Visible: Which plan is the best one for you?

compare phone plans and save up to 80%

compare phone plans and save up to 80%

Visible is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers some of the best deals on unlimited data plans in the game. They provide their network services through Verizon, which offers extensive 5G coverage across the country. Visible offers several different plans, but which plan is best for you?

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • What each Visible plan offers 
  • What deals Visible offers for its users
  • Which Visible plan is the best deal

Unsure of what you need out of a phone plan? Read our guide on how to choose the best one to suit your needs.

What to expect from Visible

Visible offers two unlimited plans, including one with premium data. 

What makes Visible unique from their competitors is that they offer premium data as well as truly unlimited deprioritized data. Premium data doesn’t slow down due to the amount of network congestion in times of high traffic, even if you’re in a highly populated area. Deprioritzed data, on the other hand, does slow down in times of high traffic. This is likely to happen in concerts or crowded stores. Visible plans renew monthly. 

Their plans offer 480p Standard Definition resolution when streaming. Both Visible plans offer talk and text in Mexico and Canada as well. Their other features vary depending on which plan you purchase. 


Visible uses Verizon’s network to give users the best access. 

As Visible is an MVNO, they buy coverage from one of the main network providers with their own infrastructure – specifically Verizon, while others buy from AT&T and T-Mobile. 

The best coverage for you comes down to your location. It’s important to compare between providers on a coverage map of your specific city. Ookla’s coverage map allows you to see where cellular towers are located and which company owns them. Comparing tower locations can help you determine which of the big 3 network providers meet your needs. 

The Plans 

Visible offers unlimited hotspot access. 

Visible offers two plans, each offering unlimited data. They do not offer limited data plans. The average phone user uses about 20GB of data per month, so both Visible plans are great for the average data user.

Visible Base

Unlimited deprioritized data
Hotspot access
Unlimited access
Best for:
Those who want to save the most money
More Details


50GB premium, unlimited deprioritized data after
Hotspot access
Unlimited access
Best for:
Those who want more features
More Details

Let’s talk about each Visible plan individually, and what they offer for their customers. 

Best Overall: Visible+

Visible+ offers a lot with their plan for a great price, including 50GB of premium data. Your data after this cap is still at full-speed, but is deprioritized in times of high network congestion. This plan also includes unlimited hotspot access, which is premium with the first 50GB. 

This plan costs $45 per month, which means you get 50GB of premium data at $0.90 per GB before unlimited deprioritized data kicks in. 

Pros: premium data, price 

Cons: limited premium data, hotspot data isn’t separate

Conclusion: best for those who want extra features

Runner Up: Visible Base

Unlike Visible+, this plan doesn’t come with premium data. However, you still get unlimited full speed data that only slows down in times of high traffic. You also get unlimited mobile hotspot access. It’s important to note that this plan offers less features included, like international connection capabilities outside of Mexico and Canada, than Visible+. 

You get unlimited data each month for $25. 

Pros: less expensive, unlimited data

Cons: data deprioritization, less features included

Conclusion: best for those looking to save more money 

Family Plan Offerings

Visible does not offer family plans. 

Visible is a single line carrier, which means they only offer plans for individual people. 


Visible’s offered features depend on which plan you choose. 

Visible offers several features their users can take advantage of, which include:


Domestic Roaming
Mexico and Canada Talk
Mexico and Canada Text
Mexico and Canada Data 
International Talk
International Text 
International Data 
Streaming quality 
Device Financing
WiFi Calling


Included on Visible+
Included on Visible+, speeds reduced to 2G after 0.5 GB per day
Included on Visible+
Included on Visible+
Not included
480p Standard Definition resolution
Not included

Customer Service

All Visible customer service takes place online. 

As Visible does not offer physical stores to purchase their plans and other products, all of their customer service takes place online and over the phone. There is one main way to contact their customer support:

chat support


phone support



Visible has some of the best deals in the industry. 

With their deals on premium and unlimited data, Visible offers great deals for individual users looking for the most while paying the least. Visible is great for both average data users and heavy data users alike, which makes them a versatile carrier. 

To have a comprehensive picture of how much data you use month to month and what plan you need, we’d recommend checking your data usage before committing to a plan.

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compare phone plans and save up to 80%

compare phone plans and save up to 80%

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