We’re so excited about the potential of REALLY DeWi, but to share it with you, you must be accredited.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to show this page to non-accredited individuals.

Estimated token earnings calculated by an average tokens earned per Mini Cell Tower based on REALLY DeWi Phase 1 Emissions schedule and HexProtex.

Estimated USD earnings based on Phase 2 usage and $1.58GB and average data consumption of US cell phone subscribers.

Actual earnings vary based on factors including the market price/GB, number of Mini Cell Towers per hex and data demand.

These earnings estimates are not an appraisal or estimate of hex value.

Eligible individuals / businesses only.

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You could earn:

500GB at an estimated $1.58/GB
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Earnings Method:

* Eligible individuals and businesses only. USD payments not available today. These estimates are based on Phase 2 usage payments, as detailed in the whitepaper. For illustrative purposes only.

REALLY HexProtex® limits the number of Mini Cell Tower Owners to ensure quality of coverage and maximize Owner earnings.

Really DeWi limits the number of mini cell tower owners to ensure quality of coverage and maximize owner earnings.

“You say you want a revolution. Well, you know, we all want to change the world. You say you got a real solution. Well, you know, we'd all love to see the plan.”

— The Beatles


Networks are like movements.
The more people, the more powerful. Help revolutionize Telecom.

REALLY DeWi is a decentralized wireless mobile network, powered and owned by you.

A few big players dominate traditional wireless networks, generating billions every year.

What if we create a hyper-local network, so the money goes to you?

* Eligible individuals and businesses only

Buy. Broadcast. Bank.

Get a Mini Cell Tower and convert your unused internet to become a DeWi “Owner”.

Broadcast from your roof or balcony. REALLY Wireless subscribers will pay to use it.

Get paid in USD or tokens as usage on the network grows.*

* Eligible individuals and business only

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“Mobile service for all. Power the network.”

“Networks aren't just for big wireless, become an owner.”

"Turn unused internet into income."*

*Eligible businesses & individuals only

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Your questions,

How does this work?

We have figured out the technology so that it converts your internet bandwidth into 4G/5G signal. You’re not actually sharing your WiFi password, allowing strangers (or hackers) onto your router or charging people for your WiFi. You’re using it for something totally different. You’re only using the internet you already bought and paid for, and you’re using it to earn income like everyone who works from home.

Is it private?

Any data going through the REALLY network is encrypted, much like a VPN. REALLY Owners have no way of accessing subscriber data, and no individual or group can see the content or website of REALLY Wireless phone subscribers.

Will it slow down my home internet?

Average US families use 40Mbps which includes enough for working from home, streaming video in HD, streaming music, online gaming and more.

REALLY Mini Cell Towers are configured to prioritize your usage first, with the remaining unused bandwidth applied to subscribers on the network.

does my ISP have access to everyone’s data?

Any data going through the REALLY network is encrypted, much like a VPN. Your ISP likely tracks some basic information about your connection and how much data you’re using, but no one can see the content or website of REALLY Wireless phone subscribers including Mini Cell Tower owners.

Is it safe?

Our Mini Cell Towers are safe, and emit less than your residential WIFI and TV remote. They do not emit any harmful rays or “non-ionizing radiation”. Our Mini Cell Towers are approved and regulated by the FCC, and emit less radiation than your cell phone, the same as your microwave, and less than a lightbulb.

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