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Cheap Flip Phone Plans Perfect For the Individual Who Wants Something Simple

Sara Nuss
September 9, 2022

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Everybody nowadays has a cell phone, and most people tend to have smart phones. Smartphones are amazing because they give you access to a little bit of everything. From being able to talk and text on it as much as you want to, go on social media, play video games, and so much more, but they can easily get you distracted if you’re trying to get work done.

Do you remember back in the late 90s and early 2000s when everyone who had a cell phone had a flip phone? Sometimes it sounds fun to bring those back and back to a time when things were much simpler. There are many people who still use flip phones, or maybe other people who want to go back to the flip phone era.

If you’re someone who doesn’t use a cell phone much and doesn’t want to pay for the expensive price that tons of smartphones are priced at, consider checking out some deals on some cheap flip phone plans today!

In this article we’re going to cover topics ranging from:

  • Why people still use flip phones in 2022
  • The best flip phone plans out there
  • Pros to getting a flip phone

Why People Still Use Flip Phones in 2022

Some people want to turn in their smartphone and go back to the nostalgic days with a flip phone!

Sometimes trading in your smartphone for a flip phone isn’t a bad idea after all, and you can revel in all of the nostalgia from getting one too. Image courtesy of The Verge. 

Did you know that nowadays a lot of people are turning in their smartphones for cheap flip phones? There are plenty of reasons why people are doing this nowadays, but it is also surprising since tons of people nowadays own smartphones and seem to not be able to take a second away from it.

Smartphones can be highly toxic though with people becoming easily addicted to texting and checking social media, so many people are choosing to go back to flip phones to have less access to these kinds of apps and distractions. Are you interested to see what other reasons people have for going back to flip phones? 

Here are some of the other reasons why people are switching to flip phones!

Limits Any Distractions That Smartphones Have

There are a ton of different reasons why smartphones can be distracting. From being able to constantly check social media, text your friends, make phone calls whenever you want, and so much more, smartphones have the tendency to prevent you from getting your work or errands done like you want to. Even with the “do not disturb” feature, someone may still want to constantly check their phone for missed calls, texts, and other notifications.

Protect Yourself From Getting Hacked

One thing about smartphones is that it is very easy to get hacked. Whether your social media accounts get hacked, your email, or the worst-case scenario; your bank account gets hacked, it can happen more often for someone who owns a smartphone. Flip phones help to limit the amount of information that hackers can gain access to, which is little to nothing, so you can protect yourself, your identity, and your personal information. 

The Peace of Simplicity Lies Within Flip Phones

With smartphones, there are just so many things that you can do on it, and while it’s convenient, it can become too distracting and even harmful to many individuals. If you are looking for something that is much more simple, then a flip phone may just be what you need. Flip phones only have a few key features on them, the most important being able to make phone calls and send text messages, but the only other thing you can really do on it is take pictures, and lots of people like the simplicity of them too.

Can Help Prevent Internet Addictions

With social media, including Instagram, Twitter, and more being easily accessible on smartphones, it can become an addiction. This can be a challenge for anyone who has social media and a smartphone, but with a flip phone, you can stay away from feeling like you have to constantly check social media.

Experience the Nostalgia With a Flip Phone

For a lot of 90s kids and maybe even early 2000s kids, their first cell phones were flip phones of different sorts and sometimes the nostalgia of using one again can bring us back to simpler times when social media wasn’t a thing and we didn’t have to worry about things like body image, or feel insecure 24/7. Flip Phones at that time were just used to communicate with loved ones without all of the extra baggage and this may be something that many people want to get back to. 

The Best Flip Phone Plans Out There

Are you thinking about throwing it back with a new flip phone and throwing your smartphone out? Here are the best flip phone plans out there!

Sometimes a flip phone is one of the best things that you can get to get rid of all of the drama that comes from a smartphone and its access to social media. Image courtesy of Gizmochina.

Trying to find the perfect cell phone plan can be a struggle, even if you’re someone who is thinking about throwing their smartphone out the window, or you just want to enjoy some simplicity in your life. If you are looking to get a flip phone, no matter your reason, there are a ton of different plans out there that you can enjoy and are super affordable too.

If you want to get a flip phone, but are not sure how to approach a cell phone plan for it, here are some of the best flip phone plans that are currently out there!

Twigby $10 a Month Unlimited Talk and Text

Are you interested in what kind of deals you can get right off-the-bat whenever you’re searching for a phone plan for your flip phone? If you are, then you need to consider getting a Twigby’s $10 a Month Unlimited Talk and Text plan! There is really nothing better than this plan and all of the benefits you get for it, and if you really want to get a deal, the first three months are only $5!

With a $5 introductory three month offer, you can enjoy everything that you get even with the full $10 a month price with Twigby, which is great for people to become familiar with Twigby and the services that they offer. 

Twigby offers a ton of different plans for people who have flip phones, or for people who own smartphones. All of their plans include unlimited talk and text, and they have plans ranging from 4GB, 7GB, or unlimited data plans if you were ever to decide to upgrade to a smartphone at any point.

Some other features that Twigby offers its customers:

  • Unlimited nationwide talk and text
  • Free mobile hotspot access
  • Free unlimited global text
  • Free voicemail
  • Free 6-way conference calling
  • Free unlimited talk to over 80 international companies
  • Free caller ID, call forwarding, and call waiting
  • Free Twigby SIM card included in plan

Tello $8 a Month Unlimited Talk and Text

Since flip phones don’t require the use of data, we think that one of the best things that you can get for a phone plan at an incredibly affordable price is the Tello $8 a month Unlimited Talk and Text plan. Tello gives you the ability to pick out and customize your own plan and what you select is the price that you pay.

If you decide to choose Tello’s $8 a Month Unlimited Talk and Text plan, this is perfect for anyone with a flip phone, or if you want to purchase a flip phone and have a cheap and affordable plan. 

Tello is known for their super affordable phone plans no matter if you have a flip phone or a smartphone and all of their plans start at $5 and increase in price the more features you add. There is never any contract or fees to sign up and get a phone plan with them either.

Some other features that Tello offers its customers:

  • Free unlimited text
  • Free tethering using a hotspot
  • Wi-Fi calling available
  • Free calls to over 60 countries 
  • Upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime
  • Plans renew every thirty days
  • Utilize 4G LTE/5G network
  • Powered by T-Mobile

US Mobile $6 Unlimited Talk and Text Plan

Are you looking to get a flip phone and say goodbye to smartphones? If so, one of the best phone plans that you can get is the US Mobile $6 Unlimited Talk and Text plan! At a super affordable price, US Mobile has a bunch of amazing mobile plans starting at $6 and increasing with how many more features that you add. 

For a plan that best suits someone who wants a flip phone, then you should consider the $6 unlimited talk and text plan with no data needed. They also have unlimited talk, text, and data plans for those of you that are also looking for a phone plan for your smartphone as low as $20.

US Mobile is powered by both T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, so if you are just using talk and text, or are someone who has a phone plan with data on it, you are getting the best service possible no matter where you are.

Some other features that US Mobile offers its customers:

  • Ability to mix and match plans
  • Fast 5G speeds with premium data
  • Utilize the free trial to see if this plan works for you
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Shared data for only $2 a GB
  • Hotspot and 5G warped speed

Good2Go $10 a Month Unlimited Talk and Text Plan

If you are still on the hunt for the perfect phone plan that is perfect for anyone who is looking to switch to a flip phone and forget that smartphones exist, then why not get a phone plan, such as the Good2Go $10 a Month Unlimited Talk and Text plan! This is one of the best talk and text plans out there for flip phones that is still at an incredible price that we know anyone wouldn’t mind paying for what you get.

If you own a flip phone and are thinking about getting a phone plan, then you need to get the Good2Go $10 a Month Unlimited Talk and Text plan right away and why? Well, not only is it a great price, but you also get the best coverage on all of America’s nationwide networks, you can save $60 a year with their unique Auto Pay Credit plan, it works with iPhones or Androids if you ever wanted to switch back to a smartphone, and it even comes with a free SIM activation kit with free shipping included.

With Good2Go, there are also a ton of other plan options that you can opt for if you ever decide to upgrade your device, you want data maybe for some of your other devices, and so much more.

Some other features that Good2Go offers:

  • Reliable coverage from coast to coast 
  • Use of two network tower carriers
  • Fastest and best coverage possible for a flip phone plan
  • No contracts or overages
  • Unlimited talk and text

Pros to Getting a Flip Phone

Getting a flip phone can be a life changer and studies show that it can actually improve your life to get one of these for plenty of reasons!

Are you potentially feeling nostalgic and wishing you could go back to a flip phone? Well, who says that you can’t! Image courtesy of YouTube. 

Even with all of the technology that we have nowadays, thinking about the older technology that we used to have can be extremely nostalgic for people, especially if they started off with having a flip phone for example and now have the newest iPhone or Android. 

Thinking about the simpler times with the things that we had back in the past may be something that tends to cross people’s minds and now that flip phones are coming back, many people are opting for those instead of the newest smartphone. 

Have you stopped to think about the pros to getting a flip phone? Here is what some people are saying about flip phones making a comeback in 2022!

Throwback Aesthetic Purposes

A lot of people, especially Gen Zers, are going back and getting flip phones mainly because of the nostalgic purposes that they have. If their first phone was a flip phone whether they had one where they had to hit the button three times in order to pick the specific letter they wanted, or they had a phone that they could turn sideways to show off the whole keyboard, many people prefer flip phones for this purpose.

Flip Phones Are Less Stressful to Have Than Smartphones

There are a ton of different reasons why people are choosing flip phones over smartphones, but one that is probably the main reason a lot of people are switching over is due to the fact that they are less stressful to have than a normal smartphone. 

Smartphones can cause a ton of distractions throughout your day with seeing notification after notification pop up, along with the easy access to social media. Flip phones will only go off if you have a phone call or text message, so it’s super simple and not nearly as distracting.

Getting Away From the “Screen First” Life

Do you wake up in the morning and instantly check your phone for any notifications that you may have missed while you were sleeping? You are definitely part of the “screen first” life then! Whenever you think about it, for the most part people’s faces are buried into their phones like they’re constantly missing something, and this is true for many people who own smartphones. 

Trying to stray away from this lifestyle and just be able to wake up in the morning without having to worry about the stresses of social media and other worldwide issues is something that we should all try and do more, and with smartphones, it makes it easy to want to check your phone 24/7.

Are you thinking about stepping away from the smartphone scene and looking more into getting a flip phone? There are a ton of different reasons to do so, and lucky for you, there are plenty of phone plans still out there that will accommodate this lifestyle change that you want to make.

If you are considering getting a phone plan, make sure to consider why you should get one and all of the phone plans that you have to choose from as well when getting one with some of our favorites!

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compare phone plans and save up to 80%

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Sara Nuss
Sara Nuss is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in wireless, dewi, phone plan advice & blockchain.
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