Is there any harmful radiation emitting from the Mini Cell Towers in my home or business?

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Our Mini Cell Towers are safe, and emit less than your residential WIFI and TV remote. They do not emit any harmful rays or “non-ionizing radiation”. Our towers include radios manufactured by Baicells, approved and regulated by the FCC, and emit less radiation than your cell phone, the same as your microwave, and less than a lightbulb.

All Really equipment and power settings are certified and compliant under FCC regulatory rules. Further, the spectrum (and equipment) that we use is managed by Google and other governing bodies with a lot of oversight for this reason. In fact, supporting REALLY ensures we all have a voice and seat at the table when deploying new network technology to make sure it stays safe for humans and nature.

There has been a lot of misinformation about 4G and 5G technology that we use everyday. See our source links below for a list of organizations and science backed studies that approve this technology and safety.

Furthermore, it's just simple science. The way the electromagnetic spectrum works is with different types of waves, some which ionize or “damage” our cells, and some that do not. “Non ionizing radiation” does not damage our cells.

Ionizing radiation is bad for humans, and can cause cancer or other health problems. This is why they put lead on you when you get an X-Ray or why people are concerned about Nuclear War. Non ionizing, or safe, is how almost all familiar technology works.

So there’s good and bad radiation?

Non-Ionising (safe) radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation that does not have enough energy to damage cells. Examples include radio waves, wireless networks, and visible light.

Ionizing (harmful) radiation, on the other hand, is a type of electromagnetic radiation that DOES have enough energy to harm cells. Examples include X-rays and radiation from radioactive materials.


Since my internet is powering the mini cell towers, does my ISP have access to everyone’s data?


Any data going through the REALLY network is encrypted, much like a VPN. Your ISP likely tracks some basic information about your connection and how much data you’re using, but no one can see the content or website of REALLY Wireless phone subscribers including mini cell tower owners.

Do REALLY Mini Cell Tower Owners have access to everyone’s data?


Any data going through the REALLY network is encrypted, much like a VPN. REALLY Owners have no way of accessing subscriber data, and no individual or group can see the content or website of REALLY Wireless phone subscribers.


Can I use my unused internet bandwidth to help empower my local community?

Yes! We have figured out the technology so that it converts your internet bandwidth into 4G/5G signal. You’re not actually sharing your WiFi password, allowing strangers (or hackers) onto your router or charging people for your WiFi. You’re using it for something totally different. You’re only using the internet you already bought and paid for, and you’re using it to earn income like everyone who works from home.

Most people pay for an agreed upon amount of internet speed and bandwidth. And most homes/businesses are using their internet to earn income, often working from home.

Lastly, because we believe in a right to privacy, we are using an IPSec tunnel, the same encryption VPNs use, so anyone with access to your internet including your provider can only see how much data you’re using (what you pay for) not the content.

What if a phone subscriber accesses illegal content (child porn, terrorism, etc.), am I liable?

No. The subscriber data is both encrypted and isolated away from your personal internet usage. We do our best to prevent illegal activities online like any internet or phone service provider and comply with all laws and regulations, but Owners of mini cell towers are not at risk.

How can you ensure that you’Il prevent hacking of my Wi-Fi and personal info?

Using an IPSec tunnel, the subscriber data is isolated from your personal internet connection.

The mini-cell tower owner cannot see or access the content of the data of the subscriber, and the subscriber cannot see or access the content of the data of the mini cell tower owner.

Our connectivity solution through IPSec tunnels creates robust security layers to fully protect the data transmitted over the Internet. By wrapping the IP data packet in solid encryption layers, the packet is protected from interception/hacking. The IPSec tunnel encrypts the entire packet of data so fully that no entity can see the transmitted data over WiFi, cable and/or fiber.

How Your Data Flows with REALLY

Are VPNs, IPSec tunnels or encryption to protect my data legal?

Yes! Unless you live in China, Russia, UAE, Turkey, Belarus, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Oman, or Turkmenistan

Other common use cases for a VPN include: anonymously browsing the internet, protection from hackers, securely working remote.

Will having one of these radios slow down my internet bandwidth? By how much?

Average US families use 40Mbps which includes enough for working from home, streaming video in HD, streaming music, online gaming and more.

REALLY mini cell towers are configured so that primary data usage is dedicated to the Owner, and the remaining unused bandwidth is applied to the subscribers on the network. As usage increases Owners will be able to adjust this setting up or down to support needs of the household or increase earnings on mini cell towers.


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