PureTalk Wireless Review: Unlimited Plans For a Low, Affordable Cost

Sara Nuss
January 28, 2023

Hunting down a new cell phone carrier can be extremely difficult, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. It’s important to think about what you want in a cell phone carrier, whether it’s to save more money, get better service and coverage, or even just get some incredible new features, there’s a lot to think about before signing up for any plan.

If you’re thinking of heading down the MVNO route, then we think that a great carrier you should consider is PureTalk Wireless. This is an extremely affordable MVNO that has so much to offer its customers. From unlimited cell phone plans, 5G network coverage, and a ton of other benefits, there’s a lot of reasons why you should choose PureTalk Wireless.

Let’s get to know more about PureTalk Wireless and what they have to offer their customers with this breakdown!

PureTalk Wireless At a Glance

PureTalk Wireless is a great MVNO to check out because of all of their great plans, prices, and the features they offer their customers. Sometimes getting to know the basics is what can get you interested in a carrier right away and help continue your research to see if they’re right for you.

There are a few things to know about PureTalk Wireless right off the bat!

What is PureTalk Wireless Best Known For?

PureTalk Wireless is mainly known for their incredibly low-priced cell phone plans that are as low as $25 per month or $16 per line on a plan for a family of four. They are an MVNO that offers monthly prepaid plans to help you save money, but also get the most out of your cell phone plans.

How Much Do PureTalk Wireless Plans Cost?

The next big question that people will always ask first before considering a cell phone carrier is how much their plans cost. PureTalk Wireless offers a ton of affordable cell phone plans that are great for individuals or families that range in prices from $20 to $65 for single plans, but the more lines you add, the more money you save. 

What Kinds of Cell Phone Plans Are Offered?

PureTalk Wireless offers a ton of plans through their carrier that make it perfect if it’s just a cell phone plan for you, or if it’s for a family up to four. With the more people you add to your plan the more money you will save, so if you have two people on your plan, you save an extra 10%, three people saves you 15%, and four people saves you 20% per month!

What Network Does PureTalk Wireless Use?

If you have your current cell phone plan through AT&T and are pleased with how good their service and coverage is, then you will be happy to know that PureTalk Wireless uses their network as well. You can still take advantage of their amazing 4G LTE and 5G coverage nationwide no matter where you live. 

Can You Use Your Own Cell Phone With This Carrier?

PureTalk Wireless may be a great cell phone carrier for you because they give their customers the option to bring their own cell phone to one of their plans, as long as it's GSM compatible. GSM compatible phones means that you have a cell phone that you bought through AT&T or T-Mobile and it’s able to connect to their networks. As long as your phone is unlocked and completely paid off, you will be able to use it with PureTalk Wireless. 

PureTalk Wireless is a great MVNO that offers its customers nothing but the best with low prices, devices to purchase, and flexibility with plans. Image courtesy of Instagram

PureTalk Wireless: Pros & Cons

With every single phone carrier comes its pros and cons. Sadly, nothing ever seems to get 100% positive reviews, and just like any business, there can be negatives no matter how good they are. This is the same with PureTalk Wireless, and it’s important to discuss the pros and cons of each.

Here are some of the pros and cons of PureTalk Wireless!

👍 What We Liked

  • Flexibility With Plans. PureTalk Wireless offers its customers flexibility when it comes to choosing your plan depending on how many people are going to be on your plan and the amount of data you need.
  • Incredible Prices. The prices that PureTalk Wireless offers its customers is a huge positive because they’re very affordable, especially the more people you add onto a plan.
  • GSM Network Used. If you are a previous AT&T or T-Mobile user, you can continue to use your cell phone with PureTalk Wireless and take advantage of their great 4G LTE or 5G coverage.
  • Mobile Hotspot Available. Lots of MVNOs don’t offer a mobile hotspot to its customers, but depending on the plan you choose, you can have up to 25GB of a mobile hotspot through PureTalk Mobile. 
  • Tablet Plans Are an Option. Children and the elderly who don’t plan on using a cell phone can take advantage of the tablet plans that are available for an extremely low price. 

👎 What We Didn’t Like

  • Deprioritization. Since PureTalk Mobile is an MVNO who shares AT&T’s network, customers with AT&T will always be put first when it comes to any issues with the network.
  • No International Calling. A feature that PureTalk Wireless does not offer its customers at all is international calling, so if you have loved ones that live out of the country, this may not be the best plan for you.
  • No Entertainment Perks. Lots of big carriers, and even MVNOs offer their customers different entertainment perks, such as streaming subscriptions to Netflix, HBO Max, or even Apple Music, but PureTalk Mobile does not offer this feature. 
  • Cloud Storage is Not Offered. Another feature that a lot of MVNOs have is cloud storage to help you save room on your phone, but PureTalk Wireless does not have this. 
  • Pay to Use Your Own Cell Phone. Something that may be a pain to some is paying to use your own cell phone, even if it’s completely paid off. Purchasing a $3 SIM card is all you will need to get to use your current cell phone.

PureTalk Wireless Services & Features

Getting to know the services and features of a potential cell phone carrier that you’re thinking about getting a plan with. PureTalk Wireless offers a ton of services and features for all of their customers to take advantage of that are important to talk about.

Here are some of PureTalk Wireless’ services and features that are offered on their plans:

  • Unlimited talk and text on all plans
  • Unlimited data plans with mobile hotspot included
  • Up to 25GB of mobile hotspot available
  • No contracts 
  • Flexibility with monthly plans
  • Discounts on latest models of cell phones

PureTalk Wireless Plans & Pricing

One of the best things about PureTalk Wireless are the plans that they offer and their prices. With so many different options being offered to all of their customers, there’s no wonder why people love switching to PureTalk Wireless.

There are a ton offered through PureTalk Wireless, so here are some of their plans and prices to check out:

  • Single plans:
  • $20 per month for unlimited talk and text and 2GB of data
  • $25 per month for unlimited talk and text for 4GB of data
  • $30 per month for unlimited talk and text for 6GB of data
  • $35 per month for unlimited talk and text for 10GB of data
  • $45 per month for unlimited talk and text for 20GB of data
  • $55 per month for unlimited talk, text, and data and 15GB of a mobile hotspot
  • $65 per month for unlimited talk, text, and data and 25GB of a mobile hotspot
  • Four-line+ plans:
  • $16 per month for unlimited talk and text for 2GB of data
  • $20 per month for unlimited talk and text for 4GB of data
  • $24 per month for unlimited talk and text for 6GB of data
  • $28 per month for unlimited talk and text for 10GB of data
  • $36 per month for unlimited talk and text for 20GB of data
  • $44 per month for unlimited talk, text, and data and 15GB of a mobile hotspot
  • $52 per month for unlimited talk, text, and data and 25GB of a mobile hotspot
PureTalk Wireless offers a range of cell phones to choose from where they even sell the latest models of Apple, Samsung, and Google phones. Image courtesy of Best Phone Plans

PureTalk Wireless Phone Selection 

A lot of MVNOs sell cell phones to their customers who are looking for an upgrade from what they have. From Apple, Samsung, and Nokia phones, making sure that you have the best cell phone that can give you the service and speeds you’re looking for is essential.

Some of the cell phones that PureTalk Wireless sells to their customers include:

  • Apple iPhone 12
  • Apple iPhone 13
  • Apple iPhone 14
  • Apple iPhone SE
  • Nokia G50
  • Nokia G10
  • Samsung Galaxy A03s
  • Samsung Galaxy A13 5G
  • OnePlus Nord N200 5G
  • And more!

How Well Does PureTalk Wireless Actually Work?

Call & Text Performance

Everybody who has a PureTalk Wireless cell phone plan takes advantage of AT&T’s network coverage, which has a 99% coverage throughout the United States. PureTalk Wireless is known for having some of the best service and coverage when it comes to a cell phone plan and making phone calls and sending text messages can be done with ease.

Data Speeds

PureTalk Wireless offers AT&T’s fast 4G LTE and 5G data speeds that are great for when you’re out and about and doing things such as checking your email or scrolling through social media. You can get download speeds up to 4 to 35 MBPS, which isn’t the fastest compared to other MVNOs, but it can get the job done.

PureTalk Wireless vs. Competitors

Every cell phone company has their competitors that they constantly go up against. With so many MVNOs out right now, it can be difficult to find the perfect one for you, but if you’re leaning towards PureTalk Wireless, it’s also important to know why their competitors aren’t on the same level as them

Here are some of PureTalk Wireless’ competitors and what makes them stand out as the better choice for you!

PureTalk Wireless vs. Ting

There are a lot of reasons why one of PureTalk Wireless’ competitors is Ting, because of how great their prices are and the plans that they offer. The main con with Ting is that while they offer “unlimited data plans,” they have a data cap of 35GB. Once you reach that limit, your data slows down tremendously. 

PureTalk Wireless vs. Tracfone

Tracfone is another competitor of PureTalk Wireless where they offer prepaid plans, and more specifically, the customer pays for what they get. The main con about Tracfone is that you are paying more per minute or text than you would on a prepaid plan, and their customer service is known to be bad as well. 

PureTalk Wireless vs. Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is a competitor of PureTalk Wireless and it’s known to be one of the most popular MVNO carriers throughout the United States. While they may be very popular to some people, for others that are upset with the lack of phones they offer, they tend to be more expensive, and many people struggle with their customer service. 

PureTalk Wireless Customer Service

No matter what kind of carrier that you are deciding to go through, it’s important to consider the customer service. Making sure that you have reliable customer service that will help you no matter what issues that you face is extremely important. 

PureTalk Wireless is known for having great and reliable customer service with a few different ways of getting ahold of them. You can call their customer service phone number at (877) 820-7873 or dial 611 from your PureTalk phone to get a hold of them any time. They are available Monday to Friday from 8AM - 11PM EST, Saturday from 10AM - 9PM EST, and Sunday from 12PM - 9PM EST.

You can also submit a request if you need help with something, but don’t need it done urgently, or you can select one of their frequently asked questions on the list on their website to see if it applies to you.

What Customers Have to Say About PureTalk Wireless

“I've been a customer for 24 hours - had questions and called them 3 or 4 times for assistance and every time the rep was extremely polite and very helpful. So far, I am happy - especially that my cell bill should be just about 1/2 of what my T-Mobile bill was.” - Paula Kent. (via Trustpilot)

“PureTalk is awesome! The equipment purchase I made was just what I wanted and delivered timely. When contacting support or technical support, the technicians were polite, knowledgeable and assisted my needs and concerns. Top notch outfit!” - Joyce Anita Donnelly. (via Trustpilot)

“I had been with AT&T all my life. As my monthly bills just continued to rise & service was fair, I decided it was time to change. Very reluctantly, I switched to Puretalk. I was worried and so sure that something would get messed up. But everything they said was spot on and the transition was flawless! I put Puretalk to the test & they passed big time! But the best part is my coverage is actually better AND I’m paying a fraction of what AT&T was charging me. Seriously, I’m thrilled!!” - Big Bob. (via Trustpilot)

PureTalk Wireless FAQ

Now that we are finishing up on getting to know more about PureTalk Wireless and what all they offer their customers, it’s essential to think about any last minute questions you may have. It’s normal to have questions about different carriers before signing up to ensure that you get what you want in a plan. 

Here are some common questions that people ask about PureTalk Wireless to see if they answer some of your last minute questions!

Does PureTalk Wireless Allow Tethering?

Many people wonder if PureTalk Wireless offers tethering, which is when you allow other devices to connect to your mobile device to use Wi-Fi, or your cellular data. Since PureTalk Wireless offers a mobile hotspot, it allows you to use the tethering feature on your phone for any device. 

Is PureTalk Wireless as Good as Verizon Wireless?

Many people are sick of Verizon Wireless and their increasing prices, so switching to an MVNO sounds like a better option for a lot of people. Making sure that people still get the same service and coverage as Verizon Wireless is important though, and PureTalk Wireless is just as good, but they are a fraction of the cost. 

Who Owns PureTalk Wireless?

Another question that people often ask is who owns PureTalk Wireless just to make sure that it is a reputable MVNO that they can trust. PureTalk Wireless is owned by Telrite Holdings, which is a parent company to other MVNOs as well, such as H2O Wireless, H2O Bolt, and Life Wireless as well. 

PureTalk Wireless Offers Incredible Plans For Yourself or Your Family at a Great Price

Finding a cell phone plan that not only fits your budget, but also one that can make a family plan much more affordable is essential. With PureTalk Wireless, you can choose from one-line to four or more lines and continue to save monthly with a prepaid plan with service and coverage as good as AT&T.

Sara Nuss
Sara Nuss is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in wireless, dewi, phone plan advice & blockchain.
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Is there a contract?

Nope, it’s pay as you go.

Is this prepaid?

Yeah! You put your card on file and prepay each month so that you never experience any disruption.

Does my phone need to be unlocked?

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How much data do you get on the unlimited plan?

The plan is unlimited, but once you reach 20GB you may experience slower speeds depending on network usage.

How much hotspot data do you get on the unlimited plan?

You get 10GB of hotspot data per month, but can add more if you need to.

How do I add more data to my plan?

You can chat with us, text us, or login to your account to top off. It only takes a few seconds.

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