Good2Go Mobile Review: America’s Best Networks Starting at $10 Per Month

Sara Nuss
January 26, 2023

Finding an affordable mobile plan shouldn’t have to be difficult. It’s important to save money on a mobile plan, while also taking advantage of America’s best networks. MVNOs are fantastic ways to both save money, and also get great service and coverage, which is something that everyone should give a try.

Compared to spending all of your money every month on a cell phone plan from a big carrier, you should instead consider an MVNO such as Good2Go Mobile. Good2Go Mobile is known for their amazingly affordable plans that start at a low rate, and give you the best coverage nationwide.

Good2Go Mobile may just be the cell phone carrier for you, so let’s go into more detail about this MVNO and what they’re all about!

Good2Go Mobile At a Glance

If you haven’t heard about Good2Go Mobile before, it’s important to get acquainted with them before deciding if their cell phone plans are what’s best for you. 

Good2Go Mobile is a great MVNO to get to know, so here are some of the basics of this carrier!

What is Good2Go Mobile Best Known For?

Good2Go Mobile is a popular MVNO mainly because of how great their prices are for all of their cell phone plans. They offer simple and affordable plans that are perfect for individuals and even families as well. Since 2016, they have been providing their customers with cheap plans, but with some of the best service and coverage throughout the country. 

How Much is a Good2Go Mobile Plan Per Month?

Since Good2Go Mobile is known for their affordable cell phone plans, we’re sure you’re curious about how much their plans actually cost. You’ll be pleased to know that their most affordable plan starts at $10 per month and you can pay up to $45 per month for up to 20GB of data. 

What Kinds of Plans Are Offered?

Many cell phone carriers offer plans that have unlimited talk, text, and data, so it’s important to know if Good2Go Mobile has this as well. While you can take advantage of their simple unlimited talk and text phone plan, there are no unlimited data plans that are offered. The most that you can get for data is up to 20GB per month.

What Network Does Good2Go Mobile Use?

If you are a current AT&T customer who is satisfied with the service and coverage that they’ve had for years, but want a plan that is more affordable, then Good2Go Mobile may be for you. Good2Go Mobile uses AT&T’s powerful network that you can get in most places for fast download and upload speeds, and low latency too. 

Can You Bring Your Own Cell Phone?

Good2Go Mobile offers a great deal for customers who are looking to bring their current phone over to their carriers. While they offer all of AT&T’s cell phones, as long as they’re unlocked, you can also purchase a cell phone from them as well if you wish to upgrade. If you do bring your current phone over to one of their plans, you can save 50% off of your plan for the first three months. 

Getting a cell phone plan through Good2Go Mobile can help you to save money, and amazing service and coverage. Image courtesy of Instagram.

Good2Go Mobile’s Pros & Cons

Every cell phone carrier has pros and cons and they’re important to research and base your decision on before thinking about signing up for a plan. Good2Go Mobile has plenty of pros, but they also have cons as well that are important to address.

Get to know Good2Go Mobile’s pros and cons before deciding if one of their plans is right for you!

👍 What We Liked

  • Simple and Affordable Plans. With plans starting at $10 per month, the price alone is a reason why you would potentially want to sign up for a plan with the max being $45 per month.
  • Great Network Coverage. Getting some of the best network coverage in the country is essential and with Good2Go Mobile using AT&T’s network, you’ll never have to worry about dropping phone calls or texts.
  • Unlimited Talk and Text on All Plans. While Good2Go Mobile plans may not offer unlimited data, they offer unlimited talk and text on all of their plans.
  • Free SIM Card Activation Kit. Lots of MVNOs require that their customers pay for a SIM card activation kit along with their cell phone and plan, but Good2Go Mobile’s is free for all of their customers.
  • Save More Money With Auto Pay Credit. Another great feature of Good2Go Mobile is their Auto Pay Credit. Sign up for this and save $5 per month for automatic payments that come out two days before your bill is due. With this feature, you can save up to $60 per year.

👎 What We Didn’t Like

  • No Unlimited Data Plans. One of the biggest cons is that there are no unlimited data plans with Good2Go Mobile. The most data that is offered is 20GB per month with unlimited talk and text.
  • No Entertainment Perks. Like a lot of big cell phone carriers, they will offer lots of entertainment perks to streaming services such as Netflix, Apple Music, or even HBO Max. Good2Go Mobile doesn’t offer any streaming services along with their plans.
  • No Mobile Hotspot. Along with unlimited data plans, Good2Go Mobile also doesn’t offer any mobile hotspot on their plans, which can tend to be a huge deal breaker for some customers. 
  • No App to Keep Track of Account. Lots of cell phone carriers have their own app that you can download off of any smartphone to keep tracks of your plan, or even pay your bill, but Good2Go Mobile doesn’t have this feature.
  • Can’t Purchase Brand New Cell Phones. We hope you weren’t hoping to get the newest and latest iPhone 14, or a new Samsung or Google Phone. Good2Go Mobile has a very small selection for cell phones where they only offer refurbished iPhones in older models. 

Good2Go Mobile Services & Features

Good2Go Mobile may not have a lot of features that they offer, but they offer everything that you need for a cell phone plan at an affordable price. It’s important to go over all of these services and features beforehand so you know what to expect when you sign up for one of their plans.

Some of the services and features that Good2Go Mobile offers include the following:

  • Unlimited talk and text plans
  • High-speed data per month
  • Save more money with Auto Pay Credit
  • Use your own compatible iPhone or Android phone
  • Free SIM card activation
  • Purchase refurbished iPhones

Good2Go Mobile Plans & Pricing

Plans and prices of Good2Go Mobile plans are also extremely important to mention to get an idea of how much you’ll be paying.

Here are the plans and prices that Good2Go Mobile offers its customers:

  • $10 per month for unlimited talk and text
  • $20 per month for unlimited talk and text and 1 GB of data
  • $25 per month for unlimited talk and text and 2GB of data
  • $30 per month for unlimited talk and text and 3GB of data
  • $35 per month for unlimited talk and text and 6GB of data
  • $40 per month for unlimited talk and text and 10GB of data
  • $50 per month for unlimited talk and text and 20GB of data

Good2Go Mobile offers its customers select refurbished cell phones to choose from if they don’t plan on bringing a phone to their plan. Image courtesy of Youtube.

Good2Go Mobile’s Phone Selection 

If you are thinking about getting a new cell phone whenever you sign up for a plan through Good2Go Mobile, it’s important to note that they only cell a select few refurbished iPhones. It’s important to know what your options are though to see if they fit what you are looking for in a cell phone, but the good thing is that they are extremely affordable.

Here is the short list of cell phones that are offered through Good2Go Mobile:

  • Apple iPhone SE2
  • Apple iPhone XR
  • Apple iPhone 11
  • Apple iPhone 12

How Well Does Good2Go Mobile Actually Work?

Call & Text Performance

A lot of customers enjoy Good2Go Mobile strictly because of how affordable they are, along with their  incredible service and coverage. Customers of this MVNO don’t experience any dropped cell phone calls, or even any issues with sending text messages out, which is something that can get anyone to sign up for a plan as quickly as possible. 

Data Speeds

Data speeds are also extremely important when it comes down to getting any kind of cell phone plan, even if it's an MVNO. The data speeds of Good2Go Mobile can range anywhere from 8 to 16MBPS download speeds and 4 to 16MBPS for upload speeds. For many people, these speeds can be improved, but if you’re just looking for an affordable plan, then Good2Go Mobile may be for you!

Good2Go Mobile vs. Competitors

Every single cell phone carrier has its competitors that they are up against every day. Another important thing to do as a potential new cell phone user with Good2Go Mobile is to compare and contrast them from their competitors to get a better idea of what they can offer.

Let’s discuss a few of Good2Go Mobile’s competitors and how they outshine them!

Good2Go Mobile vs. Mint Mobile

One of Good2Go Mobile’s biggest competitors is Mint Mobile, which is also known for their very low-priced cell phone plans. While Mint Mobile can offer its customers unlimited data, one thing that is better about Good2Go Mobile is that they offer their customers monthly plans. Mint Mobile forces its customers to choose their three-month, six-month, or year-long cell phone plans

Good2Go Mobile vs. US Mobile

Good2Go Mobile also outshines another competitor of theirs, also another MVNO, US Mobile. US Mobile also offers customers unlimited or custom plans, but there are a few cons to this MVNO. They offer an excessive number of plans, making it difficult for their customers to choose the right plan.

Good2Go Mobile vs. Visible

Visible is another MVNO that is also one of Good2Go Mobile’s competitors, and it’s one of the most popular carriers out there. Visible is owned by Verizon Wireless and it may be a great carrier to take advantage of, but it is also more expensive compared to other plans. They don’t offer any family discounts for its customers, and they have slower data speeds if you purchase their base plan.

Good2Go Mobile’s Customer Service

Customer service is always important to discuss when it comes to any carrier. It’s important to have a reliable team of customer service representatives to help you whenever you’re having issues activating your phone or plan, struggling with your data coverage or service, or even if you just want to upgrade or downgrade your monthly prepaid plan. 

Knowing how to get a hold of Good2Go Mobile’s customer service is essential, and it’s super easy to do. Good2Go Mobile only has one way of getting ahold of their customer service and it's through their call center. You can call them at (800) 416-3003 anytime from 7 am to 1 pm EST time any day of the week. 

If you don’t want to call customer service yourself, you can submit a form with your name, email, phone number, and what your issue is and they will get back to you in one business day.

What Customers Have to Say About Good2Go Mobile

“I don't use alot of data so with the excellent coverage I chose this company. The cost was 1/2 of my previous provider. To have network access other than phone and txt you need to edit APN settings on Android phones. I tried to do this but it was a verizon phone that had a block on editing. Good2go tech support gave me a trick to force the phone to allow editing (not sure it will work on all locked phones) but it did for me. Great fast tech support and very good service.” - Tom Morris. (via Trustpilot)

“I was doing some looking around to save some money. Read a lot of bad reviews and some good. I saw that Good2Go was half the price for the same thing I had as AT&T. I purchased two Good2Go sim cards from the Good2Go website. I'm extremely happy with my purchase. Customer service was amazing even though he couldn't help me because I made a mistake when putting in my information to port one of my numbers (I ported one of my numbers and got a new number with the other). But I did send an email (understand I was doing all this 15 minutes to midnight) with the correct information that I made a mistake on (which customer service told me to call back in 30 minutes) I didn't call back I just went to sleep. Lo and behold I got an email back the following morning and service was Good2Go lol. Overall I'm truly happy with my switch. They haven't throttled me yet and I know I've gone well over a gb of data. I don't have a hotspot anymore, which is a fairly new company so I'm not upset about that. Maybe they will get that feature, maybe not idk but they have a forever customer with me!!” - Tish Bryd. (via Trustpilot)

“The service did not work with my phone so they gave me my acct. number and pin and a refund. When I called about something else the guy was relaxed and pleasant.” - John Doe. (via Trustpilot)

Good2Go Mobile FAQ

Sometimes there are frequently asked questions that you might have before signing up for  a new cell phone plan. You always want to make sure that the carrier that you’re leaning towards will give you the best price and service for you and your family.

Does Good2Go Mobile Offer 5G?

Many people have newer smartphones that use 5G nationwide coverage that they wish to transfer over and use with their Good2Go Mobile plan, but can you get 5G coverage? With AT&T’s incredible nationwide coverage, all of Good2Go Mobile’s customers will be able to use 4G LTE or 5G data when it is available to them. 

Is Good2Go Mobile Good?

One of the most asked questions was if Good2Go Mobile is a good MVNO for customers to use and the answer is yes! While it’s not the most popular MVNO, many people are happy with the service, coverage, and price of Good2Go Mobile plans and what they offer. 

What Network Does Good2Go Mobile Use?

Another very commonly asked question is what network does Good2Go Mobile use? While we already covered this, we’re just reiterating that they use AT&T’s powerful nationwide network where you can take advantage of their high-speed 5G data. 

Good2Go Mobile is an Affordable Carrier With Simple Plans to Choose From

Trying to pick the best MVNO can be tough since there are so many great ones out there. Good2Go Mobile offers its customers affordable and simple plans, along with AT&T’s incredible network, so you not only get great prices, but even better service and coverage as well. 

Sara Nuss
Sara Nuss is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in wireless, dewi, phone plan advice & blockchain.