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Best Cell Phone Insurance Plans to Keep Your Phone Protected at All Times

Sara Nuss
February 14, 2023

Everybody nowadays has a smartphone, but they can be made out of fragile materials that need to be protected with a case, or even a screen protector. Protecting your cell phone from getting damaged by keeping a case and a screen protector on it can ensure that you won’t damage it from dropping it or when it slips off of a table or countertop. 

Cell phone insurance is a great thing to invest in because of the many perks that can come with it. There are a ton of different cell phone insurance plans out there, but trying to find one that fits your budget and has everything on there that you may need covered is essential.

If you’re looking into cell phone insurance for your smartphone, it’s important to get the best of the best. Here are some reasons why you need cell phone insurance and the best plans out there to check out!

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Why Do You Need Cell Phone Insurance?

There are a number of reasons why you would need cell phone insurance, so let’s discuss some of those reasons!

Having good cell phone insurance is crucial  to protect your phone against fall damage, water damage, and more. Image courtesy of Phonecheck

Many cell phone carriers offer their own insurance plans for your phone when you  upgrade it. While it is important to protect your phone, sometimes the costs of these insurance plans can be through the roof and not what people are interested in paying.

We believe that having a cell phone insurance plan is essential to protect your phone from any kind of damage it can face. Let’s cover why some people consider getting phone insurance and what it can do!

Covers Your Phone Against Damage

The most important reason why a lot of people decide that a cell phone insurance plan is for them is because it can protect their phone against many different forms of damage. Cell phone insurance protects your phone from water damage, dropping your phone, or even breaks or cracks in the screen, which are all the most common ways to destroy a cell phone. 

Covers Your Phone if Lost or Stolen

Another reason why many people opt for cell phone insurance every month is to protect themselves if their phone is lost or stolen. There is no worse feeling than not having your cell phone on you and in many instances people lose their phones while traveling when they can frequently get stolen by pickpockets. 

Cell phone insurance can also protect you from this and prevent you from  having to pay a deductible if you make a claim. 

Accidental Damage

Your cell phone could also experience  accidental damage. Accidental damage can include fires, floods, and natural disasters, or even power surges from lightning. This can even include cracks in your phone screen, drops, or spills as well. 

What Isn’t Covered by Cell Phone Insurance?

It’s always important to think about what not only is covered with insurance, but what isn’t!

Damaged cell phones will be covered by cell insurance, but there are also many things that aren’t covered by it. Image courtesy of TechNewsWorld

Now that you know a little bit about what is covered on cell phone insurance, it’s also important to get an idea of what isn’t covered. Cell phone insurance only covers accidents that the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t.

Let’s talk about what isn’t covered on any cell phone insurance policy:

Natural Wear and Tear

If you have your cell phone for a long time, you are bound to have bumps, cracks, nicks, and more just from t carrying it around with you 24/7. Many cell phone companies will not cover natural wear and tear because it is the cost of having a cell phone for a long time. Unless there is any extreme damage done to your phone, it won’t be covered. 

Unauthorized Repairs

If you are having an issue with your cell phone, it is always important to go and get it fixed by someone who is qualified to fix your phone, such as local repair centers or other options such as Geek Squad,  Apple, Samsung, or Google certified repair shops. It is advised against going to someone who isn’t certified to fix your phone because if something happens, it may not be covered by insurance


Another thing that will not be covered by cell phone insurance is any kind of modifications that are done to your phone. There are a few different kinds of modifications that you can add onto your phone, such as: tethering your phone for free, using the touchscreen with gloves or a stylus, making free custom ringtones, de-branding your cell phone, or even linking a remote car starter to it. These mods will not be covered with insurance. 

The Best Cell Phone Insurance Plans to Get

Finding the best insurance plan is necessary to ensure your phone is covered

Getting cell phone insurance is a good idea because you may be able to replace your phone with it . Image courtesy of Allstate Protection Plans

There is nothing more important than making sure that you have the best cell phone protection in case something happens to your phone. Whether it completely breaks, has liquid damage, or the screen is broken, it is important to have cell phone insurance. 

Here are some of the best cell phone plans that you can try out and will protect you no matter what happens with your phone!


If you are looking for one of the best cell phone insurance companies out there, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it, then you should consider checking out AKKO insurance. AKKO covers all of your electronics on one plan, such as your cell phone, tablets, laptops, headphones, and other electronics as well. 

Here are some features that will be covered by signing up with AKKO’s phone insurance:

  • Covers new, used, and refurbished devices
  • Simple, yet exclusive protection for your phone and up to 25 other devices
  • Fast and easy same-day repairs
  • Unlimited claims
  • No refurbishment limits
  • Coverage begins after first payment
  • $29 to $99 deductibles
  • Protects any phone
  • Covers accidental damage
  • Replaces the cost of your phone
  • Covers parts and battery failures

There are two different plans that you can choose from through AKKO insurance to cover your cell phone and all of the other devices that you own as well. Here is some more information on the plans that are offered:

  • Phone Only Plan - $5 to $12 per month to protect any cell phone from damage, breaks, and theft
  • “Everything Protected” Plan - $15 per month to protect one cell phone plus 25 other electronic items against damage, breaks, and theft

5 Devices Insurance

Another great cell phone insurance to check out and get a plan through is 5 Devices insurance that will cover up to five devices on one plan for only $5 per month. They will cover damage such as cracked screens, liquid damage, mechanical failure, and more.

Let’s get  to know the features of a 5 Devices insurance plan:

  • 24/7 customer service
  • Hassle-free online claims 
  • Free shipping on all repairs to certified techs
  • No hidden fees
  • $5 for the first month
  • Add up to 20 devices 
  • Add smartphones, laptops, tablets, smart devices, TVs, and more
  • Provide free shipping labels to customers

Another important factor to consider for any cell phone insurance plan is what kinds of plans they offer and how many devices you can have on them. Listed below is the main plan that 5 Devices offers and what  it includes:

  • 5 Devices Insurance Plan - $5 for five devices to be added to the plan for the first month, and then the price bumps up to $17.99 afterwards

Since you can only choose their main plan, it’s worthwhile to go over how to activate your plan. Your next steps with a 5 Devices insurance plan include:

  1. Sign up online and receive an email within 24 hours
  2. Register your devices within the email you receive
  3. Your devices are instantly covered as long as they’re connected to your own internet

Upsie Insurance Plan

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable insurance plan to sign up for, look into Upsie. This cell phone insurance company offers low prices and great service.

Let’s talk about the different features that are listed on an Upsie insurance plan so you can get an idea of what you’re signing up for. Here are some of the features that are included on an Upsie plan:

  • Coverage available for every electronic or appliance you own
  • Use app to file free and simple claims
  • In-person support available
  • Affordable pricing with further saving available
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Save up to 70% compared to in-store warranties

Whether you are just getting an insurance plan for yourself, or you want to get one to cover a cell phone they don’t have a special plan for, there are quite a few options to choose from. Let’s talk about some of the plans that are offered through Upside:

  • All Smartphone Plan - $9.99 per month for any cell phone including Motorola, Nokia, Razer, Blackberry, and any other cell phone 
  • iPhone Plan - $9.99 per month that covers any new, used, or refurbished iPhone
  • S22 Plan - $9.99 per month to cover any new, used, or refurbished Samsung Galaxy S22 phone
  • Samsung Galaxy Plan - $9.99 per month to cover any new, used, or refurbished Samsung Galaxy phone
  • Google Pixel Plan - $9.99 per month to cover any new, used, or refurbished Google Pixel phone 
  • OnePlus Plan - $9.99 per month to cover any new, used, or refurbished OnePlus phone

Mulberry Insurance Plan

One of the best insurance plans out there for your cell phone is through Mulberry insurance because of all of the exclusive perks that you can take advantage of. No one likes to pay for overpriced insurance to make sure that their cell phones and other devices are covered, so Mulberry’s insurance plan might be the way to go.

Now that you know that you can get at least a year of free protection for your devices, you should also be aware of all of the different features that you can take advantage of as well:

  • 1-year plan for free
  • Accidental damage and cracks are covered
  • Extends coverage past the manufacturer’s warranty on all devices
  • Fast out-of-warranty replacements with free shipping included
  • No hidden fees
  • Damage from power surges or electrical damage available
  • No deductibles
  • Cover electronic devices, furniture, rugs, large appliances, jewelry, bikes, small appliances, bags and luggage, sports equipment, and watches

Mulberry offers a ton of incredible insurance plans that can help you to save a lot of money, while also keeping your devices protected. Let’s go over some of the plans that Mulberry offers to get an idea of how much money you’ll be expected to pay:

  • 1-Year Plan - Free with a value up to $53.99 with no claim limits or deductibles
  • 2-Year Plan - $78.99 with no claim limits or deductibles
  • Exclusive Offers - Not only does Mulberry protect your cell phones, but they also offer everything from auto insurance, home insurance, to travel insurance

Is Cell Phone Insurance Worth It?

While no one likes to spend extra money, cell phone insurance can be worth it!

Getting a cell phone insurance plan is extremely important because it can protect your cell phone and other devices from damage or theft. Image courtesy of GadgetGone

You may be wondering if cell phone insurance is actually worth it. Yes, it does cost extra money per month, which can be a lot for an entire year, but in the end, it can keep your cell phone from getting damaged.

Is cell phone insurance worth it you may ask? To us, the answer is yes, cell phone insurance is worth it, especially since smartphones are the most damaged electronic device out there. When your cell phone is damaged, a regular claim for it can on average cost around $348.70 and a separate insurance plan can cover damage that manufacturers don’t cover under their warranty.

If you are accident prone and constantly drop or damage your phone, you should consider getting  cell phone plan insurance. It’s also just a great thing to have in case your phone ever gets lost or stolen.

Cell phone insurance plans oftentimes are extremely affordable and they can cover every device you own. While cell phones are more likely to get broken before any other electronic device, you can also get items such as laptops, tablets, and smartwatches covered too.

Consider getting one of the top cell phone insurance plans that we mentioned above and keep your cell phone and other devices safe from any kind of damage!

Sara Nuss
Sara Nuss is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in wireless, dewi, phone plan advice & blockchain.
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