Grid systems are critical to analyzing large spatial data sets, partitioning areas of the Earth into identifiable grid cells. Uber open-sourced its “Hexagonal Hierarchical Spatial Index,” allowing many projects to leverage this technology.  For REALLY DeWi, we use it to support our RF Planning and Design, and help determine the right mix of Mini Cell Tower owners around the world.  We are initially building in the CBRS spectrum band, which requires thoughtful placement of Mini Cell Towers, so the network functions correctly, and Owners are compensated accordingly.  

REALLY HexProtex® accomplishes two critical things:  

  1. It allows REALLY DeWi to deploy a 4G/5G that actually works, limiting interference and unnecessary placements.
  2. It allows Owners of REALLY DeWi to maximize their earnings at both the Emissions stage and, eventually, the Usage stage.  There will never be an oversaturated Hex.

REALLY HexProtex® limits the number of Mini Cell Tower Owners to ensure coverage quality and maximize Owner earnings.
Building a high-performing wireless network in telecommunications depends on strategic sites, density, and meticulous network design. HexProtex uses radio frequency engineering and design to ensure an optimum number of mini cell towers per hex to maximize cell signal while preventing interference or overshooting from other towers. We have set the initial number of mini cell towers at 6 per hex, but the optimum number will depend on geography and data demand. 

Our focus is on building a dense network with contiguous coverage (aka it actually works). The ability for REALLY Wireless subscribers to walk around and use the mobile network matters more to us than the total number of nodes on a given network, the metric monitored in other TIPIN projects. Contiguous coverage matters so that subscribers have a reliable network.

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