Cell Phone Plans in Utah to Take Advantage Of If You’re Moving

Sara Nuss
October 4, 2022

Up and moving to a new place can be tricky, stressful, and quite expensive depending on where you decide to go. Making sure that you have a phone plan that works no matter where you go is essential too. While moving from one place to another takes up a lot of time and energy, it’s essential to go about the proper steps to get a new phone plan if need be. 

Are you planning on picking up and moving your life out to Utah? Utah is an incredible state known for the Grand Canyon, the Great Salt Lake, National parks, the annual Sundance Film Festival, and so much more. Making sure that you have a phone plan that works is essential no matter where you’re at.

If you’re moving to Utah, it’s important to consider your options for phone plans. If you need to get a new one for the big move, here are some of the best cell phone plans in Utah you’ll love!

In this article, we’ll cover the best phone plans in Utah and more, such as:

  • Why would someone need to change their phone plan when moving?
  • The best cell phone plans in Utah to get ASAP
  • Why you should move to Utah

Why Would Someone Need to Change Their Phone Plan When Moving?

Moving to a new state is exciting, but is it necessary to change your phone plan too?

Phone plans are essential to communicate with loved ones, but it’s important to know if you need to make the switch before moving. Image courtesy of Mountain Journal. 

Are you someone who is planning to move to Utah and you want to know if you should switch your phone plan to something that will work better in the state you’re moving to? This is very important to consider, especially since cell phones nowadays are so important when it comes to staying in touch with loved ones through texting, calling, and even the use of social media. 

It is quite possible that getting a new phone plan is something that you should consider doing whenever you decide to move to Utah, or even any state for that matter to make sure you have the best service, connection, and more. It’s important to know why someone would change their phone plan whenever they move to a different state, but it’s also important to consider if it’s something you need to do. 

Here is a little bit more on if you need to change your cell phone plan whenever you decide to move, especially to Utah!

Do You Need to Change Your Phone Plan Moving to a Different State?

It’s important to consider if you’re going to have the same coverage whenever you decide to move to a different state with your current plan. You can always go to your current phone provider and pull up the coverage map to make sure that the area in which you have your phone plan will still give you the same high-speed data, coverage, and so much more.

Performance Rates

Performance rates for your particular phone plan will vary state to state and city to city and wireless taxes can also be different in the area you originally got your phone plan compared to where you are moving in Utah. Performance is extremely important when it comes to any phone plan nowadays and it’s something to consider and make sure you have the best data and speed no matter where you are.

Taxes Can Be Higher or Lower Depending on Where You’re Going

Another big factor to consider for any phone provider plan that you have and one is the amount of taxes, fees, and even surcharges you could potentially be paying more of whenever you leave. Taxes vary and are so different in every state and city, so it’s important to look into the ones in the area you’re moving to to see if the taxes are going to be more expensive or not when you make the switch with your new phone plan. 

Get a Family Plan to Save Money

Did you just recently get married and are thinking about getting on a family plan on your move to Utah? If so, then maybe a family plan is just what you need! The more people that you have on a family plan, the more money that you can save. Any changes in a family plan can help you give you a better deal, so sometimes making the switch to a new phone plan can really help, even if you’re just moving to a new state.

Get a New Phone

Sometimes there’s no better feeling than getting a new cell phone. You may have an older phone that is running slow or even just running out of storage that you need to upgrade, and what better excuse to use than moving to Utah? Getting the newest and latest iPhone, Android, or Google phone out there can make you feel even better about the move since you’ll have a new phone with reliable coverage in the area you’re moving to, and so much more that you’ll love.

The Best Cell Phone Plans to Get in Utah ASAP

Getting a new cell phone plan in Utah is something that you should consider before making the move!

Getting a new cell phone plan in Utah will give you the best coverage so you’re prepared and ready-to-go when you get there. Image courtesy of Healthline. 

Cell phone plans are a necessity in this day and age, and making sure that you have the best phone and plan for your big move to Utah is essential. If you are looking for a new cell phone or phone plan with a provider that will give you what you need with what the area offers, coverage and performance-wise, then it’s smart to look into your options whenever you arrive at your destination.

If you have made a definite decision to get a new cell phone plan when you move to Utah, but are not sure where to start when it comes to looking into some of the best ones, then don’t worry. Here are the best phone plans to check out that you can get in Utah when you move!

Twigby Cell Phone Plans

The first phone plan that is super popular in Utah to try out is one through a phone provider called Twigby. Twigby is powered by Verizon they offer three main phone plans for you to try out and see what works best for you. These phone plans consist of unlimited talk and text, but with varying data plans. The lowest data plan starts out at 4GB, the next at 7GB, and the last one at unlimited data with 20GB of high speed 4G LTE and 5G data. 

4GB Plan With Unlimited Talk and Text

Everyone nowadays wants to have unlimited talk and text at the very least when it comes to their cell phone plans. Luckily with all of the Twigby phone plans, you’ll be able to get just that. Their lowest plan starts off at 4GBs of data with 4G LTE and 5G speeds where you’ll get unlimited talk and text for only $10 a month.

7GB Plan With Unlimited Talk and Text

Twigby’s next phone plan that you will love if you just need a little bit more data is their 7GB phone plan for $15 a month. With this plan, you will also get unlimited talk and text with 7GB of 4G LTE and 5G speeds depending on the phone you have.

Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data

Sometimes people just want the full package and getting a cell phone plan with unlimited talk, text, and data is just what you need. If this is the case, then you will love Twigby’s unlimited talk, text, and data phone plan for only $30 a month! You can enjoy 20GB of high speed data to start off and continue to enjoy unlimited data at no extra charge.

Mint Mobile Phone Plans

If you’re looking for a new and affordable phone plan to have whenever you move to Utah, one that you need to consider is for Mint Mobile. Mint Mobile has taken off in recent years due to their New Customer Offer with their phone plans. They give you three months to decide if you like your phone plan through Mint Mobile and from there you can pick another three, six, or twelve month contract that varies in price.

New Customer Offer: $30 a Month For a Three Month Plan

Trying to find the best phone plan is crucial, but we have a feeling you’re going to love the one that Mint Mobile offers and it’s their signature New Customer Offer that is $30 a month for a three month plan. This is a short-term contract to see if you like Mint Mobile’s plans before choosing from another three month plan, or even a six or twelve month plan.

Mint Mobile plans offer the following features:

  • Unlimited nationwide talk and text
  • Unlimited data with reduced data speeds at 35GB
  • Free international calls to Canada and Mexico
  • 5GB for a mobile hotspot
  • Wi-Fi calling and texting
  • 3-in-1 SIM card kit or eSIM available for select phones

Tello Build-Your-Own Plans

Are you looking for a little bit of freedom when it comes to cell phone plans? If you are, then you should consider looking into a Tello Build-Your-Own plan that is perfect for people who live in Utah. Tello has some of the most affordable plans that are offered out there where you can enjoy everything from picking the amount of data you want, and how many minutes you want. If you’re not sure about building your own plan, you can always opt to choose one of their ready-made deals that are perfect for anyone.

If you’re looking to build-your-own phone plan, you can pick anywhere from 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 10Gb, or unlimited cell phone data plans to choose from. You can also pick from unlimited talk and text, no minutes, or 100, 300, or 500 minutes all with free texting. 

Tello also offers these ready-made plans that you can choose from as well:

Economy Plan

  • 1GB of data
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • $10 a month

Value Plan

  • 2GB of data
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • $14 a month

Smart Plan

  • 5GB of data
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • $19 a month

Data Plan

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • $29 a month

Ultra Mobile 2GB Plan

If you are planning on getting a new phone plan in Utah, we think that you should consider Ultra Mobile’s famous 2GB plan that is super easy to set up! This is a simple 2GB 4G LTE and 5G high-speed data plan and is a simple one-month plan that you can renew every month just by getting a SIM card.

For only $19 a month, you can get a ton of incredible features that the major phone providers offer for a discounted price and without having to pay extra for the features that you want and need. 

Some of the other features in the Ultra Mobile 2GB Plan include:

  • Unlimited nationwide talk and text
  • Talk and text available to over 80 countries
  • Mobile hotspot available
  • T-Mobile’s reliable 5G network
  • Unlimited data, but reduced speed after 2GB
  • Free 3-in-1 SIM card

How to Prepare Your Big Move to Utah

While getting a new cell phone plan is essential for your big move to Utah, it’s also important to consider how you need to prepare for your movel!

Moving to Utah may be one of the best decisions you ever make in your life, along with having the perfect cell phone plan for it too! Image courtesy of Market Apartments. 

Moving to a new state to start a new chapter of your life is extremely exciting, yet terrifying at the same exact time. It’s important to be prepared for your move with everything that you’ll need and just knowing how to prepare for the move is essential.

No matter if you’re moving from only a city away or half the country away, here are some of the most important things to keep in mind whenever you’re planning the big move!

Switch Cell Phone Plans

While we’re on the topic of cell phone plans, it’s probably in your best interest to switch over your cell phone plan before you move there. Moving can be a hassle and there are a ton of different things that can go on before, during, and afterwards that switching your phone plan can be something you forget about until you get there. Why not call ahead and switch your mobile plan to ensure you have the best coverage and performance rates for the area you’re moving to ASAP?

Pack Up All of Your Belongings in Boxes

The most time-consuming task that you will face when it comes to moving anywhere is packing up all of your belongings. Packing up everything into boxes according to the room it belongs to, or what it is is important so you can stay organized, and it helps to make the unpacking process easier whenever you get to your new home as well.

Donate Things You Don’t Need Anymore

Whenever you’re in the process of packing, you could stumble across plenty of things that you don’t need anymore. No matter what it is, why not plan on getting rid of your unused, or unwanted items? You could have a garage sale before you move, or even donate everything to Goodwill, homeless shelters, and much more. This is a great thing to do so you don’t end up bringing more with you that you don’t need to.

Don’t Forget About the Necessities

Have you ever stopped to consider some of the important things you should do before any move? The moving process is extremely stressful, but it’s crucial that you don’t forget to do some things before moving out of your current home. Some things you need to do before you leave include shutting off your utilities and turning them on at your new home or apartment, forwarding your mail, collecting all of your personal records and belongings, are some of the most basic things that you shouldn’t forget to do.

Moving to Utah is an incredible experience where many people fall in love with the state as soon as they step foot in it. There are so many reasons to move there, but it’s also important to consider your phone plan before moving.

It’s crucial to have a good phone plan where you get the best coverage and performance rates, so you aren’t paying for a phone plan from your previous city or state that isn’t as good. If you are moving to Utah, you should consider some of the best phone plans that we mentioned and even why you should make the switch to a new phone plan!

Sara Nuss
Sara Nuss is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in wireless, dewi, phone plan advice & blockchain.