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What is SAS in Telecom? Here’s What You Need to Know and How to Fight Fraud

Sara Nuss
November 24, 2022

Owning a business can be a lot of work to do by yourself. Whether you’re in a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or even a chain or franchise, it’s important to protect your company against fraud that can be around the corner. A lot of scammers are out there and they are more than willing to try and take advantage of any situation that they can in order to get what they want.

Have you ever heard of the Spectrum Access System, or SAS? This is a useful tool that can help your business protect itself and its customers from fraud using a cloud-based service. Making sure that your customers are protected and that you are too is important even if it’s your own personal accounts, so why not your business as well?

If you are looking to take the next step and help and protect your business, then we think you need to look more into SAS in telecom and what it can do for you!

In this article, we understand the topic of SAS in telecom may be intimidating, so we’re here to help explain everything and talk about topics such as:

  • What is fraud?
  • What is SAS in telecom?
  • The benefits of SAS in telecom

What is Fraud?

We’re sure that everyone knows what fraud is, but an in depth look into it and how it can affect a person or business is important!

Fraud is something that affects millions of people each and every day and it’s important to take precautions to stop it before it happens. Image courtesy of Locksmith in East London. 

Are you familiar with fraud? There are many ways to approach this topic to learn just how serious it can be and how there are many ways that people can experience fraud. Whether it’s someone who is using fraud as a personal gain against you, or even a financial gain, it’s something that so many people experience every day. It could even be someone close to you that commits these acts against you.

It’s always important to stay on your toes when it comes to fraud or potentially being taken advantage of, so make sure to understand the definition of fraud and the many forms it comes in.

The Definition of Fraud

We’re sure that at some point in your life you have heard of the term “fraud” and have maybe even potentially experienced it since it’s a very common thing that affects millions of people every single day, but if not, what exactly is it?

Fraud is a deceptive action that people can commit against one another for a personal or financial gain. It is also against the law if you’re depriving a person or organization of money, or even their own property. 

It’s a scary thought, but what’s even scarier is the reason why many people do it. If they do commit the crime of fraud, then it is usually because of financial pressure and the opportunity is present. 

Three Different Kinds of Fraud

Did you know that there are three different forms of fraud? While one of them is more common than the others, it is possible for fraud to happen to anyone, to any business, and to any organization. The three different forms of fraud are against individuals, internal organizational fraud, and external organization fraud.

  • Fraud Against Individuals: This form of fraud seems to be more common than the rest because it can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. This is when a single person is targeted for fraud and it can be for many reasons. Whether it’s identity theft, which is one of the most common forms of fraud, scams, or the advance-fee scheme, where people are asked to pay a little bit of money upfront to get the full amount of what they are supposedly supposed to get later.
  • Internal Organizational Fraud: This is a type of fraud that can also be called an “occupational fraud,” meaning that it can be committed by an employee of a company, manager, or even people in higher positions. This type of fraud can be forms of lying and cheating on shareholders, embezzlement, cheating on the company’s taxes, and so much more.
  • External Organizational Fraud: The last form of fraud is when it is committed on a company from someone on the outside. This could be vendors that lie about the work that they have done, when they bribe the company, or it can be from a customer themselves. Customers can steal products and return them to a store demanding for money back, write bad checks to pay for products or services, and so much more. 

How to Avoid Fraud

While we think we’re all safe from fraud, in reality there are many ways that we can further protect ourselves and work keeping important accounts of ours, such as bank accounts, credit card accounts, our social security numbers, and everything else protected in the hopes that someone doesn’t try to steal from us.

You may be wondering if there is any possible way to avoid fraud and how to look for the signs early on if possible, and luckily there are many. It’s important to keep these in the back of your mind so you can protect yourself and even warn your loved ones if needed so they can learn the signs to protect themselves.

Some of the ways to avoid fraud and stay alert include:

  • Monitor all of your accounts (bank accounts, credit card accounts, etc.)
  • Avoid entering personal information on public computers or Wi-Fi
  • Shred documents containing personal information 
  • Check your credit report
  • Beware of suspicious emails that include financial data, attachments, links, and more
  • Never give out personal information unless it’s to a trusted source
  • Filter phone calls for spam numbers 
  • Report suspicious activity on any of your accounts ASAP

What is SAS in Telecom?

Understanding what fraud is can help you to learn a little more on how you can protect your business!

Avoiding fraud and scamming is something that we all try to avoid and with SAS in telecom, it can make it just a little bit easier. Image courtesy of PYMNTS.com

As a business, trying to avoid scams and fraud of any kind is essential so you’re not buying into something that will only make you lose money in the long run, or have money stolen from you which could negatively impact your business. Taking control and protecting your business is essential no matter what your company is and what it does.

SAS through telecom is a system that many people use in order to protect their businesses from fraud and other harmful interferences that can be bad for a business. If you want to learn more about SAS in telecom, here’s what you need to know to get started on protecting your customers today!

Let’s Get to It: What Exactly is SAS in Telecom?

It is first important to understand what exactly SAS stands for, and it is Spectrum Access System. This is a form of a cloud-based service that manages wireless communications through devices in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service, or CBRS. Before these wireless communications are transmitted through the CBRS, it needs authorization from the SAS before it starts to transmit any information to the CBRS.

You may also be wondering how SAS can help in telecom, media, and other technology as well, but it can actually help drive the future. SAS can help to open cloud-enabled analytics that are then embedded with an AI, or artificial intelligence, to help solve any current or future problems within a business and so much more.

This may all seem confusing, but in the end, it has a lot of features that can help improve your business and everything within it. Some of these features that it includes can range from:

  • Ad inventory management
  • Telecom fraud
  • Audience analytics
  • Customer experience
  • Telecom network analytics
  • Protecting against fraud and improper payments
  • Anti-money laundering
  • CFT compliance
  • Identity and digital fraud
  • Public security

Currently, over 79% of companies, especially in the Fortune 500, use SAS with over 700 customers, and it’s even used in over 80 countries. This can also show that many people trust this system to protect their customers through their advanced analytics, AI system, and even through machine learning. 

Why Should You Choose SAS in Telecom?

There are numerous reasons to choose SAS in telecom, media, and even technology, but the main reason is for fraud. In the long run, this can help you protect your customers from fraud and theft along with your business, and it can also personalize offers, advertisements, and even content for your customers to see as well, so it does have a lot of other useful ways of improving your business besides helping protect against fraud. 

SAS for telecom, media, and technology is also incredible to use for 5G network planning and operations as well to support digital transformation, which comes in handy through many different situations. 

How Can You Obtain SAS For Your Company?

The next question that you may be considering if you’re interested in getting SAS for your business is how do you get it? There are many ways to approach this so you can learn how to get it and make improvements on your business by protecting it and the customers that purchase your product or service. 

The nice thing about this system is that you can test it out and get a free trial of it to see how it works for you and your business to ensure that you want to spend the money necessary to make sure it is the right thing for you.

You also have the option of requesting a demo by creating an account on the SAS website and adding your company information in it to test it out as well to see if it will be the best thing for your business. 

There is another option to look into the prices by requesting them on the SAS website to get an idea of how much money you will pay for this service, and finally, you can also contact someone to get more information about SAS and how it can positively affect your business by protecting you. 

What Companies Use SAS?

Have you ever thought about what companies currently use SAS? There are a ton of businesses, chains, franchises, and more that use SAS so if you want to get a second opinion to see if it’s something you should consider using, get to know the companies that already use it. Getting to know the companies that use it could also help convince you to get it as a small business owner. 

Are you wondering who uses SAS in telecom, media, and technology? Businesses such as these are ones that currently use it:

  • Honda
  • Levi Strauss & Co.
  • Office Depot
  • Nestle
  • Volvo
  • Prime Therapeutics
  • 1-800-FLOWERS
  • And many more!

Knowing that many different businesses support SAS and what it does, especially big-named ones, can help give you the satisfaction that your business and customers will be protected no matter what against fraud.

The Benefits of SAS in Telecom

There are a ton of reasons why you should consider using SAS for your business and here’s what you should know!

Knowing how to use SAS analytics and knowing if it’s right for your business is essential, and it can improve it in so many ways. Image courtesy of Selerity

Are you interested in SAS analytics in telecom, media, and communications? There are a ton of reasons why you should consider getting it for your business because it can help fight against fraud and so much morel. No matter what, SAS in telecom can help in so many ways, so make sure to take advantage of it.

If you’re still on the fence and wondering if SAS is right for you, here is some extra information that we can offer to help make your decision a lot easier!

Reasons Why You Need SAS Right Now

There are so many reasons why you need to get SAS for your company. Whether you are interested in helping protect against fraud, or you’re looking for other ways to try and help support your business, no matter the reason, there are a lot of things to consider before getting SAS on telecom and more. 

SAS in telecom dominates the job market and every aspect of it. There is so much to consider, but there are a ton of reasons why you should get SAS and some of these reasons can include:

SAS for banking companies:

  • Reduces credit losses
  • Helps to understand customers
  • Helps with customer intelligence
  • Utilities risk management for fraud

SAS for healthcare companies:

  • Analyze healthcare data
  • Improves efficiency 
  • Helps with emergency care 

SAS for manufacturing companies:

  • Improves quality and safety

SAS for telecom companies:

  • Predict network usage
  • Finds disturbances in usage at any locations
  • Helps identify customers

Another great reason to get SAS is because it can help a business to gain general insight into the customers, which is something that can really help out your business in the long run.

The great thing is that SAS is increasing its use in many different ways and many sectors are picking it up as well and utilizing its benefits for their business and to help protect it and its customers. SAS is something that is always in demand for businesses and it’s also a great industry itself, as many people can find great job opportunities to take advantage of. 

SAS in telecom is one of the best things that you can get for your business because not only can it help improve your business in so many different ways, but it can also help protect against any kind of fraud.

Fraud is something that occurs every single day and it can affect a lot of people, so it’s important to do what you can to protect your loved ones from it happening to them, and this can even include protecting your customers as well. 

In a business, we genuinely think that getting SAS through telecom, media, communications, and so much more can greatly help to protect your customers, learn more about them, and even work to predict any disturbances that you may come across, using risk management for fraud.

Why not consider looking into SAS in telecom right away to help make your business better than every while also protecting your customers as well!

Sara Nuss
Sara Nuss is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in wireless, dewi, phone plan advice & blockchain.
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