Ready to become a mini cell tower owner and join the elite group of tech trailblazers?
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2: Pay deposit to secure your spot.
3. Let us do our thing with a site survey and installation.
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reserve your spot

To protect and maximize the earnings of our Mini Cell Tower owners, we are limiting the number of owners in a particular area. If you want to ensure your ability to become an owner, we ask that you make a completely refundable $100 deposit.


REALLY HexProtex® limits the number of Mini Cell Tower Owners to ensure coverage quality and maximize Owner earnings. Even though your hex is currently full, it may not be for long. Leave a deposit today and we will contact you when a spot becomes available!

you may qualify!

For individuals or businesses that are not eligible to purchase a Mini Cell Tower, we have programs to help. Take 10 seconds filling out this form and we will be in touch REALLY quick.
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Power the network.

You could earn:

500GB at an estimated $1.58/GB
Learn how we estimate your earning potential.

Earnings Method:

* Eligible individuals and businesses only. USD payments not available today. These estimates are based on Phase 2 usage payments, as detailed in the whitepaper. For illustrative purposes only.

Estimated token earnings calculated by an average tokens earned per Mini Cell Tower based on REALLY DeWi Phase 1 Emissions schedule and HexProtex.

Estimated USD earnings based on Phase 2 usage and $1.58GB and average data consumption of US cell phone subscribers.

Actual earnings vary based on factors including the market price/GB, number of Mini Cell Towers per hex and data demand.

These earnings estimates are not an appraisal or estimate of hex value.

Eligible individuals / businesses only.