Mint Mobile Review: The Lowest Prices For Incredible Perks in Each Plan

Sara Nuss
January 22, 2023

MVNOs have become increasingly popular options when it comes to purchasing a new cell phone plan. Not only can they save you money, but you can also get the same network coverage as many of the big carriers, such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile. It can be difficult to find the right MVNO for you, which is why you might want to check out  Mint Mobile.

Mint Mobile, owned by the famous actor Ryan Reynolds, believes in service and coverage as good as the big carriers, but for a fraction of the cost.You choose how long you want your cell phone plan to be, and Mint Mobile has many options at great rates.

Let’s discuss more in-depth about Mint Mobile and what they’re all about to see if they’re the perfect plan for you!

Mint Mobile At a Glance

Getting to know a potential cell phone carrier is important before signing up for a new plan. Knowing the price of their plans, the plans that they offer, and if you can bring your own cell phone are among the most important things to know. 

Here is Mint Mobile at a glance to help you get to know what they’re all about before deciding if they best suit your needs. 

What is Mint Mobile Best Known For?

Mint Mobile is known for a few different things that help make them one of the most popular MVNOs in the running. They are best known for the price of their plans, which start at $15 per month, multi-line plans, international calling and roaming, and Wi-Fi calling and texting. They offer a bunch of unlimited cell phone plans too where you can get talk, text, and data all at a great price. 

How Much Are Mint Mobile Plans?

An MVNO such as Mint Mobile offers a ton of incredibly affordable cell phone plans for the convenience of its customers and what best fits their budget. Mint Mobile plans start around $15 per month and go up to $30 a month for their unlimited prepaid plans. You can also add more lines on one plan at $15 per line.

What Kinds of Plans Are Offered?

It’s also important to know what kind of plans are offered through a Mint Mobile cell phone plan. Mint Mobile believes in “buying more, saving more”, so you have a choice on how long you want your prepaid cell phone plan to last. This could be anywhere from three months, six months, or even up to a year—and the longer your plan is, the more money you’ll save down the line. 

You can also choose from single plans to family plans depending on how many people are in your family who need a cell phone at an affordable rate.

What Network Does Mint Mobile Run On?

If you are a current T-Mobile customer, and want to experience the same service and coverage for a fraction of the cost, then you should consider Mint Mobile as a great alternative. Mint Mobile runs off of T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network. It uses a GSM network, which means if you have an AT&T or T-Mobile compatible cell phone, you’ll be able to use it under Mint Mobile. 

Can You Bring and Use Your Own Cell Phone?

Sometimes upgrading to a new cell phone seems unnecessary, especially if your current phone is working how it should be. The question is if Mint Mobile allows you to bring your own cell phone if you switch to one of their plans, and the simple answer is yes you can. The only thing that you need to do before doing this is to make sure that your current phone is unlocked and paid off with your previous carrier, and that it is compatible with T-Mobile’s network. 

Mint Mobile offers a lot of affordable plans with a ton of extra services and features that their customers love. Image courtesy of Instagram.

Mint Mobile: Pros & Cons

While some phone carriers seem to have a lot of pros, there are always some cons floating around in there that could potentially be deal breakers for their customers. Mint Mobile has their own pros and cons that are important to consider before deciding if you want to go through with one of their prepaid plans.

Get to know the pros and cons of Mint Mobile’s prepaid plans to decide if they’re what you’re looking for in a new cell phone carrier!

👍 What We Liked

  • Incredible Service and Coverage. One of the most popular features of Mint Mobile’s plans is the use of T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G coverage that is great for current T-Mobile customers looking to save money.
  • Affordable Prepaid Plans. A lot of customers of Mint Mobile also love how low the cost of their prepaid plans are, starting at $15 per month for 4GB of data. 
  • Flexibility in Choosing Length of Plan. Another reason why we love Mint Mobile is their flexibility in their plans with the choice of choosing a three-month, six-month, or year-long plan.
  • Add Data When You Need It. Another popular feature that Mint Mobile features is the ability to add data when you need it, such as 1GB for $10 or 3GB for $20.
  • Upgrade or Downgrade Your Plan at Any Time. If you find yourself running out of your data allotment very quickly, or vice versa, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan right from the Mint Mobile app.

👎 What We Didn’t Like

  • No Physical Stores. Sadly, there are no physical Mint Mobile stores to go to whenever you run into an issue, but this is also why their plans are able to stay so low priced. 
  • No Monthly Plan Options. Something that Mint Mobile doesn’t have compared to a lot of other MVNOs is monthly plans. Instead they offer three-month, six-month, and year-long plans. 
  • Deprioritization During Network Congestions. The one downfall to any MVNO is that the network it shares will prioritize their customers over MVNOs. If the network is busy and running slow, it can take a while for the network to fully recover. 
  • Only 5GB of a Mobile Hotspot. While Mint Mobile offers hotspots, they only offer a data cap of 5GB of a mobile hotspot even on the unlimited plan. 
  • No Entertainment Perks. There are a ton of carriers that offer different entertainment features whenever you sign up for one of their plans, which would include streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Max, or Apple Music. Mint Mobile does not offer any for its customers. 

Mint Mobile’s Services & Features

Mint Mobile offers a ton of different services and features to help give their customers everything that they want in their plan. A lot of these services can help make their customers' lives just a little bit easier, and the features are among some of the best perks for any MVNO.

Some of the services and features that are included in a Mint Mobile cell phone plan include:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • T-Mobile’s 5G nationwide coverage
  • 5G for free on every plan
  • Free calling to Canada and Mexico
  • 5GB mobile hotspots on every plan
  • Free Mint Mobile app
  • Free 3-in-1 SIM card
  • eSIM
  • Data right-sizing so you never go over your data allotment

Mint Mobile Plans & Pricing

Another great feature about Mint Mobile is their cell phone plans and the amazingly low prices that they are offered at. Picking out a cell phone plan is the most important part of signing up for a new cell phone plan, and there are some great plans through Mint Mobile to choose from.

Some of the Mint Mobile cell phone plans and their prices include the following:

  • $15 per month for 4GB of data per month
  • $20 per month for 10GB of data per month
  • $25 per month for 15GB of data per month
  • $30 per month for unlimited data per month
  • Family plans starting at $15 per two-lines
Mint Mobile offers a lot of popular cell phone brands, such as Apple, Samsung, and Google phones for its customers to choose. Image courtesy of Tech Radar

Mint Mobile’s Phone Selection 

If you are someone who is looking to switch phone carriers, but upgrade their cell phone to the latest and best cell phones, then Mint Mobile has everything you’ll need when it comes to making the switch. It’s important to get an idea of what cell phone you’ll want to upgrade to, so why not cover what Mint Mobile offers.

Get to know what Mint Mobile’s cell phone selection with the following list:

  • Apple iPhone 14
  • Apple iPhone 13
  • Apple iPhone 12
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro
  • Google Pixel 6a
  • OnePlus Nord N20
  • Samsung Galaxy A12
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
  • Samsung A03s

How Well Does Mint Mobile Actually Work?

Call & Text Performance

Mint Mobile is awarded for having some of the best call and text performance for an MVNO. Many customers have agreed that they have never had any issues with their service dropping their phone calls or text messages. They provide consistently reliable and clear service to all of their customers with fast 4G LTE and 5G coverage as well. 

Data Speeds

Mint Mobile has some incredible data speeds that reflect on how good T-Mobile’s 5G nationwide coverage is. Not only will you get 4G LTE and 5G network speeds, but you can enjoy download speeds up to 200MBPS and upload speeds around 14 MBPS. These speeds are some of the best that many MNVOs offer, and it’s always good to get an idea of what you’re getting before you sign up for a plan. 

Mint Mobile vs. Competitors

It’s always important to discuss Mint Mobile and their competitors to get an idea of what they’re up against, but to also find what makes Mint Mobile the best choice when it comes to MVNOs. Get to know why Mint Mobile offers some of the best deals compared to their competitors.

Here are just a few of Mint Mobile’s competitors and how they stack up!

Mint Mobile vs. Visible

Visible is one of the most popular MVNOs throughout the country, especially since they are owned by one of the biggest carriers out there, Verizon Wireless. While Visible has a ton of positive reviews, there are some things that they lack compared to Mint Mobile. Their prices tend to be a lot higher, starting at $30 per month, and they only offer two plans, an unlimited plan and an unlimited plus plan. 

Mint Mobile vs. Tello

Tello Mobile is another competitor of Mint Mobile’s that offers a lot of incredible plans and prices, but it does have some cons compared to what Mint Mobile offers. For example, their “unlimited” plan has a data cap of 25GB, they don’t have the fastest data speeds, their plans renew automatically, and they only offer select cell phones to their customers. 

Mint Mobile vs. Cricket Wireless

Another MVNO that has been out for many years and is a competitor of Mint Mobile’s is Cricket Wireless. Cricket Wireless offers a lot of pros, but compared to Mint Mobile, they lack in a few categories. Some of the cons of Cricket Wireless include limited international coverage, high-speed data expires monthly and doesn’t roll over, data throttling, and even mixed reviews from customers. 

Mint Mobile’s Customer Service

Customer service, no matter what cell phone carrier that you go through, is extremely important. Making sure that you have reliable customer service to answer your questions anytime you need it, help you setting up your plan, and even for any issues you have with your coverage is essential.

Mint Mobile’s customer service has been rated the highest out of any of the MVNOs with a nice and reliable team to help answer all of your questions whenever possible. 

It’s also important to know how to get a hold of the customer service for Mint Mobile, and it’s super easy too. You can call 1-800-683-7392 from 5 am to 7 pm PST. You can also chat with a customer service agent in their chat through the app as well.

What Customers Have to Say About Mint Mobile

“I would like to share that I just received a typical unsolicited call and voice mail from Ryan. If I could heart this interaction on social media somewhere I would. The company and the service has been great, and it's just been a lot of fun getting to be included in Ryan's company and his unique way of doing life. For a better experience with your mobile provider I suggest trying Mint... the only plant based wireless provider!” - Staj. (via Trustpilot)

“I could not be happier. I bought the minivision2 for my mom who is legally blind. She dials, texts, and checks the VM she has full function of the phone. Now she feels part of something. I am so happy with the customer service people. I never had such a good experience before with any customer service. Very polite and very committed to fixing any issues I had with the setup and operation of the phone. I wasn't sure who the heck I was speaking to this couldn't be this easy and polite. I hope that never changes. I am in awe of how polite and helpful they were. Please don't change. I hope the phone lasts, and all continues to go well. I spoke to a few different customer care people. I wish I knew their names because good service needs to be recognized since it's hard to find.” - Rob. (via Trustpilot)

“I transferred my service last week to Mint Mobile. I have had nothing but a great experience with them. My husband and I are going to Europe and wanted ways to contact each other and I was helped (although in order to actually speak with someone I had to say I was having trouble with my phone), and the guy I spoke with was great. I had a similar experience with the guy who sold me the plan. I hope their service continues as is!!” - Valued Customer. (via Trustpilot)

Mint Mobile FAQ

It’s always important to think of questions to ask before purchasing a plan through Mint Mobile. 

Here are a couple questions to think about before deciding if Mint Mobile is the right carrier for you!

How Does Mint Mobile Work?

Thinking about how Mint Mobile works is important before getting a plan through them. First, choose the plan that you like best, and then you’ll get a SIM card to activate your phone with. Go to the link and enter the 11-digit ACT code and follow the remaining steps on the screen. 

Are Mint Mobile Phones Unlocked?

You may be wondering if you purchase a cell phone through Mint Mobile if it’s locked or unlocked. As soon as you purchase a cell phone through Mint Mobile, it will be locked with the SIM card that activates your phone. There is an unlocking policy that you can go through, so it’s an important thing to look into as well. 

Why is Mint Mobile So Cheap?

A lot of people find the Mint Mobile prices to be unbelievable because of how affordable they are, and then people tend to wonder if the service is good too. There are a few reasons why Mint Mobile is more affordable for customers: they offer wireless plans in bulk, they don’t have physical stores to go to, and they invest in customer service. 

Mint Mobile is an Affordable Bulk Plan Perfect For Individuals or Families

There is a lot to offer through Mint Mobile, such as reliable customer service, fast data speeds, consistent service, and even affordable prices perfect for everyone. Looking into Mint Mobile is a smart choice for not only you, but for your wallet as well so you can get the most out of your buck. 

Sara Nuss
Sara Nuss is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in wireless, dewi, phone plan advice & blockchain.