifteen gigabytes lets you do a lot each month. This kind of plan is perfect for someone who spends a lot of time within WiFi zones or does not use their phone too much when out and about. Phones these days use up data quickly. There are also a lot of background processes that chew through data even when your phone is off, making limited-data plans always a bit risky. If you are willing to prepare your phone so it minimizes data usage on mobile networks and doesn’t use too much to begin with, then this plan is a phenomenal way to save money on your cell phone bill. 

Our favorite mid-data plan is their 40 GB plan. Forty gigabytes lets you do quite a lot, and from there, you can figure out your cell phone usage and only if something takes up a lot of data do you need to check your usage. For instance, hours of video streaming or online gaming on mobile networks will skyrocket your data usage, but as long as you wait to get home to open up your social media feed you should be good! 

Now, their 100 GB plan is perfect for almost all data users. For only $10 extra, the 60 GBs you get monthly lets you go crazy with your data usage. There is a limit, of course. You can definitely get your usage over 200 GBs, but there are few sacrifices to be made to stay in the double digits each month. We love this plan. There are few plans of this magnitude from MVNOs, making it an excellent way to stay at a cheap plan even when you use a ton of monthly data. 

There is a phone plan for everyone at U.S. Mobile. They have lots of different data allocations that are perfect for lots of different phone users. 

2. U.S. Mobile Services and Features

Alongside talk, text, and data, there are a few other available features at U.S. Mobile. The three major add-ons are mobile hotspots, international data, and WiFi calling. 

  • Users receive 5 GBs of mobile hotspot with the Unlimited Basic plan, 50 GBs with the Unlimited Premium plan, and have the option to add extra on at the cost of $2 per GB. 
  • Unlimited Premium plan holders receive 10 GBs of high-speed roaming data, and additional international data add-ons are available for purchase. 
  • WiFi calling is included free of charge with every plan. 

These services and features, especially the mobile hotspot data and international roaming, are huge additionals alongside the Unlimited Premium plan. The majority of MVNOs have few additional features on account of the low pricing. This plan from U.S. Mobile has tremendous value. 

3. U.S. Mobile Versus Competition

The market is saturated with wireless providers. It is difficult to narrow it down, but it is important to cross your T’s and dot your I’s before you sign on to a new carrier. It is all too easy to overpay for wireless service when it’s not what you need. U.S. Mobile is a fantastic provider for users who use a lot of data but are okay with an MVNO instead of a major wireless provider. Let’s take a look at how U.S. Mobile holds up against the competition. 

U.S. Mobile vs. Verizon

U.S. Mobile runs on Verizon’s network and provides users with the same fantastic coverage and 5G network that the major wireless provider’s users receive. Verizon customers have no chance of data deprioritization, which can happen for U.S. mobile customers in two ways. If you go over your data allocation, you are completely shut off from mobile data for the remainder of the month. That’s pretty drastic. The other is if you are in an area of high bandwidth usage. If Verizon’s network is strained all of their MVNO users get their data slowed down. 

Verizon users may have no chance of data deprioritization, but they pay a much steeper price for their service. The main trade-off between these companies is the cost of their service. If you want premium service, go with Verizon. If, however, you are okay with the possibility of slower service with the knowledge that you are saving big, then U.S. Mobile is the move. Their 100 GB plan provides excellent flexibility for high-data users. 

U.S. Mobile vs. Visible Wireless

Visible Wireless is another MVNO that runs on Verizon’s network, and they have truly unlimited plans with no data cap. Visible Wirelesses’ greatest strength is that their unlimited plan is unlimited high-speed data. The big downside is that they only have unlimited plans, so their service does not cater to low data users. U.S. Mobile and Visible Wireless are two of our favorite MVNOs, so we recommend checking out what they bring to the table before deciding on one over the other. 

U.S. Mobile vs. Hello Mobile

U.S. Mobile has a great list of cell phone plans. Their Unlimited Premium plan comes with a huge list of bells and whistles for just $45 a month. U.S. Mobile has a great list of plans from which you can choose, and Hello Mobile offers no-contract service with a lot of flexibility. 

There are lots of amazing phones available at U.S. Mobile. Alongside purchasing a new phone there, you can also bring your own unlocked phone from a previous carrier. 

4. U.S. Mobile Phone Options

U.S. Mobile has a crazy amount of cell phones available at their store. They have feature phones, affordable smartphones, and the latest and greatest. U.S. Mobile operates on Verizon’s network, and just about every phone that works on Verizon also works on U.S. Mobile. You should check your phone’s compatibility before switching, but it is likely that your device will work just fine! It’s awesome that their store is as populated with devices as it is, because you can decide whether or not you want a new, expensive and fancy phone or an older, more practical model. 

5. U.S. Mobile Customer Service

U.S. Mobile does not have any physical retail locations, but they have 24/7 customer service available by phone or chat to assist with any problems you may have. U.S. Mobile’s chat provides fast responses but their phone service is best for more complicated issues. You can access their phone line and chat box on their website or through their mobile app. 

6. U.S. Mobile Customer Reviews

From MoneySavingPro: 4.1 Stars out of 5

“I was using MINT, and I switched to US Mobile, but phone calls started to drop. I called them, and they advised me to install some third-party files into my iPhone 12 (brand new phone) !!!” From Tom. 

“I have nothing bad to say about this service. I thought because of the price it would be at best a mediocre service, but I was proven wrong! There's nothing different from my AT&T service. How these guys manage to charge so little is beyond me!” From Marquita.

From Trustpilot: 4.8 Stars out of 5

“My very first experience with this company has been extremely unpleasant. I have started transfer of my primary and only number to them 4 days ago, my previous provider had released the number in a few mins after the transfer was initiated and IS. Mobile is still trying to figure out how to complete the port-in request. I am totally disconnected from the mobile network for past 4 days and don't see even an iota of sense of urgency at their end.” From Ashutosh. 

“The courier US Mobile exemplifies Customer Service Satisfaction! While activating my account, I experienced some network issues. Thankfully, agent Syed Ihsaan was professional, patient, and courteous throughout the troubleshooting process and knowledgeable about resolving my issue. Thank you, Syed and US Mobile!!!” From Santiago. 

The customer reviews, overall, are incredibly high in U.S. Mobile. Phone companies generally have few stars just because people are more interested in reviewing after bad experiences than good ones. Always take reviews (both bad and good) with a grain of salt. That being said, the overwhelming quantity of positive reviews speaks volumes about U.S. Mobile. A few very important parts of your wireless provider are cell service, customer service, and affordability. These reviews show that their cell service and customer service are above average. And you can see for yourself their prices. U.S. Mobile’s pricing is incredible based on the current MVNO deals. 

Overall, U.S. Mobile is a great carrier for a lot of different kinds of cell phone users. 

7. U.S. Mobile: Review Summary

U.S. Mobile is an amazing MVNO service that offers a wide variety of excellent and affordable mobile plans. We hope that our U.S. Mobile Review has helped you figure out whether or not this carrier is for you! Before you go, we wanted to highlight some of the good and bad that we found in our review of this company. While we think this company is pretty amazing, there are parts of it that could be improved, and of course the general downside of data deprioritization due to its MVNO status. 

The Good

  • Excellent coverage. Operating on both T-Mobile and Verizon’s nationwide networks means you can be almost anywhere in the country and receive fantastic high-speed service. 
  • 50 GB Mobile Hotspot. When you have a premium unlimited plan you receive a 50 GB mobile hotspot allocation each month. That opens up lots of opportunities if you are so inclined. 
  • Affordable Plans. As long as you are on their lowest price point, the cell phone plans from U.S. Mobile are very well priced compared to the competition. 

The Bad

  • Hotspot is not always included. While the 50 GB hotspot is awesome, it is only a perk on their most expensive plan. 

Data deprioritization. This is a common problem with MVNOs, but there is always the chance that your data will get slowed way down in times of high usage.

Kyle Reyes
Kyles Reyes is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in the wireless industry, phone plan comparisons & advice.
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