WhistleOut Review: A Compilation of Phone and Internet Information Awaits

Kyle Reyes
January 25, 2023

WhistleOut is an internet and mobile phone review service that serves as a huge database of information regarding all things phones. At WhistleOut, users can compare phone plans, figure out what’s right for them, and do a lot of the research needed to figure out what wireless provider is best for them. They have information on 39 phone companies and 32 internet companies. 

WhistleOut At a Glance

WhistleOut has a monumental bank of information that lets users get all the relevant information they need. They do not provide a service of their own, rather they compile relevant and recent information to create a good environment for users to get everything they need. WhisleOut has a team of writers that research and create guides for phone and internet companies as well as ensure that all of their information is up to date and abreast of companies changing plans or new-customer deals. 

What Sets WhistleOut Apart? 

The sheer volume of information available to the user is what sets WhistleOut apart and makes them the premier website for phone and internet information. They have guides, picks for phones, deep dives on the internet and cell phone companies, and much more! There is another cell phone review company that is aptly named “Reviews,” which has a similar bank of information regarding the ways in which we communicate with one another on a daily basis. 

Price of WhistleOut Services

WhistleOut does not have services that they charge, rather they’ve built their website around helping people pick the right company for their phone service. They partner with a lot of phone and internet companies to give out great deals like cheaper plans for a few months, discounts on devices, and much more! They have a wide variety of plans that change with the season and we recommend giving them a look whenever you plan on switching phone services to see if they have a favorable deal with a company in which you are interested. 

What Kinds of Services does WhistleOut offer?

WhistleOut offers advice and deals. Their advice comes from industry experts who pick out the pros and cons of different companies and lay them out on the table for you, as a potential customer, to figure out what works best and go on from there. They offer a lot of non-company-specific guides as well, answering questions like “What is an MVNO,” “What is the best cell phone coverage in my area,” and “Can I switch carriers and keep my phone.”

They have compiled all this information so you do not have to! The writers at WhistleOut are always hard at work compiling news and new information about cell phone and internet companies so its readers can make the most out of their time on the website. 

What Network does WhistleOut Use?

WhistleOut has a strong internet and social media presence without any physical stores. Their website is the cornerstone of the company, providing a central point for all the information they’ve compiled about the other companies. Their social media accounts serve as ways for them to bring interested people to the guides and reviews they’ve created about phone companies. 

Does WhistleOut have Information about Cell Phones?

Yes! They have a lot of pages talking about new phones, their price points, and what each of them brings to the table. There are a ton of smartphones, and WhistleOut does a fantastic job showcasing both the newest models as well as less flashy, more affordable ones. 

WhistleOut: Pros & Cons

WhistleOut is a reviewer at their core. They are hard at work trying out and gathering conclusions from phone companies and internet providers in order to ensure that their users can find the right service for them. Using WhistleOut is a great way to find information, but it is not perfect. There is too much information out there to succinctly summarize in an article, and your specific circumstances might interact with the information in a way that they, understandably, cannot account for. 

👍 What We Liked

  • Information. The information on WhistleOut is fantastic and neatly compiles almost everything you need in one place. Review websites like WhistleOut have the expert info that you need to make your next decision regarding wireless providers!  
  • Pleasant website design. One of the best things about WhistleOut is that their articles are well-designed and easy to follow. They have services in place to show updated plans, phones, and deals from these companies and have their review to back them up. 
  • Advice. While a large section of WhistleOut is devoted to outputting information, they also have “expert picks” that give a quick blurb as to what they think is the best plan for a certain situation. With dozens of MVNOs and four major wireless providers, all of the plans start to blend together. Having a definitive “this is the best for these people” is a great way to ground yourself before you make your decision. 
  • News cycle. The WhistleOut reviewers have their fingers on the pulse of phone and internet news, and they synthesize it and put it on their website. They oftentimes use these news stories to highlight some of the best parts of new deals or plan changes from companies that we know and love. 
  • WhistleOut works with mobile wireless providers. Their company has direct lines of communication with the major wireless providers to provide search tools to other websites. They have tools that allow users to input their zip code to show what internet and phone providers are in the area as well as many, many others. 

👎 What We Didn’t Like

  • Labyrinthine website. A lot of the links within WhistleOut guides lead to other WhistleOut guides, making it challenging sometimes to get a specific piece of information. A lot of their guides are on the longer side, making it better to Google new questions than follow their links on occasion. 
  • Analysis paralysis. With access to so much information, it can get harder and harder to make your decision. While they have some clear winners, a lot of their reviews have similar information regarding the pros and cons of companies, making it difficult to choose which one is the best. 
  • Ads on the website. Phone companies have paid ads on WhistleOut’s website, potentially skewing their search results. Keep an eye out for sponsored results when you search for phones or plans, as they might not be the ones that best match your criteria. 

WhistleOut Services & Features

WhistleOut has tons of services and features that let users compare phones and plans, figure out what company has the best coverage in their area, and tailor a list that is to their exact specifications. WhistleOut’s cell phone plan comparison tool is a great way to sift through the dozens of plans based on the amount of data you wish to get each month. Their tool does, however, not have a ton of use if you know you want an unlimited plan as it does not have a way to differentiate by much other than the price at that point. It is, still, a good way to see the best-priced unlimited plans and the possible deals that are around right now. 

Their coverage tool is nice, but almost every network has full continental United States coverage at this point. It is a good check before you decide to get onto a plan, as running into trouble with dropped calls or texts that don’t always send is a dealbreaker when it comes to phone plans. 

Their phone search tool is amazing because there are too many phones to count these days. While iPhones, Galaxies, and Pixels have the biggest media presence, there are tons of affordable options that provide great service at a much lower price point. While it is easy to read a guide on WhilstleOut, we recommend checking their website out for their other services and features that can help you make your decision as to which wireless provider is right for you! 

WhistleOut Plans & Pricing

While WhistleOut does not have any plans, they have information about all the other plans out there. Their plans and pricing make it so that you can compare and contrast the cost of the plan with the benefits it provides. Some of these are, naturally, pretty simple like getting unlimited data, a large data cap, and access to a 5G network there are a lot of other boons associated with plans, like extra hotspot data, access to streaming services, or other items that can mitigate the premium cost of the plan by saving you money in other areas. 

When you check out the plans and pricing on WhistleOut, make sure you know what you want to find. Browsing through plans on a website with as much information as WhistleOut is likely to leave you with a bit of a headache and not much else. Think about the things you want in a plan. These could be access to high-speed data, affordability, strong service in your location, deals and first picks on new phones, add-ons, or anything else. Once you know what you want, you can start looking through the plans with a keen eye to spot ones that are the best fit for you. 

WhistleOut Phone Selection 

While WhistleOut does not sell any phones from their website, they have a huge codex of phones on the market, their prices in multiple stores, and if there are currently any deals on them. When you are browsing through WhistleOut’s phone selection, we recommend a similar strategy as when you look through their plans. Figure out what you want in a phone. It is too easy to go with the newest model and pay an arm and a leg when older models might have everything that you need for a fraction of the price. 

They have so many phones and retailers that it can be difficult to pick anything out from the big list, so keep track of your plan, too. Inputting something like iPhone XR from Verizon into their search bar will come back with great info while inputting just iPhone will give you that same headache-inducing information overload. 

How Well Does WhistleOut Actually Work?

WhistleOut Reviews

WhistleOut is a great place to go for reviews and will get you all the information you need to know and then some about what plan is best for you. Their website has a comprehensive list of information that is sure to provide you with everything you need to figure out what phone and phone plan is best for you. 

As we’ve mentioned before, going in blind makes it less likely that you will be able to find a plan that works well for you, whereas if you have an idea of what you are looking for you can leverage that information to come to a conclusion faster and more efficiently.  

Website Searching

Their website search function works very well and is likely to leave you satisfied with the information in hand. If you have the time, you can search on Google, or perhaps use the information you got from WhistleOut to make a new query into Google to find the specific information you need. 

WhistleOut Customer Service

WhistleOut customer service is available through their social media accounts as well as through the contact us page on their website. They are able to respond to specific questions, but it may take them a few days to do so. 

What Customers Have to Say About WhistleOut

“An excellent site. Very informative, thorough, and easy-to-use site for cell phone, phablet, and tablet plans from all the different carriers. Some of which you may not have heard of. Used by businesses to help them make decisions. With a very well-constructed system of filters to put the exact info, you need together all at one time on one screen. There is also a terrific 'Ask a Question window where you can ask them to explain things that you don't know and they will answer you in your email.” - Wyatt O. (via Site Jabber)

“Data amounts, plan prices, and/or rates as reported on WhistleOut are never accurate. I follow the link and whoops! The plan doesn't exist. But WhistleOut gets a commission.” - Peggie M. (via Site Jabber)

“I found this site good but it was a bit difficult to navigate around to find what you want.” - Andrew S. (via Site Jabber)via Site Jabber)

WhistleOut FAQ

What does unlimited data really mean?

Unlimited data plans usually come in two forms. There are:

  • Unlimited full-speed data with no cap
  • Unlimited data with full-speed service up to a point

Unlimited full-speed data is, at its core, the only unlimited data plan. Users on this kind of unlimited plan can use as much data as they want as often as they want and it will be the fastest data the company has to offer all throughout the month.

The “unlimited data” plans are ones where users have a significant amount of high-speed data and then their data gets slowed down if they reach their cap. Be sure to check to see what the cap is on the unlimited plan because if you plan on using a lot of data for activities like streaming video and surfing the web, once your data gets slowed down you will struggle to do that. A lot of companies drop data speeds to 3G or 2G once users hit their cap. 

How does Mint Mobile’s pricing work?

Mint Mobile offers a 3-month introductory plan that gives users a 3-month contract at their lowest prices. After that, to keep those prices, users need to purchase a 12-month plan. Their one, three, and six-month plans are all priced a little higher with the trade-off that the contract is not as long. 

TLDR; WhistleOut is a Great Review Site that has a lot of Relevant Info on Phones and Internet Providers

WhistleOut is a great search engine to bring you the information you need regarding your phones, phone plans, and internet providers. If you are interested in switching carriers or plans, going to a website like WhistleOut is a crucial first step. Switching carriers is always a hassle, made greater when you want to bring your phone number along. 

When you switch phone carriers it is important to know that you are switching to the right one. Doing your research beforehand can save you a lot of time and a lot of money when you figure out what service is best for you. When you are researching a new plan, make sure to figure out what you are looking for. Check out the price, the amenities offered by the plan, and the service in your area so you can be certain that the plan you pick is the best one on the field.

Kyle Reyes
Kyles Reyes is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in the wireless industry, phone plan comparisons & advice.