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How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster to Get the Most Out of Your Battery

Sara Nuss
October 12, 2022

There is nothing worse than when your phone is dying and it always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times too. It’s become a routine for many people to charge their phone while they’re sleeping, or even just whenever they’re laying around their home to ensure that whenever they go out in public, it is charged and ready to go.

Sometimes it seems like the batteries in certain smartphones can die faster than in other smartphones, but why is this? Are there ways to charge your phone faster? Everybody nowadays wants their smartphones to work better, faster, and for the battery to last longer. 

If you have a cell phone where the battery doesn’t seem to last long enough and you’re in a pinch, are there ways to make it charge faster?

There are a lot of important questions to answer about this, and if you’re interested, we’ll cover these topics in this article:

  • Why does the battery life in smartphones die faster?
  • How to make your phone charge faster
  • How to get the most out of your phone battery

Why Does the Battery Life in Smartphones Die Faster?

In some smartphones, it seems like the battery dies a lot quicker, but why does that happen?

Smartphone batteries can be kind of tricky and finicky at times. Understanding why is important for your battery to last a long time. Image courtesy of Tatler Asia. 

Getting a brand new smartphone is liberating almost because of all of the new features that you get on it, but also because you get a new phone with a fresh battery. For many people, getting a new smartphone is exciting just because the battery on it will last way longer than on the phone that you just upgraded from and this is why a lot of people tend to upgrade their phones. 

For many phone companies, slowing down older smartphones to get customers to purchase the newer phones was very common, but is there more to this? It’s important to dive into why the phone battery in the current phone you may have is dying and even just how long a phone battery typically lasts in a new cell phone.

Let’s get to it, why does the battery life in smartphones die faster, especially the more you use them?

Do Phone Batteries Die the More You Use Them?

It’s safe to say that the more you use your phone and the longer you have it, the more likely that the battery will wear out faster. Time has a funny way of working where things get older and out of date and sometimes upgrading to a new phone with a new battery once the old one dies or isn’t working as good in your current phone is what you should do.

The battery is never as good as it once was whenever you first get your phone and after two to three years of having your phone, the battery won’t be able to reach the maximum capacity that it was once able to achieve before. This in return can lead to your battery draining faster than it did whenever you first got it. 

What Kills Your Phone Battery the Most?

Have you ever thought about some of the reasons why your phone battery may be dying faster than you think it should be? One factor that comes into play with this scenario is the weather. No matter if it’s in extreme hot or cold conditions, this can affect how your phone works, along with draining the battery.

Another factor that comes into play when charging your phone is that you should never let your phone get completely to 0% before charging. It is recommended to drain your battery to just under 10% and then charge it overnight to its full charge. Plugging and unplugging your phone constantly seems to be a huge factor in the wear and tear of your phone’s battery overtime, along with the weather changes. 

There are a lot of other common things that people use on their phone that oftentimes drains the battery a lot faster than it normally should. Some of these other battery draining factors include:

  • Using vibrations for notifications
  • Allowing unnecessary permissions (letting apps use your location, etc.)
  • Leaving apps open you’re not currently using
  • Using apps that drain your battery more (Snapchat, Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Google Maps, etc.)
  • Taking your phone to the beach with the extreme heat
  • Leaving the brightness of your phone on high

Do Phone Manufacturers Slow Down Older Smartphones to Promote New Smartphone Purchases?

There has been a rumor going around for at least a decade where Apple, Samsung, and other major phone manufacturers supposedly slow down older smartphones to get customers to upgrade their phone and get the latest smartphone that they are currently promoting. While it is very convenient that your current cell phone seems to be slowing down whenever a new smartphone is coming out, this is actually false. 

Phone manufacturers don’t intentionally slow down older cell phones, but the truth is that every May or June when a new smartphone is announced, or a new OS update is announced with new features, updates, and more, it’s the new update that actually slows down your phone. 

Many people want to assume that phone manufacturers are slowing down the phones, but the technology in the older smartphones can’t keep up with the new technology in the newer smartphones that are coming out, hence a slight or sometimes significant loss in battery life. 

This is something that is frustrating to a lot of people, but if you don’t mind a little slowness when it comes to your phone, then keeping your phone is ideal, but if not, you can always update to the newest smartphone coming out!

How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster

A lot of people want to know the tips and tricks to getting their phone to charge faster, so here’s what we have to offer!

Trying to find the best ways to charge your phone faster are crucial so you don’t have to worry about it dying fast while you’re out and about. Image courtesy of Reader’s Digest. 

Suffering with having a phone that has a really bad battery can be very infuriating and it's something that a lot of people don’t like to deal with. People tend to upgrade their phone to the newest and latest smartphone so they can start off fresh with a new phone and new battery that will last way longer.

Before you decide to throw the old phone with the bad battery out and go for a new phone where the battery is a lot better, why not save some money and learn more about different ways that you can make your phone charge faster? Sometimes people just need a quick charge before they head out the door, and there are some simple tricks that you can utilize to do this.

If you are curious and want to know how you can make your phone charge faster, here are some of the best tips and tricks that we could find!

Plug Your Phone Into a Wall Socket

Are you someone who works in an office where charging your phone on your laptop seems like the easiest and most convenient way of charging it? Truth be told, charging your phone on a laptop doesn’t charge it as fast, so we recommend always plugging your phone into a wall socket to ensure that it charges faster and more efficiently.

Find a Powerful Wall Plug to Charge Your Phone With

Whenever you get a new phone, many people tend to consistently use the charger that came with their phone since it’s known to charge their phone better, and this is true. Charging your phone with the charger that came with your phone will help to charge it better, help the battery last longer, affect the capacity to store a charge, and it can affect the life of your battery if you’re not careful.

Purchase a Battery Pack For On-the-Go

Trying to get the most out of your battery on your cell phone is essential, but if you have an older phone that is constantly dying just from being on one social media app for five minutes, then an easy solution is to get a battery pack that you can take with you on the go! Getting a battery pack can be great for when you’re out and about in public because you can carry it right in your pocket, and plug your phone in whenever it needs a little extra juice. 

Take Your Case Off of Your Phone When Charging it

Does your cell phone tend to get hot whenever you have it charging? If so, then consider taking the case off of your phone whenever you charge it so it will charge faster, but also save battery life. As we stated earlier, the weather has a lot to do with your phone battery gradually dying over time, but your phone can overheat just from being on the charger, so it’s advised to take the case off when putting it on the charger. 

Get a Wireless Charging Pad

The newest thing when it comes to charging your phone is getting a wireless charging pad. Not only is it satisfying to be able to lay your phone down on the pad and have it instantly start charging, but it’s just so easy to charge your phone this way. You can come home from using it and just put it on the charging pad and continue on with what you need to do. A lot of charging pads require that you take your case off, so just make sure to do this so it can charge correctly and not overheat. 

Partial Charging Can Greatly Help Preserve Your Charger

Have you ever heard of partial charging before? Partial charging is when you charge your phone periodically throughout the day when your phone is between 30 to 80 percent charged. This is a healthy habit to consider getting into because not only does it prolong your battery life, but it can also keep the voltage lower as well when you’re charging it.

Don’t Charge Your Phone Over 100%

It is a fact that many people choose to charge their cell phone overnight because it’s satisfying to wake up in the morning with its battery life at 100%. Overcharging your phone is something that can cause the battery to wear down overtime for a few different reasons. One being that it can cause a higher stress voltage to occur once it reaches 100%, it can cause malfunctions and even potential reboots to the system in the phone, and the excess heat from charging the phone can cause a lot of damage to the battery overtime.

Refrain From Playing Games or Watching Videos While Phone is Charging

We’ve definitely heard it plenty of times, but you shouldn’t really use your phone when it is charging because it can disrupt the charging cycle. While answering a text message won’t do much damage to your phone or phone battery while it’s charging, playing games or watching videos can have harsher effects. Gaming or watching videos can distort the charging cycles over time because the battery is being drained while it is charging, which makes it work harder and hence, slow it down even more. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Phone Battery

Your phone battery can last as long as you want it to with some healthy charging habits, so here’s what to do!

Charging your phone is needed in order for your phone to work, but it’s important to know how to preserve your battery life over time. Image courtesy of Engadget. 

Trying to get the most out of your battery life can be a struggle, but this can also be because the way you’re charging your phone is wrong. There are different things that people do when charging their phone that can cause a lot of damage and wear and tear to your battery, which in return will force you to have to get a newer phone a lot sooner than you want to.

If you are interested and wondering just how you can get the most out of your phone battery, here are some of the best tips and tricks we can offer!

Keep Your Phone Charged Around 80 to 90 Percent

If you are someone that tends to overcharge their phone, or charge their phone whenever you’re sleeping, trying to break out of that habit is something worth trying because your phone battery will thank you later. Charging your phone to 100 percent can cause “overcharging” and make your phone battery work harder than it should since it’s at a 100 percent charge. Instead, keep your phone around 80 to 90 percent so your battery isn’t overworking yourself and when you wake up in the morning, you can start charging your phone!

Use a Battery-Saver Mode

A lot of phones have the option to put your phone on a battery-saver mode, or even low power mode, depending on the phone that you have. This mode can do a lot of things to help preserve your battery during the day, such as darkening the display of your screen, turning off wireless functions, and more. It can also help to preserve your battery for longer periods of time as well. 

Lock Your Phone When You’re Not Using it

There are many people who have the tendency to keep their phone unlocked and walk away from it when they’re not using it, or leave the screen permanently on until they themselves lock their phone again, but this is one of the easiest ways to drain your battery on your cell phone. Making sure to lock your phone whenever you’re done scrolling through social media or sending a text message can greatly help to preserve your phone battery. 

Put Your Phone on Dark Mode

The new thing that your phone and a lot of apps feature is the option to put it in dark mode, so the background is completely black compared to the bright white that you usually had before. Doing something as simple as putting your phone in dark mode can help to save battery life with the screen not being as bright in light mode, and it can help preserve your battery for longer periods of time.

Your phone battery life is precious and there are a lot of things that you can do to disrupt that and make it not work as well as it did when you first got your phone. Trying to figure out ways to charge your phone faster, and also preserve your battery life so you can avoid upgrading for longer periods of time is definitely something to look into.

Make sure to follow our tips and tricks for how to make your phone charge faster and how to keep your battery life working for years and years!

Sara Nuss
Sara Nuss is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in wireless, dewi, phone plan advice & blockchain.
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