The Best Cell Phone Coverage in Missouri No Matter Where You Are Located

Sara Nuss
December 29, 2022

There are a multitude of different things to think about whenever you’re planning to move, whether it’s long distance moving, or local moving. If you are planning on moving anywhere, then you should consider Missouri for so many different reasons. Missouri is a state that is known for its strong agriculture industry, famous landmarks such as the Gateway Arch, its amazing barbeque food, and so much more you’ll want to see for yourself.

While there is so much to see in Missouri, one thing that you need to think about at all times is your cell phone service and coverage. Making sure that you have the best no matter where you live in the country is essential, but having the best in the state and city you live in is even more important.

If you are planning your big move to Missouri, then one thing you need to consider is your cell phone coverage there. Trying to find the best cell phone coverage can be a lot to handle and to think about, so here are the top carriers to check out, and so much more!

In this article, we’re going to help you find the best cell phone coverage in Missouri, but we’ll also be discussing some other topics such as:

Why You Need to Make the Switch to a New Carrier

Sometimes making the switch can make your life a whole lot easier with better service, coverage, and more!

Getting a new cell phone plan through another carrier can help to make your life just a little bit easier, especially when moving to a new state. Image courtesy of Medium

Are you planning on moving to Missouri soon and you’re considering your options when it comes to signing up for a new cell phone plan through another carrier? You may be wondering why it’s even necessary to make the switch, but there are actually a lot of perks that you can take advantage of. 

Moving to Missouri can be a big decision, but it’s also important to consider your options and reasons why you need to switch your phone plan before the big move, so here’s what we got!

Take Advantage of Better Service and Coverage

There is no worse feeling than living in an area where the coverage is subpar and you’re constantly struggling to hold a phone call, or even just to send a text message. If you are sick of waving your phone around in the air and trying to get a sliver of service, then you should consider making the switch to a new cell phone carrier that better suits where you live.

While we understand it can seem like a hassle to switch cell phone carriers, depending on where you decide to live, it sometimes works out for the better in the long run. For some carriers there are states that they work better in, and for other states, different carriers work better. Doing your research and finding out what carriers work best in Missouri is essential, so why not take advantage of better coverage today!

Maybe Save Some Money Just by Switching Carriers

While you may think that switching phone carriers is a waste of time, it can actually work out to your benefit in a ton of different ways, one being to put some money back into your pocket. There are thousands, even millions of people who overpay for their cell phone plan, and we think that you shouldn’t be one of them.

There are a ton of different options to look over when it comes to your cell phone plan and trying to find one that not only has everything that you want on it, but also one that fits into your budget as well. Try to save some money on a phone plan just by looking into all of your options, no matter if it’s through a big or small carrier.

Switch to an MVNO for Extra Savings

If you are looking to save money on your cell phone plan, one of the best ways that you can do it is by getting an MVNO, or signing up for a plan through a small carrier. Small phone carriers don’t have their own network, so they instead use a big carrier’s network instead, such as Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, or AT&T, to provide their customers with top notch service.

The only downfall to MVNOs is that the parent carrier that they share their network from will always prioritize their own customers before ones through an MVNO, but you will still get the same service and coverage that best fits the area that you live in. You will also be able to save money and pay a fraction of the cost compared to a plan through a large carrier.

Keep Your Current Phone Number and Cell Phone

There are so many different phone carriers that you can switch to with many different plans that are available, but are you looking for one where you can keep your current phone number and cell phone? If you want to get better service and coverage in the state you’re loving in, we understand why this could be of concern.

As long as your current cell phone is unlocked, meaning that you don’t owe anything money on it to your current carrier, you can almost always use it on a different phone plan through another carrier. Something else to think about too is your current phone number. We understand all of your loved ones and other important people in your life have your number, so why change it? So many carriers will let you keep your current number no matter if you decide to switch. 

The Best Cell Phone Coverage in Missouri to Check Out

It’s important to have the best cell phone coverage, even if you live in Missouri, so make sure to check these carriers out!

It’s important to find the best cell phone service and coverage in Missouri so you can avoid dead zones, and so much more. Image courtesy of iStock.

Trying to find the best cell phone plan that has amazing coverage and service that will be able to cover every part of the state you live in is essential. While you may think there is no difference between the state that you currently live in and when you move to Missouri, there could be a huge difference in the service.

It’s important to get top notch coverage in Missouri, but where do you start looking when it comes to finding the best service and coverage? With so many carriers to choose from, we broke it down with all of our favorites, so make sure to choose one of these carriers today!


Are you a huge fan of AT&T’s service and coverage and have been on one of their plans for many years, or are you willing to try out a new carrier whenever you live in Missouri? No matter what your reason is, make sure that you try out AT&T right away where they have the best coverage in Missouri today!

Picking out the best cell phone plan that works well for you and is in your budget of what you’re looking to pay is extremely important, and we truly think that there is no plan quite like AT&T. AT&T is known for having unlimited 5G with all of their plans at no extra cost and they even cover 99.91% of Missouri as well.

You may be curious about what also comes with an AT&T cell phone plan besides the amazing coverage. If this sounds like you, then check out what else you can get through them:

  • Unlimited 4G LTE and 5G data with compatible devices
  • Unlimited talk and text in Mexico and Canada
  • No roaming charges in Mexico and Canada
  • 5GB to 100GB of a mobile hotspot
  • 480p video streaming
  • Unlimited texting up to 200 countries
  • AT&T ActiveArmor that for device security, fraud blocking, and spam risk alerts

With an AT&T plan, it’s also important to get an idea of how much you will pay for a plan through them, so you will enjoy prices ranging from $35 to $50 for a total of four lines on a plan, but they also have individual plans you can check out as well.

Verizon Wireless

Have you ever heard of Verizon Wireless and their incredible deals and plans? Well, luckily they have the second best coverage that you can take advantage of in Missouri and they also have some of the nationwide’s best 5G coverage and much more you’ll want to take advantage of.

If you are a fan of Verizon Wireless, then you will be happy to know that their coverage for Missouri is like no other, covering 98.95% of the state with their incredible 5G high-speed data speeds, and much more that you won’t want to miss out on.

Verizon Wireless cell phone plans also come with a ton of other benefits that you won't want to miss out on either that include the following:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited 4G LTE or 5G data with compatible devices
  • At least 480p or 720p video streaming
  • At least 15GB of a mobile hotspot
  • Apple Music free for first 6 months
  • Disney+ free for 1 year
  • 500GB of Verizon Cloud storage with select plans

Are you considering a Verizon Wireless cell phone plan when you move to Missouri? If so, it’s important to think about how much you will be paying for a plan. Their plans come out to around $35 per line up to $55, depending on what extra features you’re looking for in your plan, plus taxes and fees.


Another amazing carrier that you won’t want to miss out on whenever it comes to finding the perfect service and coverage in Missouri is T-Mobile! T-Mobile has a ton of amazing plans to choose from with 5G nationwide coverage that is regarded as the best.

You won’t want to miss out on the amazing coverage that is offered by T-Mobile whenever you decide to move to Missouri. You’ll be able to get 98.39% of the state covered with no problem at all and you can take advantage of their amazing unlimited phone plans that will fit at the price range you’re expecting.

T-Mobile offers a ton of amazing plans and features that are included in them. If you are wondering what those features may be, you can look forward to:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited 4G LTE or 5G data with compatible devices
  • 480p streaming or up to 1080p depending on the phone plan
  • Unlimited 3G hotspot
  • Free subscriptions to Netflix and Quibi
  • 3GB and up to 20GB for a mobile hotspot

Through T-Mobile, we know that you will be a satisfied customer with all of the perks of having a cell phone plan through them, the coverage offered, and at the price that you’ll have to pay. Speaking of prices for a T-Mobile plan, you should expect to pay anywhere from $90 to $120 with at least three lines on the plan, or $45 for a single-line. 


Are you considering an MVNO for something new and to save some money? We think that one of the best MVNOs to take advantage of that will also give you some of the best service and coverage in Missouri is Tello. Tello is a small carrier with cell phone plans as little as $5 per month, so who can pass up the offer!

Tello utilizes T-Mobile’s incredible network coverage, so you will be able to use some of the best 5G coverage within the United States, but also take advantage of your opportunity to choose a prepaid plan that fits your budget and has all of the features that you will need. 

Tello has a lot to offer their customers and also some features that you won’t want to miss out on. Some of the features of a Tell cell phone plan can include:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Choice of 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, or unlimited phone plans
  • No contracts
  • Use your current phone and phone number
  • Unlimited 4G LTE or 5G data on compatible devices
  • Options for individual or multiple-line phone plans
  • A lot of value for your money

We mentioned that you can pay as little as $5 per month for a Tello cell phone plan, but you can also add features and more to your plan to get the most out of it for a very small cost. The most that you can pay for their plans can be anywhere from $5 to $29 per month, which makes them one of the most affordable MVNOs in the country. 

Signs You Need to Upgrade to a New Cell Phone

Know when the time is right to upgrade your cell phone when switching to a new carrier!

Thinking about the best time to get a new cell phone is essential, so make sure to check out what is available and when you think you need a new one. Image courtesy of ZDNET

Are you thinking about getting a new cell phone because yours is slowly dying or running more slowly, or are you just tired of the phone you have? It can be hard to decide the right time to upgrade to a new cell phone, so you should consider your options first.

Do you want to know the signs as to when you should upgrade your cell phone? If so, here is a list to go through to help you make the right decision for you!

The Signs You Need to Spot When it’s Time to Upgrade Your Phone

Upgrading your cell phone can be an exciting thing, but now it seems unnecessary to upgrade every two years like we needed to in the past. It’s important to spot the warning signs when it comes to knowing when you may need to upgrade your cell phone and we’re here to give them to you.

Here are some of the signs to keep in mind when it comes to upgrading to a new cell phone in the near future:

  • Battery dies quickly
  • Phone works very slowly
  • Microphone is giving out
  • Apps crash no matter how long you have them open for
  • Phone overheats often
  • Can’t upgrade operating systems
  • Can’t use newer networks, including 5G
  • Manufacturer stops supporting your device

There are a ton of other reasons why it may be in your best interests to get a new cell phone, but what we included are some of the most important reasons to make the switch ASAP. If you are considering upgrading your cell phone, maybe make sure that your phone checks off some of these signs in the list above.

Getting a new cell phone plan whenever you move to Missouri may be one of the most important things you do to ensure that you’re getting the best in the area that you live in. With so many cell phone plans that are offered, picking the right carrier for you is essential.

Make sure that you understand why you should make the switch to a new carrier, the carriers with the best coverage in Missouri, and maybe even why you should consider upgrading your cell phone today!

Sara Nuss
Sara Nuss is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in wireless, dewi, phone plan advice & blockchain.