Best Phone Coverage in Grants Pass, OR: Cell Service on the West Coast

Kyle Reyes
August 26, 2023

Grant’s Pass is a small city in Oregon near the West Coast. It’s a small city with a lot of charm, home to families who’ve just moved in as well as many who have lived there many years. The coverage in Grants Pass is fair. 

Every major network has solid 4G LTE coverage in the area, but only T-Mobile has 5G coverage within the borders of Grant’s Pass. Oregon is a big state with many areas that remain uncovered by any wireless network, so it follows that Grant’s Pass has not seen the serious upgrades that some other areas of the country have. With that in mind, it is very important to find the best cell phone coverage in Grants Pass, OR, to stay connected while you explore the state. 

This article will list the top three carriers for the best cell phone coverage in Grants Pass, OR, what we like about each carrier, and how to decide which is best for you.  

Our research found that Mint Mobile, Cricket Wireless, and T-Mobile are the top three for best phone coverage in Grants Pass, OR. This article features detailed information on the following: 

  • Map of the fastest cell phone coverage in Grants Pass, OR
  • Local and national carriers that cover Grants Pass, OR
  • Frequently asked questions about phone coverage in Grants Pass, OR
Best Cell Phone Coverage in Grants Pass, OR || Source

Phone Coverage in Grants Pass, OR at a Glance

Lightning-Fast Data Speeds on Major Networks

Grants Pass, Oregon, is a small town with solid coverage from each major carrier. T-Mobile is, however, the only carrier to add 5G coverage in the area. Oregon, due to its large size and relatively low population, has areas with little to no cell reception, so regardless of your network, there are sections of the state where your coverage wanes. That being said, T-Mobile and AT&T have Verizon beat statewide in Oregon. When you travel through Oregon, we recommend checking coverage maps during your journey in order to properly prepare for any no-service areas on your trip. 

Let’s jump into the best cell phone coverage in Grants Pass, OR. 

Local and National Cell Phone Carriers in Grants Pass, OR

The top three carriers in Grants Pass, OR, are Mint Mobile, Cricket Wireless, and T-Mobile. 

T-Mobile’s network provides the best cell phone coverage in Grants Pass, OR. While T-Mobile’s network is not as strong in Oregon as it is in California, for instance, they are able to cover the great majority of populated areas in the state with a mix of steady 4G LTE coverage and lightning-fast 5G coverage.

T-Mobile is the only major wireless provider we’ve added to this list. The reasoning behind that decision is due to network congestion, rather, lack of network congestion in the area which we will cover in further detail as we talk about the top three cell phone providers in Grants Pass, OR. All major wireless providers are in charge of maintenance and upgrades. Because of this, cell phone plans at major wireless networks give unlimited high-speed data and faster average data speeds for more money each month. 

Occupying the top two spots on this list, however, are Mobile Virtual Network Operators or MVNOs. These companies rent their bandwidth from the big three networks to give their customers cheaper access to data. The two major downsides to MVNOs are that their plans offer limited high-speed data and lower data priority, meaning your data gets slowed down whenever bandwidth is strained. Data priority is most important in cities or areas where a lot of people are gathered. Since that is not terribly common in Grants Pass, OR, some of the biggest downsides to MVNOs are non-problems. You can save big with MVNO plans, and that’s what we will discuss in this article. 

Let’s take a look at which of these carriers use the network that gives people in Grants Pass, OR, the best phone coverage.

Grants Pass, OR Coverage Map Mint Mobile || Source

#1 in Grants Pass, OR: Mint Mobile 

Fastest 5G and 4G LTE in Grants Pass, OR

At the top of our list is Mint Mobile. This MVNO is an incredible choice in Grants Pass, OR, because it provides top-tier T-Mobile coverage at much lower prices than the major wireless providers. As an added bonus: Ryan Reynolds is its spokesperson, and Mr. Reynolds is awesome! For the most part, Mint Mobile is excellent. Our one qualm with their service is the lack of unlimited high-speed data on any of their plans. Mint Mobile’s “unlimited” plan provides 35 GB of high-speed data before your data is throttled to 3G speeds. Let’s take a look at their other cell phone plans. 

Price: From just $15/month

Plan: Mint Mobile has a variety of limited-data cell phone plans. Ranging from 5 GB to 35 GB of high-speed data, Mint’s plans are very affordable. 

Mint Mobile is our favorite T-Mobile MVNO, providing some of the best cell phone coverage in Grants Pass, OR. Mint Mobile customers enjoy T-Mobile’s excellent coverage in the city and all over the state without paying the prices of a major wireless company. These are the plans Mint Mobile offers: 

  • 5 GB High-Speed priced at $25/20/15
  • 15 GB High-Speed priced at $35/25/20
  • 20 GB High-Speed priced at $45/35/25
  • Unlimited (35 GB) High-Speed priced at $40/35/30

Mint Mobile is best for users who don’t need high-speed data. They also allow even single-line accounts to enjoy the cheapest monthly rate on plans, but to receive that, users need to purchase one year of the cell phone plan at a time. Paying for 12 months of service in one go removes any flexibility you may have. There is, fortunately, a way around that contract, which is Mint Mobile’s family plan. Their family plan lets users take out 3-month contracts while enjoying the lowest price on all the plans. Mint Mobile’s family plan gives each line owner their own data pool and the ability to pick a favorite plan. That flexibility is amazing. 

We’ve chosen a pair of MVNOs for our top two contenders for the best cell phone coverage in Grants Pass, OR, because we don’t think there’s much of a chance for slowed data speeds in the city. There’s a lot of awesome nature around the city, including lakes, rivers, parks, and trails. In these locations, you may experience spotty coverage or areas without signal, but that’s because T-Mobile’s network does not cover the area, not a difference in coverage between MVNOs and major providers. 

👍 What We Liked

  • Affordable Plans. Mint Mobile’s well-priced plans let you save a lot of money on your cell phone bill. 
  • T-Mobile’s Coverage. T-Mobile has good coverage in Grants Pass and provides great data speeds throughout Oregon. You will not receive lightning-fast data all the time, but it is enough to use the majority of features on your phone.  

👎 What We Didn’t Like

  • Prepaid Plans. Regardless of contract length, all Mint Mobile plans are purchased, in full, upfront. That’s a pretty high cost that is hard to fit into budgets. It’s easier with family plans as it’s only three months at a time, but anyone working with the 12-month contract faces a big bill at the start of the year
  • Data Deprioritization. There is no way to get unlimited high-speed data with Mint Mobile. 
Grants Pass, OR Coverage Map Cricket Wireless || Source

#2 in Grants Pass, OR: Cricket Wireless 

Most Affordable Cell Phone Plans in Grants Pass, OR

Alas! AT&T’s network has not put down any 5G coverage towers in Grants Pass, OR, just yet. That being said, AT&T’s 4G LTE network, which Cricket Wireless uses, provides excellent coverage in and around the city, and users can hop over to Medford to enjoy 5G coverage through their Cricket cell phone plan. If you want to save money while receiving unlimited high-speed data, then Cricket is an amazing way to receive the best cell phone coverage in Grants Pass, OR. As we said with Mint Mobile, there is little possibility of data slowdowns due to congestion in the town. 

Price: Varies

Plan: Cricket Wireless has four plans, two of which provide unlimited high-speed data and two that provide limited data. 

Cricket Wireless's four plans for one line are as follows:

  • Unlimited data + 15 GB Mobile Hotspot
  • Unlimited data
  • 10 GB data
  • 5 GB data

While the base cost of Cricket’s plans is rather high, the company provides excellent multi-line savings. 

These multi-line savings are what really draws us to their service. Cricket is one of the more expensive MVNOs, but they provide unlimited high-speed data with their two more expensive plans, justifying the cost in our eyes. This carrier is great for high-data users who can get together with friends and family to create a multi-line plan with at least three total members. 

Cricket’s two unlimited plans provide unlimited high-speed data, which is what separates them from the other AT&T MVNOs in our eyes. Few MVNO data plans offer the same. Make sure you read the fine print as you browse other MVNO deals. Lots of MVNO unlimited plans, like Mint Mobile, offer unlimited 3G data and a limited amount of high-speed data, usually between 30 and 50 GB per month. This is sizable, but it will not get you through the month if you use your phone a lot outside. As data speeds increase, so does your phone’s data consumption. It is all too easy to burn through any limited data allocation before the month is done, leaving you with slow, slow 3G data for the rest of the month. 

👍 What We Liked

  • Multi-Line Savings. While the prices start high, multi-line accounts rack up serious savings. 
  • Reliable Network.  Cricket Wireless works on AT&T’s network, providing some of the best cell phone coverage in Grants Pass, OR to all its users. 

👎 What We Didn’t Like

  • High Starting Prices. The single-line pricing of Cricket plans is much higher than other MVNOs that provide similar amounts of data. 
  • No 5G Coverage in Grants Pass. AT&T’s 4G LTE coverage is great, but until they put down 5G coverage in the area, they will not provide the best cell phone coverage in Grants Pass, OR.
Grants Pass, OR Coverage Map Tello Mobile || Source

#3 in Grants Pass, OR: T-Mobile

Best Cell Phone Plan Range in Grants Pass, OR

Over the last couple of years, T-Mobile’s 5G coverage has increased exponentially. There are many areas within the country where T-Mobile provides the best cell phone coverage, and Grants Pass, OR, is no exception. T-Mobile hopes to expand its nationwide 5G coverage to over 90% within the next few years, but they already have the best 5G network coverage in Grants Pass, Oregon. 

Price: Varies

Plan: T-Mobile offers three unlimited plans at various price points. Like Verizon, these plans are very expensive as the single-line plan and offer immense multi-line savings. 

If you have a single-line account in Grants Pass, we recommend going for an MVNO instead of a major wireless provider like T-Mobile because of the serious costs associated with their single-line plans. Major providers are best in areas with high congestion, where MVNOs are often slowed down to open bandwidth for higher-priority customers. We do not expect that in Grants Pass, OR! That being said, there are still great reasons to get T-Mobile’s service and enjoy the best cell phone coverage in Grants Pass, OR. 

  1. If you travel a lot into major metropolitan areas, MVNOs will slow down data with much more frequency than T-Mobile customers.
  2. T-Mobile is best for high-data users. All three plans provide unlimited high-speed data, which means you can use as much data as you want when out and about. If you enjoy streaming video or audio on mobile networks, then an unlimited plan is the best for you. 
  3. Major networks provide more perks than MVNOs. One big one with T-Mobile is hotspot data. If you are often in situations where you need to use a laptop or tablet for something on the go, then a plan with T-Mobile is best for you. 

While there are areas on the West Coast where Verizon or AT&T have the best cell phone coverage, T-Mobile is your best bet in Grants Pass. OR. If you commute primarily in Grants Pass and around the Grants Pass area, your T-Mobile coverage will not disappoint you. There are some dead spots in buildings, as T-Mobile’s network has trouble getting through all the concrete and steel, but within buildings, you should also be covered by WiFi. 

👍 What We Liked

  • Large 5G Network. T-Mobile provides the best 5G network out of all the major wireless carriers. Keep your eyes open, however, because AT&T and Verizon are hard at work to change that. 
  • Consistent Coverage. Of all the major wireless carriers, T-Mobile has the most presence in Oregon. 

👎 What We Didn’t Like

  • Phone Deals. T-Mobile has long been a fan of highlighting amazing phone deals locked to their most expensive plan: Go5G Plus. 
  • Price. This is a common qualm with major wireless networks, but T-Mobile’s prices are steep. Overall, prices at major wireless networks are challenging to pay without multi-line discounts. 
Visible Wireless Coverage in Grants Pass, OR || Source

Get to Know Your Local Carrier Options in Grants Pass, OR

There are a lot of other great choices for the best cell phone coverage in Grants Pass, OR. If you did not find one that suits you in our top three, then you should check out Verizon and AT&T’s cell phone plans, as well as Visible Wireless, for extra possibilities.

Countless beautiful vistas await you in Grants Pass, OR.

FAQ: Your Questions About Cell Phone Coverage in Grants Pass, OR, Answered

How to determine which cell carrier has the best coverage in my area?

We recommend looking at local message boards and coverage maps to determine the best cell carrier in your area. While Verizon’s network is the best overall in the state, there are many locations where its network is weaker than the competition.

Does Grants Pass have 5G?

Yes! T-Mobile provides 5G coverage in Grants Pass, OR. 

Which phone carrier gets the best signal?

T-Mobile gets the best signal in Grants Pass, OR.

TLDR; T-Mobile  is your best bet for fast phone coverage in Grants Pass, OR

Use to compare! 

We love MVNOs for Grants Pass, OR residents, as there’s not a lot of congestion in the area.  If you want more info about plans available in Grants Pass, OR, you can compare carriers at to decide which phone carrier is best for you. 

Kyle Reyes
Kyles Reyes is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in the wireless industry, phone plan comparisons & advice.
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