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Best Phone Coverage in Willard, New Mexico: The Small Town Life With Exceptional Cell Phone Coverage

Sara Nuss
December 1, 2023

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There are many reasons why people opt for a more quiet life in a small town, but finding the best one that still offers all of the resources you need is important. In New Mexico, Willard is a small town of around 250 people that is all about community and family and many people adore the deserts, and the serene and quaint lifestyle it offers.

Main image courtesy of Land Resellers Network.

No matter how small the town is that you live in across the states, it is still important to get the best cell phone coverage possible to ensure that you stay connected to loved ones. Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile are all great options that can help keep you connected to friends and family around the globe, especially in Willard, New Mexico.

Check out the best cell phone coverage in Willard, New Mexico and some excellent cell phone plan options to choose too!

In this article, we’ll discuss the best cell phone coverage in Willard, New Mexico, and other important topics, which include:

  • Map of the fastest cell phone coverage in Willard
  • Local and national carriers that cover Willard
  • Frequently asked questions about phone coverage in Willard
Best Cell Phone Coverage in Willard, New Mexico || Source

Phone Coverage in Willard at a Glance

The first thing to consider before choosing any cell phone plan is determining what network works best in your area. In Willard, New Mexico, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile are all great options, but only one of them works the best in this small town.

Out of your three options to consider, Verizon Wireless offers the best cellular service and coverage and they are known for their ultra wideband data and service in the most rural parts of America. In Willard, Verizon Wireless covers up to 99.91% of the town with 99.46% 4G LTE coverage available. As of right now, only 0.01% of 5G data is available in Willard, but that may change in the upcoming years.

Another great option to select in Willard, New Mexico is AT&T because of their amazing 4G LTE coverage throughout the nation. AT&T offers 100% coverage in Willard with 4G LTE at 99.94% and 5G at 4.97% availability. Just like Verizon, the 5G availability isn’t there yet in Willard, but may be changing in the near future.

A personal favorite among many in Willard is T-Mobile, and they are highly regarded as having the best cell phone coverage in the nation with the fastest 5G speeds available. They even offer 5G in Willard and customers get 99.55% availability, along with 97.09% 4G LTE. T-Mobile also offers 100% total coverage for the citizens of Willard to use. 

Lots of folks also like to consider what the citizens of Willard, New Mexico like about the cell phone network they’re on before deciding which one to sign up for. Many say that T-Mobile works the best if you’re in major cities in New Mexico, but Verizon Wireless and AT&T offer more data availability and coverage throughout the rest of the state.

Local and National Cell Phone Carriers in Willard

A Mobile Network Operator (MNO) likeVerizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile, are the most reliable networks within the United States, but they are expensive. This is why Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) were created, to give people new experience with their cell phone plan and pay even less money for one.

People nowadays are making the switch to a MVNO because of how affordable they are compared to a MNO. Customers can save upwards of $600 per year on their cell phone plan, and the best part is that MVNO users still get to take advantage of reliable coverage from the MNOs that their plan is assigned to.

T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless are Mobile Network Operators, which means they maintain their own networks. Tello Mobile, on the other hand, is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), which means they buy minutes from an MNO with extra capacity and resell under their own brand. In this case, Tello Mobile uses the power of the T-Mobile network to provide reliable coverage at a lower price.

It’s important to consider deprioritization when signing up for any MVNO since you may experience this. Deprioritization is when customers have slower data speeds and service due to congestion during busy hours. While MVNO users commonly experience this, people who have a MNO get the fastest service and data speeds because they use the network they have a plan through directly.

Let’s take a look at which of these carriers use the network that gives people in Willard the most coverage.

Verizon 4G (Light Purple) and 5G (Dark Purple) Coverage in Willard, New Mexico || Source

#1 in Willard: Verizon Wireless

Best for 4G LTE and 5G Range in Willard

Choosing a reliable cell phone plan is important, which is why we recommend Verizon Wireless. They are known for their reliable 4G LTE and 5G data coverage and overall service in Willard, New Mexico, and across the nation l. The top places that Verizon Wireless works well in Willard include the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, Juniper Trail, Watrous Coffee House, and even the Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge. 

Features of a Verizon Wireless cell phone plan include:

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • 4G LTE or 5G nationwide coverage
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot available
  • Spam protection
  • Unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada
  • 24/7 access to customer service
  • Entertainment perks
  • International features available

Price: People love Verizon Wireless because of the vast amount of plans they offer, but they are more expensive. Choosing a cell phone plan through Verizon Wireless could cost around $35 to $50 per line per month, but it also depends on which plan you decide on and the amount of features you want.

Plan: Verizon Wireless is known for their truly unlimited plans and customers will receive everything from talk, text, and data on each one, with extra features depending on what they select. Customers can also tack on streaming subscriptions, such as Apple Music, Disney+, or even sign up for a Walmart membership.

👍 What We Liked

  • Verizon’s Network Coverage. Many people love Verizon Wireless’ network coverage because of its reliability and availability across major cities and rural areas of the United States.
  • 100% Unlimited Plans. Each plan through Verizon Wireless is 100% unlimited with talk, text, and data and customers can also add on extra features if needed.

👎 What We Didn’t Like

  • More Expensive MNO. Verizon Wireless is a MNO, meaning that their plans are more expensive and will cost much more than a MVNO. Customers are stuck in a two-year contract too.
  • Pay More For Better Entertainment Perks. Entertainment perks are a huge bonus in any cell phone plan, but the ones available through Verizon Wireless add an extra fee onto your monthly bill.
AT&T 4G (Light Purple) and 5G (Dark Purple) Coverage in Willard, New Mexico || Source

#2 in Willard: Boost Mobile (AT&T)

Best for the Choice of Plans in Willard

A MVNO can be a life changer for you and  your wallet but Boost Mobile is one of the most affordable ones available that uses AT&T’s network coverage. Boost Mobile has plans  for single individuals, families, and they even have a set amount of data, but no data cap with how much data you can use. Boost Mobile plans work great in the Tinkertown Museum, the Fort Union National Monument, and you can’t forget the US Southwest Soaring Museum.

Features of a Boost Mobile cell phone plan include:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Set data allotment plans
  • Mobile hotspot available
  • New customer only deals
  • AT&T’s 4G LTE or 5G nationwide coverage
  • No contract plans
  • Data pack available
  • Phone insurance available to add onto plans
  • International calling to Mexico, Canada, and more
  • Boost call screener to protect against spam calls

Price: Customers make the switch to Boost Mobile because of how affordable their plans are. They cost anywhere from $15 to $60 per line per month depending on the plan you choose , or even based on how many lines are needed for your family.

Plan: Boost Mobile is a great MVNO to choose because of the amount of plans and customization that you have. They are widely known for their set data allotment plans that offer anywhere from 2GB to 35GB at max, but even if you hit your data cap, you won’t get charged for going over, you’ll just receive slower data speeds instead.

👍 What We Liked

  • Uses AT&T’s Network Coverage. AT&T’s network is known to be one of the best in the country and it provides ultra fast 4G LTE and 5G speeds, along with top notch coverage across the nation.
  • Offers Prepaid Cell Phone Plans. All of the plans offered through Boost Mobile are prepaid monthly plans and you’re not tied down to any plan and can upgrade or downgrade it at any time.

👎 What We Didn’t Like

  • No Unlimited Plans. Boost Mobile offers a wide range of set data allotment plans, but no unlimited data plans to use high-speed data all month long.
  • Poor Customer Service. While Boost Mobile is a widely available MVNO, many often complain about their customer service. There are usually long wait times to get a hold of anyone and it can take a while for issues to be resolved.
T-Mobile 4G (Light Purple) and 5G (Dark Purple) Coverage in Willard, New Mexico || Source

#3 in Willard: Tello Mobile (T-Mobile)

Best for its Affordable Prices in Willard

There are plenty of MVNOs to choose that use T-Mobile’s reliable network coverage, but among them, Tello Mobile is one of the most affordable. Tello Mobile has plans that can be as little as $5 per month, which is a great way to save money while living in small town Willard, New Mexico. In this town, Tello Mobile works great in the Willard Cantina & Cafe, walking tours on ranches, and even hiking at the Willard Bay State Park.

Features of a Tello Mobile cell phone plan include:

  • Free unlimited talk and text
  • Set data allotment and unlimited plans offered
  • 4G LTE and 5G coverage offered
  • Free tethering using a hotspot
  • Wi-Fi calling available
  • Free calls to over 60 countries 
  • Upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime
  • Plans renew every thirty days
  • Utilize 4G LTE/5G network
  • Powered by T-Mobile

Price: You’ll pay anywhere from $5 to $29 per month for one through Tello Mobile. A plan through Tello Mobile is extremely affordable and full of customization options so you can perfectly sculpt a plan that you and your family need.

Plan: There are a few options for choosing a Tello Mobile plan, which include set data allotments and even an unlimited option too. Set data allotment options range from 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, and even up to 10GB, or you can pay more for an unlimited option for high-speed data.

👍 What We Liked

  • T-Mobile’s Reliable Coverage. Tello Mobile uses T-Mobile reliable network coverage that is well known for their 5G data range that expands all across the United States. 
  • Affordable Cell Phone Plans. All of Tello Mobile’s cell phone plans are affordable and you can customize them to create a price that stays in your budget.

👎 What We Didn’t Like

  • Very Low Data Caps. Tello Mobile has very low data caps on all of their set data allotment plans and you can only at most get 10GB, which isn’t enough for many people.
  • Deprioritization Happens Often. Since Tello Mobile is a MVNO, they often experience deprioritization with slow data speeds and service, which is common for users during busy hours. 
Verizon 4G (Light Purple) and 5G (Dark Purple) Coverage in Willard, New Mexico || Source

Get to Know Your Local Carrier Options in Willard 

It is important to consider your options for MVNOs in Willard, New Mexico:

  • Boost Mobile
  • Cricket Wireless
  • Ting Mobile
  • Tello Mobile
  • Mint Mobile
  • US Mobile
  • Consumer Cellular
  • Red Pocket
  • Twigby
  • Good2Go Mobile
  • Pure Talk
  • Ultra Mobile
  • Straight Talk Wireless
  • Tracfone
  • Net10 Wireless
  • Google Fi
  • And more!
Willard, New Mexico is a vast desert area with a small town vibe perfect for someone looking for a quiet space to call home. Image courtesy of Media Storehouse

FAQ: Your Questions About Cell Phone Coverage in Willard, Answered

What Cell Service is the Best in New Mexico?

When trying to find the best cell service in New Mexico, it can be difficult since all three major networks, Verizon Wireless. AT&T, and  T-Mobile work great. Out of the three, T-Mobile usually shows signs of working better with more 5G coverage available and even more coverage throughout New Mexico.

How to Determine the Best Cell Phone Coverage in My Area

There are plenty of ways to determine the best cell phone coverage in your area, but none work as good as looking at a coverage map. By simply plugging in your address in a coverage map, you can determine which network to sign up for, and you can also find MVNOs that will save you money as well.

Is AT&T Better Than Verizon Wireless?

There has always been a debate on who offers better cell phone coverage, AT&T or Verizon Wireless, but both provide top notch service and coverage to customers throughout the nation. Verizon Wireless is the ultimate winner and they offer ultra wide-band 5G that works much faster and better than AT&T—plus they also cover more rural areas throughout the country as well.

Verizon Wireless is your best bet for fast phone coverage in Willard, New Mexico 

Willard, New Mexico is an incredible place to explore and raise a family, andVerizon Wireless will help keep everyone connected at all times!

If you’re struggling to find the best cell phone coverage in the area you live, then Really is the best place to go for help. Really’s professionals are all about making sure that you get a reliable cell phone plan that works great in your area, and also one that fits your budget.

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Sara Nuss
Sara Nuss is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in wireless, dewi, phone plan advice & blockchain.
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