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Reach Mobile Review: An Affordable MVNO Running on T-Mobile’s Network

Kyle Reyes
January 29, 2023

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Reach Mobile is a great carrier whose best value comes in their limited-data plans. That alone signals them out from the pack, but they have more going for them than just excellently-priced plans. They are a charitable organization that donates a portion of its proceeds to people in need (more on that later!) and they have some of the best customer service in the business. 

This carrier is an MVNO that operates on T-Mobile’s nationwide network, and they have a nice compensatory system in their “Best Fit” program that could save you some money on your phone bill when you don’t use too much data. In our Reach Mobile review, we will take a deep dive into what makes this company tick and help you figure out if it’s the right one for you. 

Reach Mobile At a Glance

Reach Mobile has some amazing deals and lets you pay only for the data you use. None of their plans come with a contract, letting you pick and choose which plan is the best for you and switch between them with ease. Before we get into what sets Reach Mobile apart we want to touch on something special. Their Give Back program helps people all over the world. The Give Back program donates free data to women and students in need. A portion of every plan funds the Give Back program. When you sign up with Reach Mobile you are helping someone out there in the world. 

What Sets Reach Mobile Apart? 

On top of their amazing charitable donations, in our Reach Mobile review, we found that their Best Fit program is a refreshing take on flexible plans. Instead of keeping you on the plan you get, they only charge you for the data you use up to the threshold you use it. This means you can use their $40-a-month 15 GB plan and aim to use fewer than 5 GB during the month. If you do, you save $10! There is no premium associated with this program, which means your prices are reflected exactly in the amount of data you spend. 

You can sit on their 15 GB plan confidently, knowing that if you are charged the full $40 a month, well, you needed it! 

Price of Reach Mobile Plans

Reach Mobile has a handful of plans that range from $20 for 2 GB to $45 for unlimited data. Unlimited meaning, of course, that you have 25 GB of high-speed data and then are throttled down to 2G speeds. Their best fit program makes their 15 GB plan for $40 very tempting, but if you want to cap yourself at a lower price point there is no risk of going over and being charged more than you want. If you are in a position where you are unable to pay more than $20 or $30 a month on your phone bill, you can go for a less expensive plan, but know that your data will be shut off for the month if you reach your data cap. 

What Kinds of Plans does Reach Mobile offer?

Reach Mobile offers, two kinds of plans. To start their unlimited plan, which gives users 25 GB of high-speed data before reducing data speeds to 2G has a lot of value if priced a little higher than we would like. At $45 a month users can enjoy the high-speed 5G and 4G LTE service, the same as the rest of T-Mobile’s nationwide network. The only downside is, of course, that Reach Mobile will deprioritize the data speeds of its users if they are in an area of high volume. Strengthening the network (a project at which T-Mobile is hard at work) will reduce the chance for this to happen, but there is always the risk that your data speeds will slow down if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Their other plans are the best-fit plans that come in various shapes and sizes. Users can pick 2 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, or 15 GB to be their maximum data cap and their data usage is evaluated at the end of the month, resulting in possible savings. To minimize the risk of running out of data, we recommend sticking with the 15 GB because you still have access to all the savings if you use less data that month. If, however, you know you need to spend only $20 or $30 that month you can pick out a lower maximum cap to ensure that you won’t have a $40 phone bill from using all 15 GB of data. 

What Network does Reach Mobile Use?

Reach Mobile runs on T-Mobile’s 5G and 4G LTE networks. You can check out Reach Mobile’s coverage to ensure that you have high-speed data in your location, but with the strength and coverage of T-Mobile’s network these days we would be surprised if you were anywhere with bad reception. 

Can You Bring Your Own Cell Phone?

Yes! You can continue to use your old phone and number when you make the switch to Reach Mobile. Well, almost all devices work on Reach Mobile’s network, but you need to check your device’s compatibility first to ensure that you are all good. 

Reach Mobile: Pros & Cons

Before jumping into a new carrier, it is vital to understand its pros and cons. No carrier is perfect, but it's all about finding out which one is right for you. Without further ado, here are some pros and cons about Reach Mobile in our Reach Mobile review! 

👍 What We Liked

  • Charitable service. Reach Mobile’s give a plan, get a plan initiative is an amazing example of how larger companies can leverage their earnings for the greater good. Reach Mobile donates free data to women and students who need it all over the world.
  • Best fit plans. Reach Mobile’s best-fit plan is a refreshing take on limited-data plans. They are at a bit higher price point than we would like, but they are still affordable and give you tremendous flexibility. 
  • Affordable plans. One of our favorite things about MVNOs is that their price points are far lower than any major wireless company. Reach mobile is no exception. You will enjoy much more affordable prices at Reach Mobile if you switch from a major wireless network. 
  • No contracts. We love the fact that there are no contracts at Reach Mobile. You can switch plans or cancel service whenever you want without fearing any repercussions. 

👎 What We Didn’t Like

  • Data deprioritization. While this is true of all MVNOs, the fact that data can be deprioritized is one of the main cons of Reach Mobile. You can never be certain if your speeds will slow drastically when you are using mobile data. 
  • Low data threshold. Reach Mobile’s unlimited plan only gives the user 25 GB of high-speed data before deprioritizing them, which might not be enough for you. Before you switch, we recommend tracking your data usage for a month or two. 
  • No international calling. Reach Mobile does not include any free international calling, roaming, or texting, so you have to pay. They do offer good rates, but they are extra costs nonetheless. 

Reach Mobile Services & Features

Reach Mobile’s best fit savings and give back program are the best services and features they offer. Their best-fit savings incentivize you to go with one of their limited data plans and use as little as you can without the risk of taking a low-data plan and hoping that you don’t go over your data allocation. 

Reach Mobile’s give-back program is an amazing way to have your phone bill work for something good. 

Reach Mobile Plans & Pricing

Reach Mobile has five plans, four of which are their limited data best-fit plans and the final one being their unlimited plan. Understanding each of Reach Mobile’s phone plans is a key step in figuring out if this carrier is right for you. Their plans are as follows:

  • 2 GB for $20 a month
  • 5 GB for $30 a month
  • 10 GB for $35 a month
  • 15 GB for $40 a month
  • Unlimited (25) GB for $45 a month

If you are not too worried about their best-fit savings we recommend their unlimited plan. It offers the best deal on data while taking you out of the running for saving money when you don’t use as much data each month. If you know that 15 GB is more than enough, picking that plan keeps you in the running for a more affordable plan while you have the option to use all 15 GB if you are going through a lot of data that month. In terms of cost, 2 GB for $20 is not great when you look at their competition, but their best fit program makes their 15 GB plan much more valuable. 

Reach Mobile’s phone store may not have the latest and greatest, but they have a lot of affordable options for new phones. Image courtesy of Reach Mobile

Reach Mobile Phone Selection 

Reach Mobile does not have a huge phone selection when it comes to the latest and greatest, but there are a lot of other ways to purchase phones that if you want the newest iPhone or latest Galaxy, you can purchase them straight from the provider. Reach Mobile’s store has a ton of more affordable phone options for those who don’t mind a phone without the bells and whistles of the newest models. 

How Well Does Reach Mobile Actually Work?

Call & Text Performance

Reach Mobile’s call and text performance are excellent. Users report little to no issues with dropped calls or trouble sending texts. 

Data Speeds

Reach Mobile’s data speeds are fast. Customers can expect high-speed data whenever they are receiving the full strength from Reach. 

Reach Mobile vs. Competitors

Reach Mobile vs. T-Mobile

T-Mobile has Reach Mobile beat on perks, data speeds, and data thresholds. That being said, they are far more expensive. All major wireless companies charge a premium for their network use, giving MVNOs a great range of affordable options. The major tradeoff is that your data may get slowed without warning. If you are willing to run with that it’s Reach Mobile all the way. They offer much more affordable service and you will still have access to T-Mobile’s premium network. 

Reach Mobile vs. Visible

Visible is one of our favorite MVNOs. They run on Verizon’s network and offer two unlimited plans. One area where both of these companies lack is the uber-cheap plans that come in at less than $10 a month, but in terms of unlimited plans Visible has the upper hand. Visible’s base unlimited plan is only $30 a month and gives the user the same amount of high-speed data. Those 25 GBs are nice, but the same question remains: what if you are a big data user? Visible has your answer. Their premium unlimited plan comes in at $45 a month (same as Reach) and offers users a whopping 50 GB of high-speed data. That’s right. If you are looking at Unlimited plans Visible is the big winner here. 

Reach Mobile vs. Twigby

Twigby is an MVNO on Verizon’s network that offers a similar mix of plans as Reach Mobile. Their plans are at cheaper price points, with their 10 GB plan coming in at $30 and their unlimited plan coming in at $40. That being said, their unlimited plan only gives 20 GB of data with is even lower than Reach’s plan and they don’t have anything like the best-fit savings. When it comes to limited data plans we think that Reach Mobile is the big winner. 

Reach Mobile Customer Service

Reach Mobile has excellent customer service. Users on their website can chat with a representative or submit a help ticket for more assistance.

What Customers Have to Say About Reach Mobile

“I had a live chat with Mihir Makkar. I was having trouble with an error message when I used the Reach app on my phone. Mihir had some good thoughts about how to resolve this and was very helpful and patient with me. Ultimately, he had to pass the issue on to their tech department. In a day or so, they did an update to the app. Mahir let me know to re-install the app and log in. This fixed my issue! I am very appreciative of the expediency and attention to my issue. And most happy that they were able to solve the problem!!” - Amanda.  (via Trustpilot)

“Let me say first and foremost that we are loyal Rach Mobile customers. Their service and their product have been exceptional. They have helped us through several difficulties or needs with swift solutions and very good communication and service. Most recently, we were having a rather unique problem with the Reach App on one of our iPhones. They solve this unique problem fairly quickly, which was no easy task, I suspect. We have found the staff of Reach Mobile to be consistently very helpful and able and willing to find solutions to our requests.” - Rose R. (via Trustpilot)

“Overall, a good experience. Activation was nearly seamless. Service, support, and signal strength are all ok. Looks like a good value if it keeps up.

A few exceptions:

  • The instruction sheet in the starter kit was sparse and hard to follow in spots. Language could be more precise.
  • Porting out existing numbers from Verizon created problems, possibly because 2 lines were being ported. Eventually sorted out by the support rep in chat.” - 

Bob. (via Trustpilot)

Reach Mobile FAQ

How much does Reach Mobile cost? 

Their plans vary from $20 to $45 a month with the opportunity to save on their best-fit plans. Users are also able to create a multi-line plan that decreases the cost per line of limited data plans as well as adding extra data for free! 

What network does Reach Mobile use? 

Reach mobile runs on T-Mobiles 5G and 4G LTE networks. 

Is Reach Mobile worth it?

We think so! It depends on what kind of cell phone user you are. The most data offered by one of their plans is 25 GB a month, which is not enough for those who use a high volume of mobile data. If you regularly stream video or use a lot of social media on mobile data, another provider with a more robust unlimited plan is for you. 

TLDR; Reach Mobile is a Great MVNO for Low-Data Users

Their best-fit plan provides tremendous value for users who do not use a ton of data each month. You can get a 15 GB bank of data just in case while enjoying savings if you use fewer data each month. They fall a bit behind in terms of pricing to other MVNOs, but they remain a great and affordable option for phone service.

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Kyle Reyes
Kyles Reyes is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in the wireless industry, phone plan comparisons & advice.
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How much data do you get on the unlimited plan?

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How much hotspot data do you get on the unlimited plan?

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