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Can You Stream Netflix Using 3G Only? Here’s What You Need to Know

Sara Nuss
November 20, 2022

Streaming services have begun to get extremely popular as the years go on. Not only are they convenient and affordable for everyone to enjoy hundreds of thousands of movies, or even music, but it’s a great way to search and get into some new kinds of movies, TV shows, and music you never thought you would get into before. If you are looking for a fun way to spend your time, then a streaming service may be for you.

One of the most popular streaming services that are out there as of right now is Netflix. Netflix has been around for years, and they originally started with you being able to rent physical DVDs so you can enjoy some of the best movies out there. Over the years, they have gone on to be one of the biggest streaming platforms of all time where you can watch anything you want anywhere you’d like.

The biggest question to consider whenever you’re streaming is what kind of data you’ll need, especially if you’re out and about, or on a road trip where you want to pass the time in the best way possible. While 5G is the best type of high-speed data out there at this time, there are still lots of people that use 3G network speeds.

If you’re wondering if you can watch Netflix while using 3G, then we’re here to answer not only that question in this article, but some others including:

  • Can you still use 3G data speeds?
  • Can you stream Netflix using 3G?
  • What are some alternative ways to watch Netflix?

Can You Still Use 3G Data Speeds?

Are there still people that use 3G data speeds and if so, why haven’t they made the switch to 5G?

There are a lot of people out there that are using the newest and best 5G data speeds, but wondering if 3G data is still available is a valid question too. Image courtesy of Trak.In.

If you are someone who is currently using the best and amazing 5G data speeds, you may be wondering why some people are still using 3G, or if that’s even possible. 3G is something that has been around since 2001 and it’s something that Verizon first introduced to the world with what we thought at the time were the highest speeds possible for using data.

While we have the best and fastest running data speeds available now through 5G, you may be wondering if people even use 3G anymore? While a lot of the newest smartphones run on 5G and 4G LTE data still, you are still able to use and access 3G with certain providers and phones. 

Let’s find out if people still use 3G data speeds and some other important information!

Is 3G Data Still Available?

The biggest question of all that you may be curious about is if 3G data is still around for people to use, and the answer is yes, it is still around, but only through Verizon. As of right now, Verizon is the only wireless carrier that still uses 3G data, or has it available for its customers to utilize. 

Other carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile have shut down their 3G wireless networks in the beginning of 2022 due to many people not using them as much and continuing to purchase new phones that now use 4G LTE and 5G data speeds. Verizon will discontinue its 3G data at the end of 2022, so it won’t be out for long. 

What Devices Still Use 3G Data?

You may be wondering what devices still use 3G data. Whether it’s a cell phone, tablet, or anything else, it’s important to know what devices can still use 3G data since it may be gone by the end of 2022, especially with Verizon stating that by December 31, 2022 you will not be able to access 3G data anymore and it will not be extended.

Some of the devices that still use 3G data consist of:

  • Smartphones that have come out before 2014
  • Flip phones released before 2017
  • First-generation Amazon Kindles
  • Older ADT security systems
  • iPhone 6s and older
  • iPad 3s and older
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Google Pixel 2
  • Motorola G6 Play
  • LG V10 and LG G3 Vigor
  • Nokia G10
  • OnePlus 6T
  • Sony Xperia 1
  • Lenovo Moto Tab
  • Microsoft Service 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

What Are the 3G Data Speeds and How Do They Compare to 5G?

Are you wondering what the difference is between 3G and 5G data speeds? Let’s go over the difference between these two kinds of data and how fast they work. While we know that 5G data has some of the best speeds out there, it’s important to know where we started off from with 3G.

3G speeds operate at 8 megabits per second, which is nothing compared to what you can do with 5G. 5G speeds operate at speeds of 1 terabyte/second or 8,000 gigabits/second, which is significantly higher than what 3G is.

While 3G was fast for its time, 5G has completely taken over and has made a huge and revolutionary step in data speeds and how it works to make it better for smartphones, tablets,s and other devices that use it on a daily basis. 

Can You Still Use 3G on Newer Smartphones and Other Devices?

You may be wondering if you can use 3G data on your newer devices, consisting of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. While 3G can be used on a lot of older devices, for newer devices, 3G has become obsolete and 4G LTE and 5G are predominantly what devices are being used instead. 

If you have a newer smartphone, 5G data will automatically be what is used and what your phone will register compared to 3G where the speeds are a lot slower and just don't perform as well as 5G. For many people, they may have to update and abandon their 3G phones for a newer one, but it can also be a positive change since 5G phones work way faster and better than 3G ever did. 

Can You Stream Netflix Using 3G?

Streaming movies and TV shows on Netflix can be done anywhere, but does it also work on 3G data speeds?

Streaming Netflix works a lot better when you’re using the newest data speeds, such as 4G LTE and 5G, but knowing if it still works on 3G speeds is just as necessary. Image courtesy of Netflix Help Center. 

One of the best things about Netflix is that you can stream it from anywhere, whether it’s on a local Wi-Fi connection in your own home, or even using data. While a lot of newer smartphones can stream movies and TV shows through Netflix using 4G LTE or 5G data speeds, there are some people who still have phones that use 3G, but does it still work?

Why not take the time to see if Netflix will still let you stream some of the best movies and TV shows using 3G data speeds!

Can Netflix Work Using 3G Speeds?

If you’re wondering if you can use 3G speeds to stream Netflix and just want to make sure that it will work, you will be relieved to know that it will. Still having a phone that uses 3G is something that many people have, and depending on your carrier, can still use up until the end of the year, and knowing that you can still stream Netflix on it is a relief to a lot of people.

Still only using a 3G connection with whatever phone that you have may not get your access to some streaming services, but for Netflix, it will still work because you only need 2mbps to use the app and stream movies and TV shows. 3G data speeds can fall between 1mbps and 14mbps.

What Kind of Quality Can You Stream Using on 3G Data?

Only having 3G data can be a pain, especially if you’re looking to stream some of the biggest and most popular movies and TV shows off of Netflix. Making sure that you have a good connection is key to being able to stream some of the best stuff on the app, but with 3G data, you may not be able to stream at the best quality.

With a 3G connection, you will only be able to stream low quality, or low-definition on movies or TV shows, so you may only be able to stream at 480p, which is one of the lowest qualities that Netflix has, but if you don’t care so much about watching something in the highest quality, then this is an option for you to know and consider.

It should also be known that to save data and to also make sure you can get better quality for watching whatever it is you’re interested in watching on Netflix, then you should consider downloading stuff off of the app ahead of time. You can download almost everything off of Netflix for offline viewing, so you’re able to enjoy wherever and whenever. 

Streaming Using a Wi-Fi Connection is Better Than Using 3G

There are a lot of reasons why just using a local Wi-Fi connection, 4G LTE, or 5G data is way better than streaming using a 3G connection. Trying to figure out what works best for you when it comes to streaming is essential, but also knowing what will give you the best quality and more is also essential as well. 

If you wish to stream using Netflix, we genuinely believe that using 4G LTE, 5G or a Wi-Fi connection works best because you’ll be able to stream with high-definition, or even 4K/Ultra HD quality that can look and sound so much better than low or standard-definition. 3G will only be able to give you low-definition quality, but if you are fine with it and have no issues with the way it streams or how it looks, then streaming in 3G will definitely work until 3G is gone by the end of 2022!

What Are Some Alternative Ways to Watch Netflix?

Are you trying to figure out some alternative ways to watch Netflix? Here’s what we could come up with!

There are a lot of ways to watch Netflix, so if you don’t want to watch it using 3G data speeds, then there are plenty of alternative ways to watch it! Image courtesy of How-To Geek. 

Are you someone who has a phone, or other device that uses 3G data speeds, but you really don’t want to stream Netflix on it? There are a lot of other alternative ways to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix without having to worry about watching it in low-definition or slower speeds, such as what you would get with watching 3G.

Watching Netflix is a way for a lot of people to destress and we think that there are also better ways to watch it as well. If you’re looking to check out how to watch Netflix better, then you need to look over some of the better alternative ways to check it out!

Connect to Netflix Using Your TV, or Streaming Device

There are a ton of ways that you can watch Netflix using a smart TV, or even a streaming device, such as Roku, which is very popular right now. Connecting to a smart TV or Roku device and connecting it to a local Wi-Fi connection can be better to stream with better quality and more. 

You can plug an ethernet cable as well into your Roku or smart TV, which can also give you a better internet connection and so much more as well. Wired internet, also known as ethernet can be a lot faster and it provides a better connection than a wireless internet connection and more.

Upgrade Your Router

Do you have an older internet router that is in desperate need of an upgrade? If you are experiencing slower internet speeds and even connectivity issues, just know that your router could potentially be the reason why, and you should consider upgrading it ASAP. 

By upgrading your router, you can experience faster connection times and everything when it comes to streaming on Netflix that can also allow you to stream Netflix at better, high-quality definition to make it a more enjoyable experience. 

Upgrade Your Internet Speed

Whenever you were signing up for Wi-Fi, did you choose the lowest internet speed that was offered just to save a couple bucks? This may be something that you may want to upgrade, especially if you are someone who loves to stream movies, TV shows, music, or even video games. 

What does upgrading your internet speed do? There are a lot of things that can happen whenever you upgrade your internet speed and they’re all good things. While you are paying more money to have better internet speeds, you won’t have to worry about slower speeds, not being able to stream movies or TV shows, slow online download speeds, and your internet not working as well as it was in the beginning due to a lot of devices being added. 

Upgrade Your Device

If you have a phone or another device that only uses a 3G connection and you want to stream Netflix on it, you should consider upgrading to a new device. While we know that you may not want to spend any more money on getting a new device, it will be worth it once the end of the year rolls around since 3G connection will no longer be available.

While we know it can be hard to separate from your current device, just know that upgrading may be something worthwhile, especially in the long run! There are so many reasons to utilize 4G LTE and the newest 5G data speeds because not only do you get way better speeds and loading times, you can also enjoy better quality of movies, music, and more to stream, and so much more.

There are also a lot of other reasons you should upgrade to a new phone, including:

  • More features and high-tech applications and features
  • Better functionality
  • Faster response times
  • Faster connection speeds
  • Use 4G LTE or 5G data

Streaming Netflix and other streaming services for movies, TV shows, music, gaming, and so much more is something that a lot of people enjoy doing in this day and age, but having the best internet and connection speeds to be able to stream is essential.  

Just know that you can stream Netflix using 3G data, but it is important to understand that you may not get the best quality and fast speeds. Always consider upgrading your phone, or even your internet to be able to watch Netflix the way that everyone should!

Sara Nuss
Sara Nuss is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in wireless, dewi, phone plan advice & blockchain.