Best Cell Phone Coverage in Iowa: How to Get the Best Service Even in Rural America

Sara Nuss
November 16, 2022

Have you ever thought about moving to Iowa? Although it is a less populous state to live in, there are a ton of reasons why people choose to live there, especially when learning more about what Iowa’s known for. Iowa is most known for its corn and pork production industries and the best event in the state that everyone looks forward to, the Iowa State Fair in the state capital, Des Moines.

Moving to Iowa is an amazing decision if you’re thinking about getting away from the city life and instead opting for the country lifestyle, but it’s important to have cell phone service and coverage that will cover even the most rural parts of Iowa to avoid dead zones, bad receptions, and much more.

If you are considering moving to Iowa, make sure to consider getting the best phone coverage for the state right away with the top carriers and other important information too!

We will be covering a few different topics in this article and they are all extremely important. Some of them include:

  • Why you should switch to better coverage in Iowa
  • The best phone coverage in Iowa
  • How to switch phone carriers

Why You Should Switch to Better Coverage in Iowa

Making the switch to a new phone carrier can help you to get better service, coverage, and more!

Getting a new phone plan through a new carrier whenever you move to Iowa can ensure you won’t have any issues with your coverage and more. Image courtesy of HuffPost UK.

There are a lot of reasons why someone would switch phone carriers whenever they move to a different state. Whether one phone carrier has better service or coverage than your precious one, or you’re just looking for a new plan with some different features and more, whatever the case may be, getting a new phone plan through another carrier whenever you move to Iowa is essential.

Are you wondering just now why you should consider switching your phone carrier when you move to Iowa? If so, then you should first understand why you should do it to begin with!

Get Better Service and Coverage in Iowa

The most important thing for any phone plan no matter where you are is to ensure that you have the best phone service and coverage in the state. Sometimes this can involve switching to a new plan on a new carrier where it is proven to work better in your state compared to others.

Each carrier is completely different in each state when it comes to how well the phone service and coverage is and just doing some research and looking into the rates, and the percentage of the state that the carrier covers will help make your decision. You can say goodbye to dead zones, bad reception, waving your phone around just to get a text message to send.

 Avoid Dead Zones Even in Rural Areas

Iowa is known for being a state where there is a lot of countryside and rural areas to live in. While there are cities located in Iowa, there are plenty more rural areas to reside in, and making sure that you have phone coverage even in dead zones is extremely important. This could be because there isn’t a cell tower on your current carrier that is close to where you live. 

Are you wondering how you can avoid dead zones when it comes to your phone carrier in Iowa? All you have to do is shop around for the best service and coverage through a carrier that works the best in the state. While the big carriers tend to work really well, you can also look into smaller carriers as well that can help provide better service and coverage, even in dead zones. 

Try Out a Small Carrier to Save More Money

Having a phone plan through a big carrier can cost a lot of money, mainly because you have to purchase a cell phone through them and pay it off monthly on top of your phone plan, and also for the data and if you go over it too. Sometimes going big isn’t going home and a smaller carrier can sometimes work better for you for so many reasons.

Are you shopping around for a new phone plan through a different carrier when you move to Iowa? If you want a phone plan through a carrier with great service and coverage, but also doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, then you should consider looking into a smaller carrier because they always share their network with a big-named carrier for cheaper plans and incredible service!

Keep Your Current Phone Number For Better Coverage

We understand that you can be reluctant on getting a new phone plan specifically so you don’t have to change your phone number just to get better service and coverage. We understand how this can be a concern for you, so we are here to inform you that most phone carriers, even when you make the switch, let you keep your current phone number

Your phone number can be hooked up to a lot of important accounts, such as your bank account, credit card accounts, and more, plus important people can have your current phone number as well. From your parents, friends, and even doctors, veterinarians, and more, sometimes trying to keep your current number is more important than you may think. 

The Best Phone Coverage in Iowa

Having the best phone coverage and service in Iowa is important, so make sure to check out these carriers and more!

It is important to get a phone plan through a carrier that works exceptionally well in Iowa where you’ll have zero issues. Image courtesy of Operation Military Kids. 

Are you trying to find a new phone carrier with the best coverage in the state of Iowa, but just not sure how to approach it? We understand how stressful this can be and how there is a lot that goes into selecting the perfect phone plan for you so you don’t have to worry about dead zones, and having the ultimate coverage in Iowa. 

Consider checking out these phone carriers with the best service and coverage in Iowa to help narrow down and make your decision!

Verizon Wireless

Are you looking for one of the best phone carriers in Iowa where the phone service and coverage is top notch? If so, then you should consider checking out Verizon Wireless right away! Verizon Wireless is known for having over 99% of coverage all throughout Iowa and they also are known to have some of the best 5G nationwide coverage as well.

Beside 5G nationwide coverage, and almost 100% coverage all throughout Iowa, even the rural areas, then we genuinely think that you will enjoy a Verizon Wireless plan, alongside the many features that come with getting one.

Verizon Wireless has a ton of amazing features to offer its customer that range from:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited 4G LTE or 5G data with compatible devices
  • At least 480p or 720p video streaming
  • At least 15GB of a mobile hotspot
  • Apple Music free for first 6 months
  • Disney+ free for 1 year
  • 500GB of Verizon Cloud storage with select plans

The next big question to think about is how much does a Verizon Wireless phone plan cost? If you’re curious, they can cost anywhere from $35 per line up to $55 depending on what extra features you’re looking for in your plan, plus taxes and fees too.


If you’re looking to switch to another phone plan, or you currently have a phone plan through a carrier and you want to stick to it, then we consider looking into another popular phone carrier, AT&T. AT&T is known for being one of the best phone carriers in the country where they offer some amazing service, coverage, and so much more.

AT&T service covers a little over 98% of the state of Iowa, so you know that you’re good with coverage and service without having to worry about dead zones, and you will also love all of the features that come with a AT&T plan as well.

Stop wondering what some of the features of an AT&T plan are and check out what there is to offer:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited 4G LTE and 5G data with compatible devices
  • Unlimited talk and text in Mexico and Canada
  • No roaming charges in Mexico and Canada
  • 5GB to 100GB of a mobile hotspot
  • 480p video streaming
  • Unlimited texting up to 200 countries
  • AT&T ActiveArmor that for device security, fraud blocking, and spam risk alerts

AT&T has a ton of different phone plans that range in many different kinds of prices that can definitely fit your budget if you want better phone service and coverage in Iowa. The prices can range from $35 to $50 for a total of four lines on a plan, but they also have individual plans you can check out as well.


The next best phone carrier with remarkable service, coverage, and even 5G data is from T-Mobile. Over the years, T-Mobile has become increasingly popular with its phone plans, prices, service, and now its 5G nationwide coverage that is known to be the best in the country.

Trying to get a new phone plan through a new carrier can be a challenge, but we know for a fact that you will love T-Mobile’s phone plans, and even the features that they include in all of their plans too.

Looking into a T-Mobile phone plan when you move to Iowa? Then make sure to check out the features that they offer on their plans including:

  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited 4G LTE or 5G data with compatible devices
  • 480p streaming or up to 1080p depending on the phone plan
  • Unlimited 3G hotspot
  • Free subscriptions to Netflix and Quibi
  • 3GB and up to 20GB for a mobile hotspot

T-Mobile is one of the best options that you can choose from when living in Iowa because it covers 98% of the state and they have affordable prices too. Their prices for their plans are anywhere from $90 to $120 with at least three lines on the plan, or $45 for a single-line.


Trying to find a new cell phone plan that accommodates you financially and being able to give you all the features that you want is essential. There are so many phone carriers out there to choose from, but if you’re looking for a small carrier where you know the service will be the best, then you should consider Visible by Verizon. 

Visible by Verizon is a smaller carrier through Verizon Wireless, which happens to give you the best cell phone coverage in all of Iowa, so you know that for half of the price, you can get some of the best service and features that are offered.

Did you know that there are a lot of features that come from getting a phone plan through Visible? Here are some of the best features that they offer:

  • Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G network coverage
  • Unlimited talk, text, and hotspot
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • Bring your own phone if you want
  • Add a smartwatch to your plan for $5 a month
  • 24/7 customer service 

The next thing on your list of things to ask about is probably how much a Visible phone plan typically costs. They feature two different phone plans, the one being $30 per month and the other being $45 per month, so it’s a very affordable phone plan that will change your life. 

How to Switch Phone Carriers

Not sure how to approach switching to a different phone carrier? We’re here to help back you up!

Getting a new phone plan through a new carrier can come in handy, especially if you’re looking for the best service and coverage in Iowa. Image courtesy of TechBuzz by AT&T. 

Are you looking into switching phone plans whenever you move to Iowa with one that has better coverage than what you already have, but you’re just not sure how to do it? There are a few steps to consider and if you’re not sure how to approach it, then we got you covered.

Here is how you switch phone carriers step-by-step whenever you switch to a new phone plan in Iowa!

Contact Your Current Phone Carrier to Ensure Your Phone is Unlocked

Have you ever heard of a locked phone? If you purchased your current phone through a big phone carrier, they may have locked your phone due to you not having it fully paid off yet. If this is the case, then you will have to completely pay your phone off and any other outstanding fees on your bill before you are able to switch phone companies. 

Choose Your New Phone Plan

If you haven’t found the new phone plan through the carrier you wish to switch to, it is in your best interest to check it out as soon as possible. Knowing what your options are is essential and knowing which one you want to switch to is important so you can work on keeping your current phone number, phone, and so much more.

Gather All of Your Information and Wait

The next and the last important thing to do is to gather all of your important information in order to match the switch to a new phone plan. This can include your name, current number, birthday, and so much more so you can easily transfer it from one phone carrier to the next. You then will have to wait either a couple hours to one business day for your new phone plan to be activated and your old one to be terminated. 

Getting a new phone plan through a carrier where the coverage is the best in Iowa is extremely important so you can always make those phone calls and also make sure all of your text messages are sent too. Forget dead zones, even with living in Iowa’s rural areas with a new phone plan and also choose from a big carrier, small carrier, and so much more. The options are endless, so it’s important to do your research beforehand. 

There are so many phone plans to choose from, so make sure you check out the best phone carriers that are perfect for Iowa that offer the best service and coverage, why you should consider making the switch to a new phone plan whenever you move to the area, and also knowing how to switch from one carrier to the next is essential.

Sara Nuss
Sara Nuss is a journalist from Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in wireless, dewi, phone plan advice & blockchain.