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Is Cable Faster Than DSL? What You Need to Know Before the Big Decision

Sara Nuss
January 5, 2023

Trying to choose the best internet connection can be quite difficult. There are so many different options to choose from, and some work better than others, some run faster than others, and so much more. It’s important to make the right decision when it comes to your internet and make sure that you have the best for all of your devices with the download and upload speeds that you wish to have.

Are you stuck between cable and DSL? Both are very good options, but you may be wondering which one is better. Knowing which one will run faster and overall work better in your home is definitely what can solidify the decision for you, and it’s also important to keep your options open when choosing your internet.

Are you interested in either cable or DSL, but want to figure out which one is better, or maybe just better for you? If so, here is what we know to make your decision easier!

In this article, we’ll be discussing the internet options that you have to choose from and more on cable and DSL, but we’ll also be covering topics such as:

  • What is the difference between cable and DSL?
  • Is cable faster than DSL?
  • Other internet options to take advantage of

What is the Difference Between Cable and DSL?

Knowing the difference between the two can help to make your decision easier and also give you more insight with the two!

It’s essential to know the differences between cable and DSL so you are able to make a decision on which one will work better for you. Image courtesy of MiniTool Partition Wizard.  

Sometimes trying to pick the best kind of internet can be a struggle because there are so many different kinds out there that work in totally different ways. Trying to find the perfect one that gives you everything when it comes to fast internet and so much more is essential, and we’re sure you’ve heard of DSL and cable, but what is the difference between the two?

Are you looking into both cable and DSL and are wondering what the difference is between both of them? If so, then we got you covered with an in-depth breakdown of how they differ from one another!

Let’s Talk About Cable First

We’re sure at this point that everyone has heard about cable, mainly because it is one of the most popular internet methods to get for your home. It uses cable wires instead of telephone wires to give you the fastest speeds that are out there and is unlike any other internet method.

It’s important to know what cable is first, and since we know it uses cable wires to give you fast internet speeds, it can also work to give you cable for your television, and so much more. You need two things when it comes to using cable internet, such as a modem and a coaxial wire that you plug into the modem. This will connect to the cable modem termination system that is located within your internet service provider, and you’ll be able to stream anything in no time!

The Differences in Cable Compared to Other Internet Providers

It’s important to point out the differences between cable and other internet providers so you are able to pinpoint exactly what you want in your internet service. Getting to know the differences puts into perspective if cable is the one for you or not, so let’s discuss some of the important ones:

  • Runs on a coaxial wire from a cable company
  • More reliable
  • Better options for bundling internet and TV
  • Download speeds can meet a maximum range of 1,000 MBPS to 1 GBPS
  • Can handle high-definition streaming for multiple devices

Knowing how different cable is in comparison to other internet providers can help make your decision a lot easier. Cable is one of the most popular forms of internet that is out there, mainly because of how reliable it is, but it’s important to keep your options open and discuss other methods as well.

Next Up is DSL

Since most people seem to know what cable internet is, it’s important to also discuss another option that people tend to pick as well, which is DSL. What is DSL you may ask? It is a high-speed internet connection that works alongside your telephone line and it is known as a broadband internet connection.

DSL internet uses frequencies from the telephone lines to give you access to the internet and so much more. DSL is widely available because there are telephone lines everywhere you go, and one of the major perks of it is that it is less expensive than other forms of internet. Many people can use DSL internet at once without it slowing down, like it would with many other forms of internet.

You may be wondering how DSL works, and it’s fairly simple too. Since telephone lines are always around us, it will constantly use the frequencies from them. Telephone wires are made of a pair of copper wires that run from your home to a box located outside that connects to the telephone’s network.

They carry phone signals and also internet signals, which occur at higher frequencies. You can get a DSL modem that connects to a standard telephone line that has other jacks available to plug other cables as well, such as ethernet, cable, USB, and much more. 

The Differences in DSL That You Need to Know

Are you wondering what some of the differences are between DSL internet compared to other forms of internet? There are a lot that are important to go over before making a decision that is best for what you and your family need.

Some of the most notable differences with DSL internet compared to other internet providers include the following:

  • Slowest internet option
  • Provides a continuous internet connections with almost no interruptions in service
  • Connection is not shared among neighbors
  • Works alongside your telephone lines and service
  • Download speeds of 1 to 7 MBPS per second
  • Great for basic internet usage such as checking email, sending text messages, etc.

DSL can provide a lot of pros when it comes to choosing the best type of internet that is perfect for you, and making sure that you compare it to cable internet is essential in order to make the best decision for you. In addition to the differences between cable and DSL internet, you should also know which one is faster too.

Is Cable Faster Than DSL?

If you’re stuck between cable and DSL internet, then make sure to know which one is better!

Are you wondering what is faster; cable or DSL internet? If you’re not sure, it’s important to think over your options and what is offered with each one. Image courtesy of Frontier Communications

Are you stuck on what type of internet you want to get, or even just the provider that you want to sign up with? Better question is, are you trying to pick between cable or DSL internet? Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages that are important to discuss.

One of the most important things to know when it comes down to picking between cable or DSL is which one is faster? Sometimes the speed will solidify your decision, so why not take a moment to discuss it right now!

Which is Faster: Cable or DSL?

It’s important to figure out what works faster for you when it comes to the internet because most of the time, that is the reason why people will choose one internet type over another. Cable and DSL are both popular forms of internet that anyone can use, but let’s break it down and discuss the speeds on which they run.

If you’re looking for speed when it comes to your internet, then you will want to choose cable over DSL. Cable is significantly faster because it runs between 100 to 300 MBPS faster than DSL, which makes it better for high-definition video streaming, and even for multiple devices to connect to it at the same time. Download speeds can start around 25 MBPS and can reach a maximum of 1GBPS and upload speeds can start around 384 KBPS to 8 MBPS.

The potential downside to cable can be the fact that it shares a network, which can make the internet speeds not run at the top of their peak performance, which can be a deciding factor for many people.

What is the Difference in Cost for Cable and DSL Internet?

The next thing you may want to know is the cost between cable and DSL internet. Sometimes the cost of a certain type of internet can be what helps to narrow down your decision when choosing the type of internet that is not only good for you, but also fits your budget as well.

If you’re looking for a cheaper internet type where you can put a little extra money in your pocket, but get slower download and upload speeds, then you should consider DSL. DSL plans start around $20 to $45 per month, which is extremely affordable compared to cable.

Cable plans are slightly higher, but they offer better download and upload speeds, the ability to stream high-definition video quality, have multiple devices connected at once, and so much more. If you’re more interested in cable, you can look to pay anywhere from $60 and they can continue to increase with how much more you add onto your cable plan. 

You can add more to cable internet plans besides internet, including mobile plans, and also TV bundles for cable.

The Cons of Both Cable and DSL Internet

Something that is important to discuss are the cons that can come from both cable and DSL internet. It’s essential to discuss this to help make your decision easier by narrowing down your choices based on what you are looking for in an internet plan. 

One of the cons of cable is that it can have hidden fees. We see hidden fees all the time when it comes to many different things, one of the big ones being cell phone carriers. Lots of big cell phone carriers have hidden fees in their contract, and so can cable internet. 

There are a couple cons that can occur if you’re deciding on getting a DSL internet plan and they can include fewer plan options and slower speeds. Slow speeds can be a big deterrent when it comes to choosing a cell phone plan that works best for you. Not having the option to choose a plan with everything that you want and need for your home can be crucial as well. 

Which is Right For You: Cable or DSL Internet?

Are you wondering what type of internet is right for you when it comes to cable and DSL? There are a lot of factors to think about if this is the case and if you’re wondering what is best for you. 

Now if you’re someone who is constantly streaming videos and music, or even if you’re someone who is a gamer and you need internet speeds and more to keep up with all of the latest and best games coming out, then you need to consider going with cable.

If instead you are someone who is on a budget and you’re looking for better prices when it comes to their internet plan, then you should instead opt for DSL internet since it is widely available everywhere and more affordable with no hidden fees whatsoever.

Other Internet Options to Take Advantage of

There are plenty of other internet options to take advantage of that you should be made aware of too!

There are so many different types of internet plans to choose from, so it’s important to make the best decision for you. Image courtesy of BlueTech Space

Have you ever thought about the other internet options that are available out there besides cable or DSL? There are a ton of options that are out there for you to choose from, some of them even better than cable or DSL.

No matter what you’re looking for, it’s important to consider your other options as well, so here are some other internet options you should be aware of too!

Fiber Optic Broadband

Are you looking for the fastest internet option that is available? While there are so many internet types to choose from, one of the best types of internet that you should consider getting is fiber optic broadband. This type of internet is characterized by a data connection using a cable with thin glass or plastic fibers, which in return gives it some of the fastest internet speeds around. You can enjoy internet speeds that are around twenty times faster than cable. 

Satellite Broadband

It may be self-explanatory, but satellite broadband internet is when wireless internet comes from satellites orbiting the Earth, which can be very different from other types of internet, such as DSL. One of the biggest reasons why many people don’t have satellite broadband internet is because it provides slow internet speeds, but this may work out for some people who don’t need the internet as much as others and for so many devices.

Mobile Broadband

Another great type of internet that you need to check out and consider getting is mobile broadband, mainly because of its ability for your devices to connect to 3G, 4G, or even high-speed 5G networks. Mobile broadband even operates at faster speeds compared to Wi-Fi broadband and it offers a bunch of flexibility, faster speeds, and so much more that you will want to take advantage of. 

There are a ton of reasons why picking out the best type of internet is important. With so many internet options to choose from at many different speeds, reliability, availability, and so much more, we understand that it can be a difficult decision for anyone to make. While it’s important to consider how much your budget is for an internet plan, it is also important to think about how many devices you need to have hooked up to it.

If you are looking into either cable or DSL internet, it’s important to make the best decision for you and your household, but if you’re wondering if cable or DSL is faster, then make sure you know that cable will do the job with its faster speeds, and much more!

Sara Nuss
Sara Nuss is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in wireless, dewi, phone plan advice & blockchain.
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