Spectrum Mobile: Which plan is the best one for you?

compare phone plans and save up to 80%

compare phone plans and save up to 80%

Spectrum Mobile is one of the most unique carriers in the industry. They provide their network services through Verizon, which offers the widest 5G coverage in the country. Spectrum Mobile offers several different plans, but which plan is best for you?

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • What each Spectrum Mobile plan offers 
  • What deals Spectrum Mobile offers for its users
  • Which Spectrum Mobile plan is the best deal

Unsure of what you need out of a phone plan? Read our guide on how to choose the best one to suit your needs. 

What to expect from Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum Mobile access requires purchasing Spectrum Internet. 

What makes Spectrum Mobile unique from their competitors is that they require their customers to purchase a Spectrum Internet plan in order to have access to their mobile plans. They offer a pay-per-use plan, which means users have to purchase each GB they use individually. They also offer unlimited plans, and each plan they offer includes unlimited talk and text. Spectrum Mobile also offers the option to switch between any of their plans at any time depending on your needs from month to month. 

Their plans offer up to 720p High Definition resolution when streaming. Spectrum Mobile plans offer talking and texting services in Mexico and Canada as well as access to international texting services. 


Spectrum Mobile uses Verizon’s network to give users the fastest speeds. 

As Spectrum Mobile is an MVNO, they buy coverage from one of the main network providers with their own infrastructure – specifically Verizon, while others buy from AT&T and T-Mobile. 

The best coverage for you comes down to your location. It’s important to compare between providers on a coverage map of your specific city. Ookla’s coverage map allows you to see where cellular towers are located and which company owns them. Comparing tower locations can help you determine which of the big 3 network providers meet your needs. 

The Plans 

Spectrum Mobile offers unlimited plans and a pay-per-use plan. 

Spectrum Mobile includes a pay-per-use plan, where you buy data at a standard rate by the GB. Their plans are also deprioritized, which means that your speeds will slow down in high network traffic environments – like a store or a concert. The average phone user uses about 20GB of data per month, so their unlimited plans will work for most people.

By the GB

$14 for base, then $14/GB
1GB, then $14 per GB
Hotspot access
5GB, then unlimited at 3G speeds
Best for:
Light data users
More Details


Hotspot access
5GB, then unlimited at 3G speeds
Best for:
Average data users
More Details

Unlimited Plus

Hotspot access
5GB, then unlimited at 3G speeds
Best for:
Heavy data users
More Details

Let’s talk about each Spectrum Mobile plan individually, and what they offer for their customers. 

Best Overall: Unlimited Plus

As the best plan, this plan offers the most data and the best price. With Unlimited Plus, Spectrum Mobile offers 30GB of full speed data, which then slows down to 3G speeds after that cap. At 3G speeds, users can still scroll through social media and send emails or texts. However, streaming video or playing games may be slower. Users also get 5GB of hotspot access, which also slows to 3G speeds after the limit.  

This plan costs $40 per month, and you get 35GB for $1.14 per GB. 

Pros: price, features

Cons: deprioritized

Conclusion: best for heavy data users

Runner Up: Unlimited

This plan comes with 20GB of full speed data, which then slows down to 3G speeds once you hit that cap. Users also get 5GB of full speed hotspot data, which again slows to 3G speeds after that cap. 

This plan costs $30 per month. You get 25GB per month for $1.20 per GB. 

Pros: data amount, price 

Cons: small hotspot data amount

Conclusion: best for average data users 

By the GB Plan

This plan is pay-per-use, which means you have to purchase each individual GB. This plan also slows down to 3G speeds after you use 5GB. This plan also includes hotspot access with each GB purchased, which slows down after 5GB to 3G speeds as well, 

The base plan includes 1GB and costs $14. Each additional GB costs $14. 

Pros: hotspot access

Cons: expensive

Conclusion: best for light data users 

Family Plan Offerings

Spectrum Mobile doesn’t offer multi-line discounts. 

Spectrum Mobile allows up to 10 lines on one account, and the price per line stays the same no matter how many lines you purchase.


Spectrum Mobile’s offered features depend on the plan. 

Spectrum Mobile offers several features their users can take advantage of, which include: 


Domestic Roaming
Mexico and Canada Talk
Mexico and Canada Text
Mexico and Canada Data 
International Talk
International Text 
International Data 
Streaming quality 
Device Financing
WiFi Calling


Not included
Pay-per-use, included on Unlimited Plus
480p SD resolution, 720p HD resolution on Unlimited Plus

Customer Service

Spectrum Mobile has stores across the country, but they also offer remote customer service. 

Spectrum Mobile has multiple stores across the country, and users can find the store closest to them with their store locator. They also offer support online and over the phone:

chat support


phone support

8 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET Mon. through Fri.


Spectrum Mobile is a convenient way to combine internet and mobile services. 

Spectrum Mobile offers good deals on their unlimited plans because of their included features, additional hotspot data, and their price per GB. If you’re looking for the added convenience of combining mobile and internet services, Spectrum Mobile is a solid choice. 

To have a comprehensive picture of how much data you use month to month and what plan you need, we’d recommend checking your data usage before committing to a plan.

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compare phone plans and save up to 80%

compare phone plans and save up to 80%